State Of The Union

In his State of the Union address, President Obama challenged Congress to do more for the poor and middle classes.
2:01 | 01/21/15

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Good morning I'm Janice Gibson has reunited with the top stories on this Wednesday January 21 we began with President Obama. Delivering his state of the union challenging congress to do more to. Port middle class in this top political bickering the president also went off script develops to deliver the most memorable line from tonight. I have no more campaigns to. My only agenda. I know because I won both of them. Okay. Back hot one both of that and depending on to win it all night the president visits I'd today as he takes his policies to the American public. The doctor attacked at a well known Boston hospital has died of cardiac surgeon Michael Davidson. Was shot twice yesterday at Brigham and women's hospital Boston Police said the suspected shooter identified as fifty find your old Stephens has carried. Was found dead of a self inflicted gunshot wounded in an examining room. There are reports that the gunman's mother was once a patient of that's urgent. A new study claims drinking more coffee might actually help fight cancer. It looked at more than 400000. People and found out that those who drank the most copy at a 20% lower chance of developing skin cancer than those. To drink less coffee researchers say more study is needed but it sure sounds like a good reason and the can't read about it. Oh does and a major development and NFL's deflate negate our colleagues at ESPN reporting that. The New England Patriots had eleven of their twelve game balls under inflated during Sunday's AFC title game against the colts. League sources saying each ball was under inflated by two pounds of air that could have made the balls easier to grip in the cold wet conditions. The NFL says it expects to finish its investigation within the next few days. Controversy. Get more news any time for I'm Condace Gibson and I'm Reid and I and thanks for watching. Would.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"In his State of the Union address, President Obama challenged Congress to do more for the poor and middle classes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"28380974","title":"State Of The Union","url":"/Politics/video/state-union-28380974"}