What are the next steps for candidates after New Hampshire?

ABC News' Linsey Davis asks experts where the Democratic presidential candidates go from here.
5:18 | 02/13/20

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Transcript for What are the next steps for candidates after New Hampshire?
And joining us now to bring down Bloomberg New Hampshire and where Democrats go from here ABC news political analyst Matthew Dowd and democracy for America CEO and ABC news contributor. He met send send welcome them both of you glad to have you on the show to help us break at all down. So he that was started Biden and Bloomberg a huge disappointment of course for Biden last night capturing just 8% of the vote before flying on to South Carolina and he's now of course dressing a lot of hopes that Ronnie African American vote and as say the Bloomberg. Maybe chipping away at some of the support take a look at this quinnipiac poll out this week he chose Biden support among African American voters. Down significantly he was it 49%. Before the Iowa Caucuses he's now down to 27. With Bloomberg right behind him a 22 silly vet. How worried should Biden be in is the Bloomberg a real alternative given his own complicated history on issues of race. You know first Biden should be very worried he staked his claim on African American voters in fact he left New Hampshire to go to South Carolina skipping Nevada. Because he believes African American voters are gonna get him out of this slump. He expected those folks are really nostalgic for the Obama days. And he's going to be able to ride that wave unfortunately as his least strict shrinks it will continue to because. Voters in South Carolina want to be with a winner. And if they don't believe he's gonna win they will abandon him Bloomberg has had a lot of the ads a lot of money an a lot of that money has been unchecked. Unfortunately for him this video has surfaced. He's got you know a couple debates before we get to south Carolina's voting he's gonna have. Answer for those in so we'll see how you answer those questions on the debate stage all the attacks we coming at him because he is the big fish. Fascinating all this money in those states and we'll see how you respond to those challenges Lindsay. And and met let's bring into the conversation inviting really survive until South Carolina. Well I think he can survive but the question is is he just surviving and I think that's the problem he has I don't count them. I'm completely out but I think he's probably on life support at this point in time and this idea that you somehow finished fourth in Iowa. And fifty New Hampshire and it didn't have impact on the rest of the country is is a fallacy. What what happens is is you start losing an especially if you base your argument of electability start losing in that bubble is burst. And my guess is that next time we see a poll in South Carolina and Nevada and other states he's gonna have dropped in all of those states to so he's got a shot. That is a vet said he's trying to count on his long term bonds of the African American community and and in South Carolina but it is a very difficult thing to convince people to vote for you after you've lost so badly. Any vet senator Sanders clearly staking his claim at the top of this field but he hasn't crossed the 30% mark in these early states as the moderate vote has been split between multiple candidates can you see the Democratic Party uniting behind him as a nominee. That is what everybody is saying but only going to kind of a split convincing you never know what kind of church we're gonna see and so the hope is that if he goes into the convention with the most delegates. The others will relinquished her delegates and we won't get into a big fight in Milwaukee. You know the look Bernie Sanders has been here before he does not trust the system the system has failed him before as a he's got to fight as much as he can't get as many delegates as he can so he can make the argument that he is the one. That we should all rally behind and I would say and I've said this time and time again Lindsay Donald Trump is our challenger. We need to make sure that we are all united around whoever that nominee is not we'll tell you progressives are ready for that person is Bloomberg if that person is by the of that person is Mickey Mouse we will be supporting that person because we know that trump is not the person. We want to be leading us for the next three years even it it's Mickey. Thousands in the pet Amy Klobuchar yeah and it isn't because now. That we saw Amy Klobuchar that's big moving into the top tiers I see this battle for. The moderate willing to challenge Sanders playing out in the comet coming weeks. Well I think what happened in New Hampshire said that there is that there is no front runner in this race right now that this thing is wide open. That there is you could put them about money here that ships on four or five different candidates and you may win it in net in that bet I think what Amy Klobuchar as. Is that going forward 60% of all the votes that are about to be cast. Are going to be. Women voters women went white women voters of women have went black. Women voters Asian women voters Latino women voters and so there is going to be a movement in my view. It is key issue credible does she have a second years she has to prove US the second year after she did while at the debate she's gonna another debate. That's gonna tester to see if she can say have a repeat performance and that. But I think she does have a bat much better possibility I don't look at this is a lane of moderates vs. Progressives or liberals I think it's more of a demographic planes that are hadn't set themselves on young with. Vs old men vs women. And so I think that's the big the guest that we have but this is one of these races where we really can't get in the process of predicting right now because it's so open. Going forward and who's gonna do well in which state. All right now any that thank you so much for your. Curls and winds of your insight for us as always we appreciate you.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"ABC News' Linsey Davis asks experts where the Democratic presidential candidates go from here.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68948526","title":"What are the next steps for candidates after New Hampshire?","url":"/Politics/video/steps-candidates-hampshire-68948526"}