Strait Talk: What Clinton's Win in Nevada Means for Sanders

ABC News contributors LZ Granderson and Matthew Dowd tell us if Hillary Clinton's win in Nevada will have a big effect on Bernie Sanders' campaign.
3:54 | 02/20/16

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Transcript for Strait Talk: What Clinton's Win in Nevada Means for Sanders
Hillary pulls it out yep Hong. Is this over for Bernie mama. I think that the writing is starting to be on the wall I think Bernie needed this even if Bernie had one that's that we have still been problematic I think in the real. Difficult time for Hillary Clinton in Q and bring everything there again. But I think he needed this to sort of make the argument. That I'm not just a one trick pony right and it yet to win enough and we places where diverse so that we started to lose. People say don't don't forget about the wins I think what's gonna happen now is. Even though he was it him. Very. Valiant effort he made he actually did better than Barack Obama did in Nevada 2008 yet. He added he was closer to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was people forget that. He's gonna go on and lose South Carolina badly right. And when the combination of that will then go into Super Tuesday he'll probably lose a number of a southern states badly and a few. I just think he'll be stay in it he'll win a few states he'll still be there obviously be on the debate stage but I think this is. He need this to sort of reset the calendar and heated again. I hear the conversation about how badly he's project moves South Carolina to everytime I hear that in the company's into the things that John Lewis. And combinations of things has been reported that some black leaders for months at a party. I'm very disturbed. At the notion that the person who could win the democratic nominee. Doesn't have an ability to connect with black voters and I don't know what it is. Art in terms what he is saying how he is saying it but if you can't keep that excitement of black voters behind you have a Democrat. That's problem I have to be in the general election I don't care what the polls are protecting you know large picture if you don't I'll blow notes. Democracy cited. I think that hill and I'm going to both sides vulnerabilities. I think Hillary Clinton. It will probably. Marched through this and pull it out she has major vulnerabilities for a general election I. Major phone goes one there's still when you look at the exit polls. Even among Democrats are trust problems there's also connection cares about you as you really care about here's my producers won overwhelming. And younger voters. I mean you cannot win as a Democrat general election without younger vote turnout and if she doesn't think fix this in the next three months. That's big problem for for a general election Jeter's speech there. Yet someone who was their current agency and that's who's black. Rick article reported sort of thing is what wells Pittsburgh earth I think to keep that problem is that I think it. Victim. The younger people don't think she's aspiration. I think she's just like eat your broccoli. Will get this three yards and a cloud we're never gonna throw an interception but never throw it down the field it feels like that. I can anybody watching that it's like that's exciting football. No but it's effective football. It was brilliant Britain where she's also saying is I never got a big arm who's not accurate with his passes seems like return a ball over its current ability. Yeah well I think apple will end up an aggressive fascinating night. We have made another caucus I think Tuesday's violent man world we will be here I'm trapped. Under. Or both travel and so. I don't know where are we going to be what the next February march where. They'll sit start first arts double digit states and wounded Tuesday of the State's what's your prediction. Com. It's going to be still amass on the Republican side Hillary Clinton we in almost every date. Wow. You were hurt. I'm not with. I guess I tightest political momentum follow the moment she's got it right now.

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{"id":37088768,"title":"Strait Talk: What Clinton's Win in Nevada Means for Sanders ","duration":"3:54","description":"ABC News contributors LZ Granderson and Matthew Dowd tell us if Hillary Clinton's win in Nevada will have a big effect on Bernie Sanders' campaign.","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-clintons-win-nevada-means-sanders-37088768","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}