Strait Talk from Cleveland

Matt Dowd and LZ Granderson get a shape-up and talk RNC headlines at B Loft Studio 28 in Cleveland, OH.
15:14 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Strait Talk from Cleveland
Back to straight talk in Cleveland you asked were at these. We've all studios when he eight. Were you located. We're located downtown Cleveland right on the west side was meant to flats. And near Ohio city. And he's gonna do a job this. Sister's murder but don't worry America that I keep in the Rock Center is due to tighten up around the answers. But we each ever little. Kate's there's he may end on the contorted different now think that possibly await me is things are important Miami. First of all began as a congratulations to the good people Cleveland. You break your fifth two year two routes in terms of championship. Cavaliers. I have to then of course askew. Are you guys have a wide variety of parents browse our Mac cavaliers team in from sharp and the man pony Terrell. Two bronze forever challenge in trying to keep winner areas laughed. You know just on it is who's here do you like most. New York cavaliers squad. I must say as a barber I was Seychelles. Because he is middle school high top fade. And he's the most adventurous woods is here stuff. Yeah. Do you follow politics. I do this yes so what about the hair of the politicians whose parent you look at Hugo. Which they spring Barbie 28. Look alike suggest. Cup could commit to show Trump's hair. This only. I'd like to discover what the deal is done here yet that's I'm sure you're mode. I'm not learning more shade at the at Trump's hair what I what we're here for the convention guests out count is now spoken to nights and arrow on usually. Both show show tonight again. And tomorrow night. Please do at a press conference. I was over at in the event for treatment Jenner. It was open Cleveland's rock and roll hall of fame who's a Republican who's a Republican. And she spoke at length about what it's like being strands in the Hollywood and a and a Republican business within the Republican. Yes that is a running joke. Some refinement humorous. I I think that we you have Republican of his clothes White House. And I don't see any trans people back closer to White House I would I would say that there's it's Oprah's that. In order reads question is criticized the government's sensitivity but next door to rock roll hall of fame they were sitting out for Trump's press conference. At the earth science museum. Yet what I want one thing before we going what all the elements of the convention I wanna say I think that people of Cleveland in the police and security. And everybody it's been about as an act of it there's yet yet everybody was worried about. You know protest of what was gonna happen but it is finished com we'll even less com it's and less caffeinated more about it. It seems at this convention but they've done a great job. Counselor you don't mind my bigger concern actually was that because you have so many different facets of law enforcement in one area. You knew despite the fact they knew that they need to beef up security their communication between each facet. May now be. Continued reserves or seamless but they've all seem to be working together. With Novell hits at all. It seems to be outraged you know that the problem for the Republicans is there's a little there's not a lot of energy here it doesn't seem like. When you know there's you know. Despite all the rhetoric coming from the State's look at the crowd the past two nights of this still divided. Com you know we saw what happened in New Mexico. With governor. Suzanne McCain yes yes handing off the microphone when his plans actually announced Donald Childs votes. Ohio delegates. Were absent. Two as the latter end of the night these genes are leave together. Some people say well it was around dinnertime submitted won't just hungry United States Puerto. But the Texas people in the crews are still ministers to stick around for the rest of but. The real it's amazing to me is this is a guy downturn everybody's like oh he's gonna put on an unbelievable convention because that's what he does news from television. He ran the Miss America beauty pageant it's gonna be amazing if you have Ali celebrity's. We basically. CUS politicians. And. Again he's been kind if you start looking at what they've been doing lately you know if it's really been surprising because the reality is that we know him from pop culture. We don't really know this business has businesses that yes but we just know his personality and its its presence. And so for him not to be to have a better start their children vendors what is surprising. Part of that of course have to do with people don't want restaurant personal finances and sponsorship new puppy back to someone who. So there's pain every writer or a racist. But I think also part of him that there's another example of how he sort of inflated. Incidents position in terms of what he really needs to pop culture maybe he's not McDonald and a McDonald faxes fictitious character. That people think have closer towards European may regard. Yeah I mean I think that the year I think you're exactly I think there's a fear that the risk. Of suffering some problem with your lumbering. Is worth more than any reward you're gonna get that in the course of this. But it is after watching yesterday Hamulack and it put them historic marker on. The fact that here's a reality. TV. Star billionaire. Who was opposed by basically all elements of the Republican Party has now won the Republican nomination. With no is no public service history and all zero. Completely redefine how we how we communicate how communicate in this age Couri leader finite campaign. Rant against some of them pillars of the party. And is the nominee of a major party it is that I'm an historic. Moment that you're absolutely and I won't you know say that most historic part of August. With that it was a candidate who was able to actually happen to. A siren. Voice. Newton usually candidates are able to tap into the ground for waste and give the route has what it wants. He was able to cut through that and actually do poised to people who felt it have a voice. And through that discovered. There was a lot of support there are carriers to. What surprised you about this convention coming here what's deprive with surprise with this thing that surprised you about being here and watching and observing it. I am from even bigger surprise to us firm has been the lack of excitement. You know I mean I know you've done we were convinced and I have but I have been sooner covered five. And this is by far the least enthusiastic I've seen people who travel tomorrow to countries can be no warrants prior to celebrate their. Are you act to me I'm related that the surprising thing he's come from readily apparent that this is an arranged marriage. And that's it it feels like these two it is a couple here. They don't really want to be together but they know they got to be together because that's way it's supposed to be and they don't and they're gonna walk out of here. Going about their own business in the aftermath of this convention the Republican establishment elites are gonna go do their thing and down terms can do his thing and it's so apparent. Are you have such a perfect analogy because. You know in an arranged marriage you know it's been very much time so much levees and I'll just where we're getting some