State of the Union 2015: The Tea Party Responds

Florida representative Curt Clawson (R) lays out the far right's plan for U.S. following Pres. Obama's speech.
12:19 | 01/21/15

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Transcript for State of the Union 2015: The Tea Party Responds
Good evening. My name is Kirk loss. I'm both humbled and grateful to the Tea Party express for this opportunity to time I'm also thankful to my dad. Especially to my mom. Hero. I'm thankful for our veterans. And men and women in uniform. Defending our freedom. And liberty all over the low. Finally. I give thanks to our god. For the blessings of this great nation. Founded in liberty and opportunity for all. President or Obama just presented his proposals for America. Pretty much the same rhetoric we've hurt for the past six years. I'm not here to pick apart his ideas one by one but rather to offer a very different vision for our nation. Further burdening the American economy. Would even higher taxes. Is wrong. Just as more debt. And more unfunded programs. Are wrong. The Tea Party express and I see an America where solutions rest not in big government. But personal liberties. And free enterprise. And the opportunity for all to pursued their American dream. Regardless of race. Free or conditions of birth. To restore our nation to greatness. We need to empower. And an able individual achievement. We need to get past the idea about Washington. Could solve all of our problems. Government. And decisions must move closer to home. Including more local. And family choice on education. On health care. Our vision is not based on wealth redistribution. But rather on economic liberty. Private enterprise. And wealth creation that benefits. Every. We believe that all Americans. Ultimately want the same things we all want to achieve our unique. American jury. We want opportunity for all but favoritism. For none. As Americans. We celebrate our diversity. We don't always see things the same way. But we can. And must respect. And listen to each up and when we do disagree. We've got to do this without insulting each. I'm never expected to be here addressing new at this critical time in our nation's history. Just a year ago. I was only active in local politics because of my concerns about water resources. In south ward. And preserving the Florida Everglades which is real national treasure that we must protect. I ran for congress because I was deeply concerned. About the direction of our great nation. Acts on America deeply divided. Bogged down in partisan Becker. With lobbyists and special interest group lining their pockets at the expense of hardworking Americans. As we restore the voice of we the people. We need to grow the private sector. And shrink the size and reach of our federal government. I have joined a growing team. Of newcomers to Washington. Who believe as I do. We're bringing business experience. To develop viable solutions. To our economic problems. We believe in economic liberty. And equal and people up people opportunity. Not equal outcomes imposed by a bloated. Federal government. It's really odd to me now. At these basic principles have somehow become outsider. Or even radical views as some might suggest. Decades ago. I played basketball Purdue for coach gene Katie. A mentor and a hue. I looked around that locker room and found a group of players from very different background. We are guard from the West Coast. A Ford from here. A post player from since and that. Power for from the west side of Chicago. A senator from Long Island. And me an outside shooter from the cornfields of India. We came to Purdue would diverse racial. Religious. Ethnic and economic back. But coach Katie quickly taught us the profound meaning of the word he. He spied apart differences. He taught us to work together. And to always put that mean first. Pat how it got the best. All of us. And I say that's exactly what we need to do in America today. Perdue our biggest challenge was never the other. Was in RO locked. To win. We handle aren't work together. That was true for the role players and acting like me. As well as it was for the star. As coach molded us we learn to respect each. And we began to trust each. At finally. We learned truly care about it. In my senior year after being picked ninth in the big man we put our differences. Plate bar. Put the team four and wanna share the Big Ten championship. We want on the court by nineteen in the lock. And we learn that we were all this saying. We're all this thing. Washington could benefit from coach K he's advice. Now of course I understand the enormous challenges. Facing our country. Are more complex. And brain and averse basketball team together but I still say. Teamwork is essential in all walks of life. And I also say that liberty. Is the great equalizer in our country. Economic liberty will bring America back to its destiny. As the world's become I had an opportunity. Economic liberty is the foundation of the American dream. We can never compromise these conservative values. Dividing us. Or punishing success in the name of fairness. Will not unite this country. In 2014. Our economy. Continued sluggish growth. And millions. Of Americans are still out of work. We know that we see them there are friends. These people are our fan. As described in my economic plan will shoot harder growing this economy by 5% and a strong and barber and a con. We'll help businesses create millions of good paying American jobs while freeing millions. From government dependency. To do this. We've got to enable American companies to compete. In a global market. We've got to reduce burdensome regulations. And reduce the business tax rate currently the highest in the developed world. In 1962. John F. Kennedy said well. There's no need for us to be SaaS. With a rate of growth that keeps good man out of work. Good capacity. Out abuse. A year later president Kennedy had a final and best means a strengthening demand among consumers. And businesses is to reduce the burden on private and and reduced the Dick charts. To private initiative. Which are imposed by our present taxes. I say that we need to begin by cutting the small business and corporate tax rates in. 217. And a half percent. And take out all balloon polls. We also need to lift the economic shackles of obamacare. It makes us uncompetitive. And it has not let us keep our plans as we were part and we can do better. We can do but we've got to replace obamacare where they fear. Patient focused. Market based system. And no one should lose their health care. We can't expect to move ahead America and by heaping higher taxes on achievement. Or by the government printing. Or borrowing money. And piling debt on to future generations. Say no no. We can't span our way to prosperity. With more and more entitlements. Or war government handouts. Long term sustainable solutions. Require an empowered private sector led by small businesses. An American innovation. That must include energy independent. A major step forward here would be for the president. To approve the completion. Of the Keystone Pipeline. Success for our nation also means embracing. Diversity. Including a legal immigrants. And now millions. Waiting legally to begin their own American entry. Legal immigration has long been remains a key to American greatness. To those who speak Spanish I say. Almost Ramos and deals. Are me. I hole in the back. I can respect battle allay. Federal state this'll be and the needles muscled. Almost us almost a lot sports west. West Africa. SX. We all believe in god. And hard work and liberty. The law must beef ball. You are all welcome with us we are all saying of course. Our house. Is your house. As we respect our immigration laws. We've also got to be fair to the more than and million Americans. Currently struggling to find good job. These are friends. Fame. And neighbors. To do this. We need to secure our borders first. This is important for fairness first and also for security for all Americans. Finally we must unite against the global terrorist threat that is radical Islam. I must not shy away from calling this threat by its name. We must join with our partners and Muslim nations. Are friends and casual and a coalition a freedom loving nations around the world. America. Must lead this coalition. But when he must candidates or portion sacrifice. Of American blood and treasure. Our allies must finally step up and contribute more to this fight. We've stopped getting bad war. Too much. Today the light of the statue of liberty. A gift from our friends partners or our independence. Shines across the Hudson for the footprint of the twenty. Last week the leaders of the world gathered there to shine that light of liberty. As a team. To our friends in the city's own light I say you wore our allies. In America's war for independents. Now it's our turn to side with you. In his global battle against chairs. Together we got to light the torch of freedom. When he our world. Without our guy. And liberty as partners on our team. We where we will succeed. Thank you and may god continue to bless. America the Butte.

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{"duration":"12:19","description":"Florida representative Curt Clawson (R) lays out the far right's plan for U.S. following Pres. Obama's speech.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"28363727","title":"State of the Union 2015: The Tea Party Responds","url":"/Politics/video/state-union-2015-tea-party-responds-28363727"}