State Of The Union's Most Talked About Moments

All the highlights from President Obama's State of the Union address.
4:07 | 01/21/15

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Transcript for State Of The Union's Most Talked About Moments
America for all that we have and do. All the greater. And hard work required to come back. For all the tasks that lie ahead know this. The shuttle crisis has passed in the state of the union is strong. Paid content at present about last night his first state of the union and kind of a Republican controlled congress. Yeah millions were watching and tweeting as he praised the economic rebound and. Vowed to defeat crisis up those other woman and there are many the speech was just under an hour his second shortest speech ever the speech was interrupted. 81 times by a pause or slow innovation. And so called date night dubbed the past when Democrats and Republicans would sit together. Be all come by well it was all dead last night and hit me and used to for the first time in any state of the union the words. Lesbian bisexual and transgender those words we use for the first time while experienced when fifteen. And then there was this moment that many are talking about. I have no more campaigns to want. My only agenda. I know because I won both of them. Okay. What an office script there and what became the big moment for his speech. Spotting the hash tag. Item one boat every one it will a lot of Democrats really calling it dropped the Mike moment Republicans and a Republican are confused they didn't know what. Who dropping like. But this image being shared on an Easter Graham members of the media getting sent a copy of the script before it's delivered so it wasn't. That surprised during the advocate a set of mobbed and it the president knew what he's doing but it is awards he's stuck. Let's get to cast his passion starting with yes she's not by the White House Twitter account before it all started yes we eat and Mitt redwood that. Infamous Chansi from the summary remember that controversy over that it was hanging up we're hoping for an epic comeback but of course were let down when he finally appeared. Without that because there was this gap this is a bomb Allard showed up her sense of style looking at it is always. There and it grazed jacket by Michael course called the origami calling tweet but it's did take off from Internet to figure out where they'd seen this number before. Yeah. And Julianna Margulies numbers show the good life. The jackets sold out at Nordstrom's but might still be available at Neiman Marcus for the asking price of 797. Bucks a week for the spring sale award batters and Maggie. After President Obama Iowa senator Tony arts. Give the Republican response her style in full view but there's something that he just couldn't see that was really quite stylish take a look at these shoes. The camel pumps were nice tribute to our troops. The shoes to get a give it to the senator from Iowa camouflage look at that senators might have had bash is but the best thing went energy secretary. Our testimonies. Your screen grab it looks like one of our founding fathers. And it kick that gave Twitter what it was clamoring for or Einstein his face became a means sensation including this one that proves. Curtis was may have just push Chris Teague and out of the Browning for best reaction shot. Nice there and then there's a cabinet secretary and that no one saw last night the designated survivor the person selected to stay away. From the capital just in case something bad happens. Person was transportation secretary Anthony Foxx he was. Shuttle the way through secret location in the past the White House kitchen. Has made the designation does needed survivor and nice meal while they watch distinction as for secretary fox. 43 year old former mayor of Charlotte resumes his post today after serving his country. As a potential. President in waiting. And wonderful and snaps they offered to nags actual there it is folks. All of funds from Capitol Hill and what they knew it could be such a party right there.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"All the highlights from President Obama's State of the Union address.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"28380917","title":"State Of The Union's Most Talked About Moments","url":"/Politics/video/state-unions-talked-moments-28380917"}