Senator Boxer: Health Care Reform Is Working

ABC News' Jeff Zeleny talks to Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., following the president's State of the Union.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for Senator Boxer: Health Care Reform Is Working
Let's get it back to one. Final contributor. On this stated the union night and that is -- Downey is -- political reporter for ABC news based in Washington and he's got a guest did the senator Barbara Boxer of California Jeff take away. Again thank you very much we are joined here by senator Barbara Boxer Democrat of California just back from the house chamber where she heard. Yet another State of the Union Address personal how does this president do -- Not entering this in the strongest position that he's evidence. I -- the comeback kid from the speech you know I. I sat through -- more than thirty of these speeches. Up to now I thought the greatest speech. Ever was Ronald Reagan. But I think Barack Obama tonight. Was so strong so inspirational was so confident spoke to the aspirations of the American people it was fantastic. How -- Reuters some of those Democrats who are facing reelection in some of those red states across the south Mark -- Mary Landry Kay -- There candidacies are on the line and a lot of there reelection hopes have to do with how -- the president does if you can -- -- standing up. How much were you sense from -- do you think that he has turned a corner in that respect. Well first of all of this speech was so wonderful it has to help everybody -- -- here I don't care in New York because it's just gonna lift the spirits of the American people I really thinks. Including businesses it was inspirational Saddam's well. But today these Alex and mind you just mentioned. I talk to them every -- honestly Dayna have you been bumps in the road with the health care relent but they now see -- beginning of our. Team. I believe are so strong independent -- -- not dependent on the -- and really not. So yes of course they wanted to succeed in collecting the polls but eat these people -- -- they are strong candidates. And one thing we heard something different spent on health care system on health care was that he did not apologize for the roll -- he had seen me he was turning a corner a little bit. According to the benefits of the -- is -- a good position do you think to move forward on this no more apologies. He's been very honest about the -- but it is time to move time. I mean we all make mistakes and our life at some point we just have to say OK and did that -- let's move forward. And I do think he's still in the corner and a T -- recent. We've addressed a lot of the problems that -- -- we now have millions of Americans with new -- policies. In place. The letters I get from California I mean they just bring -- -- your because people. Are so happy some of them for the first time they have. Insurance and I think the longer this goes on better but we've got three million young people on their parents' policies. And as the president pointed out people with preexisting conditions now. Are not barred from getting health insurance women can't be discriminated against I mean it's a whole new day out there. Amendment is to say to me when I was a kid you know if you don't have your health you don't have anything she said over and over again. And it's actually true we all know that we get one day with a stomach flu we think I'll never stand up again. So the bottom line -- you need your help you need that security of having insurance. I think he's -- corner we all have to work together the president had a sense of humor -- said. Look I know Republicans -- -- -- -- this but why not work with me let's make it better let's solve the problems. Final thing this was -- a bipartisan date night at least for some perhaps not as many as we've seen before -- -- the -- -- the biggest in the best most interesting couples that you saw tonight in the house chamber. Well sitting behind me where jet sessions and -- slippage -- Republican of Alabama and Democrat. Minnesota. -- -- S and and I had the chance to kid with Jeff and every time I stood up by tender innocent so you're sitting -- used to speak. He was very very sweet so I kinda like that. That couple like that that was great. Senator boxer thank you very much for joining us we appreciate him to. Well -- that's one Democrats. If you hear from tonight of course that most Democrats did applaud the speech but. We're going to see how this really plays out in the next couple days I do get an email from senator -- as I mentioned before. And one thing that struck me when I was talking with him was. In 2006. Only. Eight years ago young senator Barack Obama was sitting -- -- chamber looking at President Bush so you always wonder how many of these rising. Republican senators are democratic senators maybe on the other side of the -- are really used to be the -- -- -- and not through -- community international.

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{"id":22277322,"title":"Senator Boxer: Health Care Reform Is Working","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Jeff Zeleny talks to Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., following the president's State of the Union.","url":"/Politics/video/state-union-2014-senator-barbara-boxer-health-care-22277322","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}