State Department Spokesperson Grilled on Gaza

Victoria Nuland pressed on U.S. "quiet diplomacy" over Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
3:00 | 11/19/12

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Transcript for State Department Spokesperson Grilled on Gaza
Wanna say they don't agree with the church Melissa that was -- doing substitutes who served. We are focused on a an affirmative narrative of -- escalation on both sides I am not gonna get into. He said exit she said -- just not gonna do it here and I'm also not gonna go beyond what Ben Rhodes said. In his background briefing just a few hours ago which acted accurately obviously characterizes for the whole government where we are for. You think this whole thing that same office. -- understand why -- you think that hopeful situation say that it would not be helpful for you to discuss any of these conversations. The quiet diplomacy is the way to he has well you've been doing her quiet diplomacy for almost a week. -- -- -- -- -- -- We are working hard with the parties already heard anybody that -- be less quiet. Might get more results. Squeaky wheel gets -- that thing -- -- -- being silent all people are dying left and right. -- we are being far from silent the president telling us anything about what you when the -- come out. Leader leaders of Turkey -- announcing that Israel is engaged in acts of terrorism. And you refused to say that you don't agree with that. Do agree that that's being silence. -- we have made a decision that we need to. Engage in our diplomatic work. Diplomatic believe we have been very very clear about where we stand on this which is -- -- -- which is sodium leaked on the practice of diplomacy -- the podium. We have been very clear that Israel has a right of self defense we've been very clear. That rockets continue to. Be fired and land on Israel we've been very clear. That we are working to try to get this conflict he escalated we have been very clear that our concern for the civilians and innocents on both sides who are getting. -- -- -- -- -- Trigger ally Israel and the Turks and other what your allies there are engaged in terrorism goes we have been extremely clear about our concern for Israel's security about. The fact that Israel has a right to self defense but I am not gonna go for that and that's. Why can't you say that you don't -- with the Turks. Because I'm not gonna get into a public spitting match with allies on either side we're just not gonna do that and OK think that that's -- public -- -- when he realizes worse. And hundreds of people dying -- -- I don't understand the question here there's not a question here you're just looking for a fight let's go no claim that the -- is already -- yes absolutely there. Absolutely you guys by refusing to say anything about what -- trying to do -- using to say whether you agree or disagree. With. -- with comments that are being made by -- -- -- others we hope that makes things worse not better we of course. Agrees that rhetorical attacks against Israel are not helpful at this moment is that what you're looking format --

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{"id":17762344,"title":"State Department Spokesperson Grilled on Gaza","duration":"3:00","description":"Victoria Nuland pressed on U.S. \"quiet diplomacy\" over Israeli-Palestinian conflict.","url":"/Politics/video/state-department-spokesperson-grilled-gaza-17762344","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}