Moment of the Night: Corey Remsford

George Stephanopoulos shares impression of President Obama's State of the Union address.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for Moment of the Night: Corey Remsford
So let me ask you said at the outset tonight that the job for the president is basically to prove to Americans they still got some Jews they can still get things done. -- -- -- proving so that a lot of ideas and a lot of ideas that he wants to act done. And I think the president was it was effective for hander to frame on on every one of those ideas -- those on the economy or education or health care building infrastructure research. To frame something that both congress could do. He could do -- the American people could do as well so that left a lot of lot of choices and it's it's also was you know accepting a reality. He's not gonna get much out of this congress and the president knows that at best and -- -- I think really hoping for the big -- -- try to get comprehensive legs immigration. Reform by the end -- he knows he's not gonna get. Anything recalls for major spending so instead he laid out the ideas and gave multiple pass for the country to achieve those ideas. Yes but if -- if he's trying to get a bipartisan immigration bill. By a saying he's gonna go it alone where he feels it's expedient to do so isn't that poisoning the well is that when he. Could then that's a danger on the other hand I think one of the more interesting things you -- who was the section on immigration. Where the president didn't make a strong moral argument didn't get in your face on that he simply made an economic argument I think that recognizes. Another reality he the president believes there are an awful lot of people inside the Republican Party that's to -- -- having inside their party right now who believe that passing immigration reform. Is the key to the future for the Republican Party as well that he might poison the well even more if he got way out front. And and demanded it. In a very forceful. In your face. A kind of planes that he kind of took a step back and simply made a very factual economic argument I think that was probably the right thing to do even if it wasn't the most ringing part of the speech. Right there were ringing parts where he did. Appear though to be kind of putting his -- in the at a Republican. How to carry out Elliott -- passed the repeal again. Also on nine I think unemployment compensation one point six million people who ran out -- the president lay that blame right on congress. And also on minimum wage. Saying -- give America raise right now I think those are moments that are likely to stick with people if the president can find a way to follow up on them in the coming days. So was there -- line tonight. That struck out to it to you is the one that will resonate in the days going forward if you need good judging by what you sigh or getting residents. I don't know about -- -- delay you know maybe it is time to do it would work -- what workplace policies that long an amendment or letting that was you know clever line. I think more than any line tonight there was a moment for quarter -- -- Mean I think that was the moment of the night tonight is -- so often is going all the way back. To Ronald Reagan when he he -- when he's -- the man who led. Dove in and in the Potomac and save people after that plane crash and I think tonight when you saw. A man an American hero who hoping to play ten times. As the president said. And come back so gravely wounded representative. Got so many American heroes in that exact same. Is this and that's the moment -- statistical conclusions. You know fight. Matthew. One last question George. It -- there's been so much talk about what ails this president politically. How -- he is right now. That you know quite a bit about presidential history there a precedent for president turning it around at this point in the second term. It's tough I mean the presence have been about the same position that George W. Bush was in going into his sixty year and that George W. Bush never really. Recover now. You have a couple different circumstances going on right here. As opposed to an intensifying war in the final two years of the of the Bush Administration -- the president wind down that's likely be popular. With more the American public and I think -- he -- also bank where he has a chance. Is the economy does seem to be picking up steam and the president talk more about that today if that continues that could also create something. Of a glow and you know remember even though Ronald Reagan wasn't in his battle position. As. President Obama is right now Bill Clinton was and is it is better position overall -- -- pres Obama's right now you know there were. Each coming off scandals President Clinton got impeached by the end of their presidencies they were back up to 60% now they're both very fondly remembered how can you count that after president --

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{"id":22276964,"title":"Moment of the Night: Corey Remsford ","duration":"3:00","description":"George Stephanopoulos shares impression of President Obama's State of the Union address.","url":"/Politics/video/state-union-2014-corey-remsford-called-moment-night-22276964","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}