merits accomplices different goal. And that's what it looks like it's all about the end it's not about and the other thing EC in this convention is. It's there's hardly anything about here's what down tempers and why I want now to be president it's all about not. Her write a huge part of it is not her right in. You know to be fair to flip side a lot of product lot of energy behind Hurst man now. That's what's interesting to me is both are running theme campaign which is about the other person. Right it's not about themselves which is why I'm and somewhat surprised at the VP pick worked for trial right. I don't Arafat looking in things that are Smart moves to recognize the average person there. Who. Used abuse unit party. We have seen that that's part of it Ebert writes from a floor speech tonight some maybe you exchanged words. But I would apartment where there but someone could have brought in different Eric. Certificate and pensions personalities pressure to succeed in an interview which he seems to be. Overrun with strong. Dominating it. I don't think you change it hurts I think we're still focused in on trial in August negatives. And it could be addressed and corrected that perhaps you need to update changes there and a book fair and when her knickers yet. 80 yeah I think Hillary to me Hillary well wolf we'll get tenth grade in Philly that I think she's gonna do three Aaronson death she's not throw down field. She's always played it safe in the course of this these conventions that we've talked about we've talked about all the different parts that have been there I've gone awry. All conventions are totally contingent on final night speech by them. Nominee that speeches will lead to determine that this convention was a success in moving voters to a different place. Or was a failure and it movement on the courses for everything our writers beats. Well I'm sure some eastern forming the greatness is really stand teleprompter the entire time we go off teleprompter. In the course of his speech in your team who knows what's. Keeping. Robert way. When he went to Lucifer. At least a pariah even been super. Yeah if it. Means for us now that is double. The devil wouldn't let five. Yeah these things properly it. Beelzebub. You're gonna could be apple took up. But. You know all commentary about bank arsenal in the entire primary you have a whole thing about being there Pleasanton. The. Again on Monday. And a row and you know regional would have been about choice and I ask that you would going to talk about. Last night and at the time on Monday that he did. Given general idea so I wasn't surprised to be you start to be a way what we saw a teleprompter ethical view don't know we're. He sees located. Has various different stations throughout the Q are BC radio which is what they call the eight Quicken Loans Arena yes but the cubicle yet. At the very top we have ABC radio where a lot of these digital estranged from some form or article bungalow. And from the bungled. Well you can actually see it develop prompted applause speakers because there's like I missed agents that we would see when people. Our experience that when the point Wales where our case in point the two gentlemen pumping he spoke the teleprompter operators to Steve the there. They were went whale experts that we saw when doctor Karl who's going elsewhere and you GAAP. Right now back to curse has been known to go off script so I'm I've tonight tonight so we're gonna tune in tonight the convention tonight Els he'll be doing. The digital I'll be on for one hour in network part of that what are you looking at tonight to me. I'm even you mention Mike Pence the VP nominee speaks tonight important speech but to me that take Kris beech has the most interesting tankers ran against Alan job at a major. I would call it the least he goes falling out wind down trap basically accused increase father of shooting Kennedy year being about the Kennedy assassination. And then down trouble leaving the race calling down. Calling down turning pictures we've there isn't calling down chopped. A good and narcissistic pathological liar pants so he has the speech tonight the commission he had not yet endorsed now. Well yes for some by. Notes right yet are also see. Obviously you know we're at year are being interests are also hope we're never try movement of personal roots I would think that it's these would be based and so. On Hillary Clinton and with that two point point do you think you'll mention constitution. I think it that resentment game in which took a shot in the time mentioned or founding father. We will not be world the first paragraph will be. An appropriate. The Second Amendment if our Second Amendment. He and it's you know last night was supposed to be our jobs. And there was very little mincing. It's. Despite what you may be in. Certain parts. I don't. Black monsters. And and I am not a Democrat and I. Looking forwards here in this debate. Based upon policy. Last night I'm so. Disappointed. Because I. You know these boards you look at in the in the hearts our peace and and entered US state department's. Word jobs and Clinton per. I don't know what you. That changed the conversation. The party scene at the party's right you that we either lying or Paul Ryan talked about but we actually hear. So this is I think it really important point so. That the movements that are rose this year one Donald Trump what pushed out trump into it purse Bernie Sanders those voters. Was all economic frustration. Economic angered economic disenfranchisement. People feeling like they were last have been left out of anything its happening in American last week after thirty years. There has not been any that has not entered in the conversation now for half the time here which which is basically drove the voters' right to the polls there. It's been incredibly frustrating absent senators tracks corporate recovery efforts that we were all purpose of our economy which is having me. Which prosecuting Charles it will Governor Christie. And I'm just sort of like going to miss them. It also hadn't done. I still don't know what the plan is what you get jobs to the American people and I talked about inspecting five million jobs right now that are open. The highest marking fifty years. And probably to market open because you have Americans can do he's job so you keep saying he wouldn't bring jobs back we can't do that suffering here because Americans are actually. Lecturing so of course that this cell will see we'll check on that tomorrow night's speech. And the big speech tomorrow night with downtown and the pockets tomorrow night air I should mention air trop the other son is a jump on every night including the father's every night. Which is surprising and center's stage every day in its. And never gonna roll into Philly. So the next time you'll see state tot his movie from a week from today in Philly where the Democratic Convention is give another shout out to our man Jamal. It is that be loft studio 28 right there. Come over here here in Cleveland this is where to go. To. Him. At. The I'll be good.

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{"duration":"15:14","description":"Matt Dowd and LZ Granderson get a shape-up and talk RNC headlines at B Loft Studio 28 in Cleveland, OH.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40737821","title":"Strait Talk from Cleveland","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-cleveland-40737821"}