Strait Talk Detroit: Jessica Care Moore on What Detroit Means to Her Through Spoken Word

Poet & Publisher Jessica Care Moore joins ABC News' Amna Nawaz for an inspirational performance.
5:03 | 09/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Strait Talk Detroit: Jessica Care Moore on What Detroit Means to Her Through Spoken Word
So we would like to toss to our colleague. I'm not this whip Jessica care Moore who just before we came I'm ready beautiful old. Thank you for that an idiot and stay tune all of you watching she's gonna do a little something special for you guys to him that hail being paid to try it. Let's hear in the room got. And it's aren't they keep your questions and comments coming about trying to incorporate them. Into the show as we go on. While you are talking about the story of Detroit I have the pleasure being able to stand here and talk to some of the stories that make Detroit that Jessica care Moore thank you so much being here thank you anything about right and and here you are you're gonna give us little apartments in the second. The first I just wanted to ask you for the you don't know Jessica Karen right away you show here's a quick briefing poet playwright publisher performance artist producer everything that starts with he hauler and activists. You tell a lot of the story of Detroit. You're you're works at this stage forest in the conversations were having. Where's the CD now. With insisting. I left them. But they came back that be gently from the city. What came next the very different place that Saturday to and one coming too so I live o'clock mountain airy. I'm happy neighborhood I live by and then it. So it's it is the united my daddy's the street Louis Philip people. It's very black city came up Coleman A young on the man at the new in. And so I cannot when you're a person of color coming from Detroit I'm with you realize. How nationalistic. Beachfront how powerful hot on the much ivy and the people. And then how it would impact is anywhere without the haven't might not my head it was just natural that activity in Ellis located in the like we were black to eat a hook it yet technical. His life neatly that on the planet like. Because we haven't company union people are working class life let it back easily the working class cities. Make this city go round and so that the city collecting and that's Lamotte at the newer that moved to Brooklyn instead of becoming published a public and another threat at that this publishing your poets. And so I can't and working class mentality where it was even that in just a vehicle that ultimately institution. That came from institution. I saw it and let them look like me much at you with the construction worker he never worked. As though he treatment buildings in the city. As a umpire at this of this history that's here and this is bittersweet for me you don't change you know I'm vegetarian erratic by you know I like how pieces. Likely you know I can walk in my that I can I get bike lanes you know but. While up from we're talking about the city being better month and Somalia with into the conversation about each quietly listening to you know it's better with it's new it's new it's coming back them up will inevitably left now that we the people here have been here we get like I come back to life. It's a lot more about that changes the conversation goes on you're gonna give us eighth but it does look your work right now commonly take it away yet. I hear more. I love you okay. They'll let up by air and her belly. There would've by. 97 it wants common Irene and they're back make up our health diet doc I don't think I eat it to wrangle that include black and nineteenth avenue and she questions everything. Elegant eye ear and her belly that lit up by Ken nobody afford by that choice but yet that big back. I think the guys I paid the others attending an oak middle ground outshot the win and I like to break last examined in the air out at time and with somebody's secret honest audit by the end of the little girl on the little longer on that picked out impoundment waiting there where that came out that way with it's that in the something new something packet eat and I hope why this is my story outlook and a talent where they want talent on the -- nine when I tend to write operas not all. I don't five and nine now and Alan nine and I wanted to write one. Writing it they say there adults. And that house I was born in running up and down the stairs maybe for the department and the pilot checking for the tenth a mop and while the score hot hobby but the Borough that the dog that ran off sometimes. It is looking for the kids bullet to a house minimum that you make that black noisy. China finally want to house I would in this that he. They could this be board might be laid off stressed out and I'll take the run and I know I did with wet years. Public are likely win go. The widget that those that know they say picking up an. Away tie at least not Brighton somebody got to tell. In the city and we are knack go. Can't or everybody. Fitness said it better my.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Poet & Publisher Jessica Care Moore joins ABC News' Amna Nawaz for an inspirational performance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42208228","title":"Strait Talk Detroit: Jessica Care Moore on What Detroit Means to Her Through Spoken Word","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-detroit-jessica-care-moore-detroit-means-42208228"}