State of the Union 2013: Post Show Reaction

What was the big takeaway from President Obama's speech?
5:16 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for State of the Union 2013: Post Show Reaction
We're joined also from the capital now by our terrific team covering all things -- White House and national security in Washington Jonathan Karl and Martha Raddatz in before I start guys that you guys properly hydrated before we started the interview. Want to make sure. We don't have anything you guys are good right. If we're not well -- reach -- -- fighters. That viaduct. Good illegally off camera okay John when I wanna start review as White House correspondent. We just saw the -- conflicting speeches hear from the president. What was your thinking on on the president the way he delivered the message tonight the big take away. It that you you -- this speech as opposed to the novel a few weeks back. -- -- entirely different speeches -- one here I mean you had that the whole. Speech focused on the economy a lot of relatively small more proposals. And nothing really major -- signaled it would. Cost anything would all be paid for -- a big spending initiatives. Com and we'll response in the room was it was pretty -- these returned to the second. After the speech. Talking about gun control in about. Victims of gun violence and as he did then saw the people -- need any the visitors gallery it's. The victims of gun violence had been invited stand -- and you just felt the emotion in the U. You could feel it here I'm outside of the room and you could see it on television -- -- it -- translated how powerful it must -- -- in that room. The team go ahead -- -- -- -- I'm they do quite a few of these tests simulated dresses that was a moment like any united unlike any -- -- antibiotics. Back -- I mean I think the power in that room really really translated well. And Martha what you're saying in your room in the rotunda out there -- members of congress around others who were there people weren't ready for that -- that emotional hits that we we suddenly hit. Late in that speech. I don't think they -- and it didn't just it. There was a crescendo and then it kept going and going going and getting more powerful and more powerful. And especially in me John you you son lied -- -- but that shots on television how powerful they -- of those families. And you could see the president actually rising to that occasion to I don't think he probably expected that he felt -- -- -- -- -- well. John I want your thoughts on Marco Rubio I think -- a lot of folks are now gonna remember that that reach for the glass of water. More than anything else that may be what ends up defining this appearance but that what was what was your take. On percent of the rubio his big moment tonight. Well -- -- look at the words to the speech this was in serious responses I think Jim pointed out it was today. You know it was a restrained response was not -- -- attack. -- the president would clearly a drawing of lines unfortunately these things you just didn't -- We made these things it's going to be the the -- and will never match. The atmospherics. In the hall. But you have to know that Marco -- I mean it's so sad that that water will overwhelm the speech because you. He is probably thinking I can't make it through this region -- -- for some water and remember Paul Ryan did the same thing the vice presidential debate I do -- that editorial -- Yes I do it doesn't -- those who didn't drink more water to think it was longer so I think -- -- attitudes and. -- glasses I think exactly. Yes Martha before we let you go I want to ask about some of the foreign policy means we saw tonight Afghanistan a big headline of course. A quick run through Iran North Korea the Middle East you were just in Israel. Last week what's the sense in Israel and what's the sense and in his speech about whether the president can offer something different in that region. Well I think frankly if if you're looking for something new that speech on this region -- -- absolutely nothing but he talked about Syria. That we're going to keep the pressure on Syria and Iran we're gonna prevent them from getting -- nuclear weapon. This has been going on and on and not. Look what happened last night today they tested a nuclear weapon they have tested. Two nuclear weapons it's Barack Obama became president. Nothing has changed the policy in many ways just -- it -- out there are a lot of challenges ahead. And John before before we let you go as well the White House told us on the front end to this speech that it was going to be a lot of talk about the economy this is going to be the progressive case. Four economic revival the biggest lead us I just -- here that. And Paramount. On the economy that are put it was it was fighting words -- with the Republicans and -- clear. That he is not can agree -- anything on these big economic showdowns big budget -- is -- the next months that doesn't include. Increases tax revenues on the wealthy. Closing tax if we don't you know that that is that is the -- that this year you just the exact same amount of out of their positions being poured from the Republicans saying there is no way -- -- anymore. This is so. You know America. -- -- All right John Paul Martha Raddatz you guys rock thanks for being here really appreciate it. It's good to be here with more -- yes we love you cast -- president and others so much they -- -- love life in the same strain all right thank you guys.

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{"id":18486331,"title":"State of the Union 2013: Post Show Reaction","duration":"5:16","description":"What was the big takeaway from President Obama's speech?","url":"/Politics/video/state-union-2013-post-show-reaction-18486331","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}