State of the Union 2013: Google Hangout Reactions

Viewers like you react to President Obama's message.
2:31 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for State of the Union 2013: Google Hangout Reactions
A lot of things have been mentioned as far as. Wanting to start up more small differences in the areas of the technology -- look at -- manufacturing and things of that nature. The numbers for that could. Could have been greater as far as providing more many like more employment through many Patrick. Until it reminded us it was a public education -- that lit and at this democracy. This. Something special learning to self govern ourselves. We can't get an education system. Changed young people who -- Self governing -- -- like they -- We wanted to hear a little bit more about the -- Max. I don't the presidency actually to the executives. -- that he signed last year. Our own -- -- need to talk about more about. -- space you know Terry. Those street disappointed that gun violence but it wasn't brought up until I didn't. And it is no wonder how many people. As a young person who -- to associate with the Republican Party more I was really happily used with Blake. Obama's general message you know operation and progress and I think he did a really good job -- just. Appealing to -- -- -- American ideals that. I mean regardless of party affiliation you really can't dislike. You can help but smile -- The president's reading off names -- American heroes are talking about you know gun control that I personally after the recent incidents that change you. Reiterated. -- firmly. The United States I don't allow. Iran to acquire digital weapons slightly reckless -- -- And the fact that presidents we stand for -- -- The -- -- we we thought to Paris breed would be at a different place. -- Into a window. -- It's very unstable. And based. -- He and president and I am sure that we. Are happy that president. But -- -- very clear REE. I have to roll in -- -- a few weeks you'll be.

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{"id":18486317,"title":"State of the Union 2013: Google Hangout Reactions","duration":"2:31","description":"Viewers like you react to President Obama's message.","url":"/Politics/video/state-union-2013-google-hangout-reactions-18486317","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}