Stopping 'Lone Wolves' a 'Top Priority' for Clinton if Elected President

The presumptive Democratic nominee also reiterated the need for stricter gun control laws.
3:39 | 06/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stopping 'Lone Wolves' a 'Top Priority' for Clinton if Elected President
As we have seen in Portland and fingers you know before and other instances. We are facing eighty twisted ideology that inspires so called lone wolves. Radicalized individuals who may or may not. Any kind of formal contact board direction from here it's like ices. But intent and and Americans. On their room. As president I won't make identifying and stopping little walls a tough primary. Let's sample eighteen from across the government private sector communities. Get on top of this challenge. Make sure I want horsemen and intelligence professionals apple resources that you. Second we do need to stop terrorists. Getting their hands out to both carry out attacks and easily. Especially assault weapons. Military style assault weapons had to fight on our streets. Surely we can't agree. If the FBI is watching for suspected terrorist links. Should not able to IC. Yeah if you are too dangerous. Get on the plane went can be I think. Certainly it is apparent. Donald Trump does not seen gras Indians this. He had spent fixing it and praise. And I quote radical Islam. As it goes our magic words that once uttered. We'll stop terrorists from coming out. And he wants to ban all of funds from entering our country and spend. Immigration from Bart parts of the world. Is Hobbits at home even. More inflammatory. In recent case. This approach isn't just wrong. It's dangerous and I want to emphasize and undermine. Yes. Of course we want to keep our country safe. Of course we want work together in order to keep that actually go without saying. I want to underscore he relied. I'm partners in majority Muslim countries to help us fight terrorists. We need to build trust in those communities here at home. Counter radicalization. And lone wolf. Phenomenon. And has been pointed out terrorists in heartland. Was not born in Afghanistan. As trochmann. He was born in Queens New York. Only miles away from where Donald Trump himself. With more. Eight ban on those loans would not have stopped this attack. Either letting wall. I don't know how one feels a wall to keep the Internet. So not want Donald Trump's reckless ideas would have seen a single life in Orlando. It's just more evidence that he is tempered mentally unfit and and totally unqualified to be commander she.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"The presumptive Democratic nominee also reiterated the need for stricter gun control laws. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39879376","title":"Stopping 'Lone Wolves' a 'Top Priority' for Clinton if Elected President","url":"/Politics/video/stopping-lone-wolves-top-priority-clinton-elected-president-39879376"}