Steve Bannon out as White House drama continues

ABC News' political team looks at the events that led to Bannon's departure and where the Trump administration will go from here.
21:10 | 08/18/17

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Transcript for Steve Bannon out as White House drama continues
Hey guys I'm an Abbas here live in New York continuing coverage of breaking news today another shake up in the White House. President Trump's chief strategist Steve band and has resigned effective earlier this week we understand he handed in his resignation. Two weeks ago but for the man who shaped much of mr. Trump's presidential campaign and much of it administration. This is a huge huge change there in the White House joining me in Washington DC a colleague Mary Alice parks. Keeping an eye on things down there and Mary Alice me cannot under us under estimate the influence mr. ban and had not only on getting. Mr. trump elected on shaping his presidency. Over the last few months. That the president himself tried to distance himself from that press conference over the weekend when he was act is to that was attacked. He was asked here at it again that what roles and played what his role it's the in the White House and he seemed to downplay. The World Bank hack that. All we did a lot at it before it came on board we know this is a president that does not like to share the limelight. He does not likely start headlines about someone besides himself. App the White House. He tried to downplay it B expect and the World Bank deep and it had on his campaign. But those of us that covered the campaign remember it coming on and really rocket liked it. Campaign. Out of that the convention and able to get. A whole news or swap of voters on or Amazon neediest at the actions at the he was really credited at the time with trump success. Let's go live now to our colleague a senior White House correspondent Cecilia vague as Cecilia Friday's seemed to be something of a new tradition in the White House now. We've cut Sean Spicer residing on Friday the 21. Wright's previous being fired on Friday July 28. And now of course Friday August 18 for just learning about the fire by the resignation. Up mr. vanden but let me get back story here why are we learning about this now when for the nation. Two weeks ago. Well it's it's a great question I you know I was speaking with one source as we were reporting this out. Even sources inside the White House had no idea. That this had happened or what's coming today about the source said hey it's Friday it's Friday hiring day so even people inside the White House expect. There to be an ax dropped on Friday is now look in some ways. This is no surprise the day itself that that happened today I think is caught a few people up our costs by out are definitely. But but everybody knew that this was coming out White House watchers people inside the White House deep and it has had. And lives inside this White House he has been on the fence for weeks now he has been on the fence. Before the you know have reported its deep and it would be leaving imminently and he has managed to stay in the president's inner circle up but now it seems. That this is actually a done deal to me the question that I've got going forward is whether that heat resign. Or whether he was fired perhaps the combination of both we know that there were people inside the west mean who work. Live it. By that recent article that that magazine interview that C band and gave to the American Prospect Magazine where he. Contradicted the president on North Korea really just rebuking. What the president had said about laying down the law there were fired fury. And that did not go over well and of course this is a president who does not like his staffers to get out front. In prison in terms of publicity in terms of messaging. And Steve Bennett had managed to succeed in doing. Or flee at the palace intrigue is one part of this right there where the rubber meets the road the actual influence. The court team around mr. trump president Tran has on him in the policy they push forward. There isn't goodbye write an ideological divide between the kinds of things that mr. van and saw as priorities in the kinds of things that day Gary Kushner and others. Saw so does this mean that one side is winning over the other. This is exactly the reason that the palace intrigue matters and covering. The trump White House because yes there were nights. Out for Steve Bannon and he has had knives out for others the question is who does the president listened tune in the end today. Today it seems that he has listened to the other side those jeered commissioners the Gary cones in this administration who want it. Steve ban it out and have had wanted him out or. A long time to come but let's not forget that this Steve Bannon nationalist message this extremely controversial. Message it taps into. At what some what they are very ugly elements. And and and and and and components of of our country. Has as propelled the president to the White House in many ways that this is the reason he got elected for this message of being outside a Washington outsider. And so it remains to be seen. Whether this is a president who will listen to those who remain in his inner circle right now and whether he can succeed. At perhaps winning over those in congress that he needs to win over right now. With Steve Bannon don't