Steve Bullock officially kicks off run for president

ABC News goes one-on-one with Montana's Democrat governor as he makes official his 2020 campaign for the presidency.
11:12 | 05/15/19

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Transcript for Steve Bullock officially kicks off run for president
It is 6:15 in the morning in Helena Montana and the democratic governor Steve Bullock has just announced that he too is running for president. Now the governor and a Stanley is gracious enough to give a special access in this morning. To sit around his kitchen table and ask him what it feels like to decide to run for this office. Hi good morning to ordinary outstripped revenue and there isn't a victim thanks for having us. The governor in his running shorts with two others children around the kitchen it looked like any other morning. But of course it is not every morning you announce a run for president. And so how does that tell the morning pretty basic I read both humbly. You know and every year and a house I was raised four blocks from here so made it four blocks in life success in this we finally kicked us off from get a movement. Looking to replace him wanting to I guess they can't argue that. And that intimidating it's so crowded already is you know the heightening did. Eye out for some things that the rest field doesn't. And even though there's lot already in. I have a job to do I think you know my legislature's cut over had to get Medicare expansion and authorized that's good progress things so. So it's worth waiting it was ending and there was really you know win Temps and you populations depending on health care there's no other way. You know I had to get that yeah its a crowded field but there's plenty of room for a got from Montana because I do believe bring different things to do what is that what's. 32 pitch tapping their exact. Well first looked we've got to beat Donald Trump but we've also got to get the economy work in the political system worked for folks the only person in the field. One in charge got reelected to go sixteen years on the ballot it. One but warming one but 425 to 30% among voters also voted for Donald Trump. I'm also. One who have few that actually bridged divides and get that got things I mean I have but 60% Republican legislature. Doing things they want most progressive laws and getting rid of outside spent in dark money in our elections if you look at like all the big issues over case. From climate to fair taxes to actually investing. In people. So much of that is held up wash DC because. The fact that. That's the outside money and it's calling the shots. Lasting partnership to you. We saw it was essential part of your video that's how I was able to bring Democrats and Republicans together to fight dark money. And pass one of the strongest campaign finance laws in the country. If we're ever going to tackle the big issues that's first one we've got interest. Well first thing you have to do is sign her negative sides and things get movement. The one formal task for the morning's signing this ceremonial paperwork declaring his candidacy. The typical Boehlert more news a little disrupted today. It would be typical morning. Haley never again. See there's studying for it EE tough exam yet and this is Byron law. March. Short of announcing and run for president. The morning to you most mornings I get up all. Cup coffee read the newspaper. And take a run with the kids get ready and my wife works out of Lawrence and she's still she'll be back so this is the sign in movies that is document that actually makes me. An official camp. But. It. Excited to go. It's both. Tremendous opportunity. And it's gonna be it. It's going to be rode. A nervous this morning. Not really I mean now than city this big. This is and that is Johnson but I'm not nervous this morning excited this morning really excited about being shared what we house. Done what we candidate. It feels casual around the table he's mad at the site without a field to announce that there is running for president. I. Little impact. The whole announcing that I think Canada's our minds that and it has anything. It's a mindset that you want to go out there and change the world you would. Many kids so I removed it's not fair shot and I think. Yeah it has not mindset and where is developing the guidelines that you can't. Push him over the finish. A nurse got up and in the first debate. I get ball. 52 of the three polls. Until it shows that there's. You know and desire for somebody off the coast somebody the governor's somebody that's gotten things done that. We'll have to next month really good folks. Join on board whose team voters aren't like okay we can make the first decision won't make the right message and I think that there's planning time it out there. Salinas. We're at an eighty cap exam can I. Even pretended yeah Abbas let's talk it's from my perspective we gotta talk about how it is we're not winning in these. Places instead of getting rid of that it's disconcerting to me certainly that we lost but popular vote in through five elections. Of the last presidential elections that the popular vote didn't win. But. More important to me is let's win back those places we used to win. Expand its print or. I've actually argued in front of the US Supreme Court I wanna believe it's non political. I think when senator McConnell held up Garland that showed a little bit different site open to options to make sure that we don't politicize the court. And you're talking about expanding Medicaid what I got prop I can. Access and affordability for the two things we really got to focus in Montana we've increased the access. Temper some more of our population has Medicaid expansion. And we've. Cracked down affordability from prescription benefit managers pharmacy benefit managers to high risk pools. And there are ways to get there without Medicare for all you did and about a 165. Million people right now private insurance. May need them certainly think it costs too much but displacing all of them to get that other 25 million covered. Probably there's another another paths to do it. And from there head phones in hand he was out the door. On his daily run. Governor Bolick says that his success winning in a red state provides a road map now for his presidential campaign. Still he's going to have to convince voters that he can replicate what he did a Montana nationwide. It's. He doesn't it. Playlist is someone there have been using for. Torre years closer than from. Santana I'm waiting to. Chris Whitley big sky country. No John still standing so it's a beautiful spot it is beautiful spot and you look out. What's cool site all of this public way around here so it's all running trails Thorsten wanna. My fear response from running because used to live just right over there were still have. A real house and the kids who can raised in this variances. Group loop. When a tower residence and that's that's actually where lease and I got married that's the cathedral. In town so. There it is a halt to united can pretty much see a lot of the tea right from here. But Democrats from the coast are often asked how they can relate the middle of the country as a you're making this face that you can relate to rural America. But what do you say to a voter and an LA in New York City about how you relate to their life. Yeah in. You know I've lived in those heirs who went to college right outside Los Angeles with the law school and worked. In New York really people want the same thing so that we want to save community want. Decent jobs good schools we can do better for your kids grandkids some people could call this the flyover and part of the country right if all the flyover states are sort of don't feel like the Democratic Party can connect with them even if we win we'll never revealed it backed governing. And what do you say to a democratic letter that was excited about the idea of diversity atop the ticket. I think you know I can put out bowl. The best of who I am and what I've done I've worked. For all my contaminants but also paid particular tension times historically disadvantaged communities. It's native Americans month that's LG BT view it's the work I've done for equal pay. For equal work to the dress gender. Inequities I think how wide approach here is the same way I do hear a show up I listen I understand that. Folks that they're in some communities been disadvantage shortcake and their American dreams never been realized for them. The best I can do though it is put myself out there and we'll see of voters think. With that he was officially off and running. He might be launching a national race but governor Bullock stated his hometown allocated to stop his presidential campaign that started with an event at his former high school talking to students. We're our best when civility. Actually replaces the Anderson that everybody's voice can be her and I think that DC could learn a lot from Montana and that's. Bullock has 63 of some democratic legislative priorities in Montana. But what counts as progressive in big sky country might sound more moderate in bright blue strongholds. Both gun owners. And those who don't fundamentally believe universal background checks are something that we ought to be able that is. I would push universal background checks I would push making it so that you can no longer purchase assault weapons. But 40%. Households in America have a fire on them. Every firearm owners that I know wants to nature that. No one gets injured. And the guns don't actually fall into the wrong here the whole lot of common ground that we could actually work with. One benefit of being a hometown guy. Bullock seems to have his hometown. His small town from behind him. Nothing impresses me more than that type of an individual. And I think he would make an outstanding president because he's really interest did and cares about people.

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{"duration":"11:12","description":"ABC News goes one-on-one with Montana's Democrat governor as he makes official his 2020 campaign for the presidency. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63063761","title":"Steve Bullock officially kicks off run for president","url":"/Politics/video/steve-bullock-officially-kicks-off-run-president-63063761"}