Steve Bannon: 'Let them call you racist...'

Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon spoke to France's far-right National Front in Lille, France.
2:18 | 03/10/18

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Transcript for Steve Bannon: 'Let them call you racist...'
I am honored to be here today she's she has an updated its usual you have gone through you have gone through a long and difficult struggle. The present big vision pet taxi until a cool about. Our populist nationalist movement in the United States is maybe ten or fifteen years Ole. Notes a move mop PDC Nestor and at least two was it does he picked thousand. We are here to learn from you Newsome sees people have competent. But I can tell you one thing after going all over the world in observing this. Michigan predicted to shows I don't have a say Lemond the upside of being a fitness of service to back to. In Japan and Korea championship boom quoting the Middle East and an appeal from Kansas and Arizona. Alabama. Comes as an unedited not Alabama. Renowned Western Europe it meant home don't know what to do it. History is on our side he stuck it epic new. In the biggest reason the global is had no answers to freedom. Eight his own that he toppled taunts but he can dignity and yet he still the people's and that's kissed him. Let them call you racist. Nancy list was update us and let them call you senate votes menacing as it was appease it have let him call you nativist. And best seafood is upping that the east of where it as a badge of honor. Why didn't command badge don't. And I. Every day we get stronger and they get weaker. Baskets sexual keep us no additional info if any such students. Thank you very much god bless America and people of France. Met people who.

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{"id":53657320,"title":"Steve Bannon: 'Let them call you racist...'","duration":"2:18","description":"Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon spoke to France's far-right National Front in Lille, France.","url":"/Politics/video/steve-bannon-call-racist-53657320","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}