want he was among if not be most controversial people in this questioning a block in many ways to this president getting an agenda. Push forward and now that he's out we'll see what happens. As a senior White House correspondent that you make thanks to say that this. Back now to Mary Alice parks in Washington DC Mary Alice we shouldn't mince words here I mean mr. Bannon was responsible. For bright Bart which he bragged was basically a platform for the so called alt right. Which among its audience and people who self identify includes racists white nationalist white supremacists and others. What do we know about any continuing influence mr. ban in could have on this White House or on president truck. Right its influence my cat back to write art continues to work wit. Media organizations are at bats ear and it was his previous work at right part that had a lot of Republicans. Here in DC some real top Republican leadership very leery about enjoying the White House team from the beginning at Hambrecht Capitol Hill. All reporters bringing questions to speak or Ryan from day one of this administration. How are you going to work with this White House and Steve and it went his publication has repeatedly labeled you. The enemy Steve Bennett and bright Bart repeatedly went after. That core sort of Republican establishment as they were caught Republican leadership campaign partly up against. That unit think it's interesting conversation to be happening. With Cecilia about. Does this move me that these other factions in the White House are winning the day. I see that with him but residing on the other hand when you look at the the president's comment yesterday those tweet that he wrote that we're so racially charged using language that really. Echoed some of that nativist. Rhetoric that we've seen from white Nationalists over the weekend he talked about. White culture being attacked he's had a tweet he admitted today about going after Muslims and eat it. It's hard to see how that aunt and asked blaze hasn't been winning day this week. Let's go now to our colleague Matt out ABC's chief political analyst who's joining us on the phone and Matt you know we're talking a lot. About this palace intrigue about the constant turmoil within the administration but do you read mr. Manning's departure as something more significant. Well good to be with you as I remember right that earlier in the week reporting error I DNN interview in the spectator reminded media but guys. It turns over its debt computer out the window cut that has bought the right report about to get fired. That's what it reminded me and I think if I think this is the biggest blows so far. Donald Trump presidency would set a lot because he had a lot. I mean he got a light up and came out. If you credibly dysfunctional you would have to say objectively this has been its worst week of this presidency. Yet his lowest point in approval ratings of his polls but also any president at this point I'm. And now he's alert losing basically. What people used to refer to at Carl row that Bush's brain this is basically trumped sprain he sort of banded together all of the disparate parts of this. Strategically inserted had an overall idea about what they wanted to do. And so I think that put even more chaos going on there between gonna solve. Problem you ultimately. What trump did this president trump did this week in his words and actions and how he responded to Charlottesville. How we've acted in the white out there all he owned so I didn't think it caught it add to the disarray. But I would have to if the biggest float so far of a White House that has been in disarray since day one. The but not here's the other part of this and Mary house feel free to jump in here you know we talk about sort of the fact. And mr. Bannon and had on president trump on the policies that he's introduced I mean this is a man who did almost a 180 president trump that is. After the introduction of mr. ban in into his campaign in an interview with bright Bart when he with a candidate. He talked about desirable immigrants the kind of people you would want to bring into the State's. And that there he was just a few weeks ago reviving the rays act which basically slashed his legal immigration. In devastating ways to America and the economy and that's a clear fact that mr. ban in. Had on trump and the administration. So is that going away. It veterinary out there. Seal that aren't you take a person Mary house open Jones gen. There out. None of that is going the way I mean that what we look at all of somebody act easily came to see it that it what can we do get sick that ultimately. They're not. All of these things that they created there are they're there are eight White House that. Purely about. 