Sanctions Against Iran's Nuclear Program

The president remains committed to elimination of Iran's enriched uranium stockpile.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for Sanctions Against Iran's Nuclear Program
And it is American diplomacy. Backed by pressure. That has halted the progress of Iran's nuclear program and rolled back parts of that program. For the very first time in a decade. As we gather night. Iran has begun to eliminate. Its stockpile of higher levels of enriched uranium. It's not installing advanced centrifuges. Unprecedented inspections help the world verified every day that Iran is not building a bomb. And with our allies and partners -- We're engaged in negotiations. To see if we can peacefully achieve a goal we all share. Preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon up. This negotiations will be difficult. They may not succeed. We are clear -- about a run support for terrorist organizations like Hezbollah which threatens our allies. And were clear about the mistrust between our nations. Mistrust that cannot be wished away. But these negotiations don't rely on trust. Any long term deal we agree to must be based on verifiable action that convinces us and the international community. That Iran is not building a nuclear bomb. If John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan could negotiate with the Soviet Union. And surely a strong and competent America can negotiate. -- less powerful adversaries today. The sanctions the we put in place help make this opportunity possible. But let me be clear. In this congress sends me a new sanctions bill now. That threatens to -- -- these talks I will veto it. Let's -- -- our national security. We must give diplomacy a chance to succeed. If Iran's leaders do not seize this opportunity then -- will be the first to call for more sanctions. And stand ready to exercise all options to make sure Iran does not build a nuclear weapon. What if Iran's leaders do seize the chance. And we'll know soon enough. That Iran could take an important step -- -- join the community of nations. And we will -- resolve on the leading security challenges of -- time without. The risks of war. The finally. Let's remember that our leadership is defined not just by that. Our defense against threats. But by the enormous opportunities to do good. And promote understanding around the globe. To forge greater cooperation. And to expand your market us. To free people from fear and want. And it -- wrong. Is better position to take advantage of those opportunities -- America.

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{"id":22276336,"title":"Sanctions Against Iran's Nuclear Program","duration":"3:00","description":"The president remains committed to elimination of Iran's enriched uranium stockpile.","url":"/Politics/video/state-union-2014-sanctions-irans-nuclear-program-22276336","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}