Strait Talk Detroit: Why Restoring Neighborhoods is the Key to a City's Success

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks with Yusef Shakur, a neighborhood and social activist working to rebuild Detroit's communities.
3:39 | 09/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Strait Talk Detroit: Why Restoring Neighborhoods is the Key to a City's Success
Curry acted Troy is one of rebirth and new beginnings so to is the story at the use of sykora thank you so much for being here with us tonight thank. Now there's if you don't know you can read his memoir music had an incredible story you art Detroit born and bred. EU had a rough. Time as a young man in Detroit when of the founding members of the zone a gang he spent some time incarcerated at the young man as well but something happened. In prison and you've written about this so eloquently tell us about what happened to start that transformation free. While in prison memo father for the first. And demolition of that we develop and present humans and Clinton to mention Islam. Where out of a relationship he Tom Hatten side view. My broken heart as the zone brought up an oppressed communities what do community how to look at myself no longer has a predator but it but that's a protective in the and since. But Malcolm X T it would Huey. And you did something remarkable instead of just taking that as your own private message you went back into the neighborhood. And implemented back to that other people could could benefit from your lessons as well tell me about what you've been giving their and the change that you've seen in your own neighborhood. How far as you utilize my life as a capitalism turns. But sending it to mean it was a sharp turn the world and certain sales. And was losing about mean in my view going back in my community. As someone who helped tear it down to help now rebuke to open up a bookstore. To ongoing annual backpack where would you start to attempt a second. It's only thing I'm not solution or by any means whoever this solution since the providing know the solutions since the meeting in the immediate needs argument. This solution in the fact that folks in this city who have been left Padilla and we don't know real we're waking serving in the way the speaking to the immediate needs. In organ and I'm saying. That that we RO savers we don't you know white says it. I'm curious you see you've been sitting here watching the whole show we've seen the panels and and listen to what people had to say. What's your reaction to what you've heard so far. A me first is disarming the continued use worse it's really borrowed from the revitalization. When you go to the place like Dexter blue moon. Mac. Among areas that the you don't see a reliever BC exploitation. This disarmingly wouldn't you refer to it being Gilbert who as the top Mike Duggan. Who who's most women not the black rock the city there's. As an 8085%. Black when he talked about southwest's announcement 90% people color and our voices are not at the type of voice or being used this respected but almost any that this that the pride and hope as a result of the resilience. A black people in in continuation of fighting guess what supremacy. The city submit a fort how do you make sure that the voices of Detroit are part of that conversation. We first and foremost we organizers don't know we will win a process of rebuilding and we have in the house says communities in. And our neighborhood and her commitment men deputy. But particular connecting about that there's there's many yousef's who's doing his work who were not me personally but who voices need to be uplifted. In your future rating did these these opportunities but who are these are usually really benefit. And again you you have a white man making the season for the betterment hopeful for white people were moving the city. This placing black folks. And so for the folks for the betterment of the city and that what's happened black opposing the casino organizer in the out of probably gently being black in the way that speaks to our tune since of of our self determination. Usage cor thank you so much for being here with Matt nothing T.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks with Yusef Shakur, a neighborhood and social activist working to rebuild Detroit's communities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42208937","title":"Strait Talk Detroit: Why Restoring Neighborhoods is the Key to a City's Success","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-detroit-restoring-neighborhoods-key-citys-success-42208937"}