13 of the country. And Bannon increasingly represented that part of that third felt that it is actually the first time that the president has now pulled the plug on part of the week. To that one everybody not expanding at all. To the two thirds of America that are real questions about his presidency and what he's doing and how much I. On a variety of issues including immigration and all of the response to white supremacy all of those things. And so I think. I mean if the president could. Take a moment of cotton. Completion and supper election which I I don't know it's possible we haven't seen it at all in his life that he could do that maybe he should stay over at Camp David. By himself. And insert take some time up stopper collection and realize that all of the roads of the problem leak back to him. There at his his unwillingness to. To grow Oster try to build. Any bridges believe seen time and time again it's when something goes wrong as president he goes too tight tight inner circle. And editors' circle is just shrinking. Every single day there's no accurately passed and it is not a reflection but there's also. No effort to reach out or speak it bites or counsel adding that it's been so evident this past week. And now with another one of his strategists got I am not sure who if anyone is listening to. Well let's. As for the talk about mr. Bannon for a second here too because it's you know just his removal from the administration doesn't mean this is the last for many hear from him. This is not a man who is doing this for the money. Or for the prestige or anything is a clear political. And nationalist agenda and he basically goes back to another significant platform right part is still there. He still has a means through which he can get his message out. Did this year with president Tron basically just in Bolton. Mr. ban in and the people who identify with him and that message that nationalist message that he's been wanting to push out Matt what do you think about that. Well there's a great famous. Saying that says don't ever get that fight with summit in buys ink by the barrel right and and so I would add to it don't ever in a fight with somebody that has credible social media platform. And and Steve Bannon has a social media but from what we don't know at this point it's just happen is what the relationship like between Donald Trump. And he batted down trop has been known to maintain linkages that people that quote uncle buyer people that left it. Over time so we don't know. Exactly what he's been packed would be no lightly yet there have only served seven months of the presidency and leaving in the midst of incredible desert race. He Bannon who is very protective about his own brand. And had very very bad very protective of its own bank bringing in his last in his history the dealt its street. It's probably going to go a lot it is way and make sure that brand is preserved and getting ready plate for an act which is bright part. Merry out how do you think there were gonna continue to see our weather will see if mr. ban influences. Things moving forward. L yes. Like I say the president feels like he's running out of both the call. Watts to seek any counsel I can see. And continuing to reach out you know one interesting theories whether or not this was some way sort of a public back her eyes. From Steve Bannon at idealist really has art and and floated was to be flooded we sighed as. Have headline after headline of Republicans are you asking this president people Condit the worst week. Of this presidency west there's a Wafer deep end to it anyway diaper attention off of the the president to somehow give them a small wind Ira Jackson Gephardt steep and it's so. Media savvy I don't think that we should at this point so early not. Sort of throw away any possibility for why he might have done this what is calculations are and what is still hoping to gain or how he might still hoping to. Inflict this accident on route. I mean heat media savvy and yet at the same time he's incredibly inflammatory in some ways I want to bring in our colleague Mary Bruce. Down in Washington as well act hasn't been married you know one of the things you've been talking about is sort of the impact of someone like mr. ban and on the messaging in any influence on the administration he gave all these recent interviews and in one. He talked about race identity politics right thing the race identity politics of the left. Wants to say it's all races give me more care down more statue see the revolution is coming. I can't get enough of it. It's suggesting that that would actually. Be beneficial for this administration look this is part of the reason why Steve and it is so controversial and part of the reason that perhaps that in your view may have been the final nail in the coffin here for Steve Bennett. Wherever he has been this voice of of defiant populate the relentless nationalist. That is a voice that is not sat well with some within the president's own White House aides public that is not that while a lot of establishment Republicans certainly. Up on Capitol Hill where I spent much of my time these days. And going forward the question is what comes next. Will we have personal what what boys will Steven and play on the outside of of this administration is actually been a lot of speculation that perhaps one of the reasons he's lasted so long is because there was concern about the role that he may play if he does leave this administration and what. Whether that would possibly hurt or help the white out that remains to be seen but also you know whether. What will happen now in terms of the president's relationship with congress as we were just discussing because Steve Bannon. Has not helped what is already very fraught relationship between this administration and Capitol Hill right now that relationship is pretty much on the rocks. Especially after the president's recent comments this week's this week and ban it was one of those people who. Encouraged the president to take on the swap to take on some Republican leaders he adds and Barry not not nice things that they reportedly about Paul Ryan in the past. News the leader break part right part and went after Paul Ryan many times so be inching to see how the establishment. Republicans and also the far right up on Capitol Hill response to this resignation. And that dad we know that Steve Bannon had to among his detractors in the White House he had supporters and and very strong relationship there as well in relationship. But the attorney general Jeff Sessions goes back quite a ways he has Stephen Miller still in the administration. Do you think that we're gonna see changes. Among those staff members in the administration moving forward. Well if the taxes any any prediction yet will I I think you'll probably see. Gore got the best and corker is going to be next he's been in battles. Let the other senior people at the white out and he's been linked to speak bad and I think you'll go soon. After I don't know about Stephen Miller. I I workers in the White House now I've that would seek to keep my head wait out they out of any. Conversations on anything but I think you're gonna see I think you're at it he by that time. Congress really get going in the all will be a White House that is going to be totally turned over it already is partially but I think more people will go. And I think some I think some unrelated to bit. Directly. Europe will leave of their own volition because the chaos is just too much. RA Matt Dowd joining us on the phone thanks Matt good to talk. Thank you to thank you. Mary I want to get your take on this one theory that potentially mr. Bannon with the sacrificial lamb in the aftermath of the train wreck that was the president's response. Responses I should say to Charlotte's fell and the idea. That because of the pressure from Republican leaders in congress someone had to go deep what do you make of that. Ever want to try to unpack rates still the president's response here and and in many ways yes I think a lot of people pointed to Steve banded one. And call out they hate groups by name in and that explosive. Press conference off on Tuesday. Many people thought that maybe Steve Bannon could have been you know. The voice behind act and to it would make. Stents that that it if someone had to go they were looking for a firing that they would look to target him but but look. The president's relationship with Bannon has been up and down a roller coaster since the very beginning it's of course we thought Steve and an out on the cover. Many prominent magazines that time magazine cover we know broke from from. Covering this president very closely that he does not like it. When members of his staff. Seemed to stock up more oxygen than him that is not something that fits well with president trump and when bandit was coming out and getting all of this praise for being. Sort of the mastermind. Behind that the drug administration the puppet master if you will that is something that they would not act to regatta on the outs. In the White House so this is not just a relationship that is they've been fraught in recent weeks it has been up and down. Four months but it does seem or or certainly given the timing it seems that that perhaps the president's response to the violence in Charlottesville. What we know about Steve ban its history is his prominent voice as that relentless nationalist. It perhaps. That that that that all came together and was just simply too much for Steve Bannon that is Iraq. Mary Alice the one name we haven't mentioned yet is that a general John Calley. The chief of staff and eight strikes me that a lot of speculation. Abound that perhaps. General Kelley had something to do with this as well that when he came then he was supposed to be all about. Keeping the administration on rails and adding professionalism to a place where that hadn't been prevalent before. Do we think he played a hand in this and could this be a signal that maybe things you start to get weeded out in the administration. I think that perhaps part of the perception here that Kelly needed to. To raid and a chaotic scene and was at odds with T get it but also remember that the other crisis before Charlotte's Belk. Was North Korea and pat Steve Bannon this week saying he didn't think there were any good military options at North Korea. Really start quietly putting aside what the generals had been saying sort of adds that he was the biggest artists authority on the topic really. Ruffled a lot of feathers with those with those interviews T gates and so I can't imagine that that went over well with someone like Kelly yeah. We have seen the generals in many ways com sort of come in and and stand between the president and it went Al. And then you have Steve any insults and members of the military in some ways of saying it believe anything that. That they're bringing to the table I mean acts that had to have played a part in this too. Did did giant Hollywood wants dependant boys are round at all if they had to go back to the North Korea question. Soon. All right well another Friday another major White House shake up behind us Mary Alice parks and merry brisk thanks for joining me. Thanks solidly for watching as well remember you can go to At any time for continuing coverage in the latest. On this story and others for now I'm on an Abbas and I'll see you back here soon.

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