Strait Talk: Donald Trump's Rival Debate Night Event - Win or Bust?

ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson host "Strait Talk" after the Republican presidential debate.
3:52 | 01/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Strait Talk: Donald Trump's Rival Debate Night Event - Win or Bust?
My big winner wasn't on stage. My big winner with Donald trial. And not because of the event that we UN I watched partly side by sat that is if it was uninspiring as compelling at all. I could tell whose premiums on stage. But because when you listen watch that debate tonight all the arguments over immigration all the statements everybody became smaller and his dominant. The person he was most worried about these awful night. Who's in second place in Ireland need to count some from but he didn't and so Donald Trump comes out of this debate. Comes goes out tomorrow and basically. He's if he doesn't pick up votes which you may not he's gonna stabilizes vote which means he's still ahead courses so my big winner wasn't onstage without. And a double chop. You know whether he knew it or not this was the debate. To miss this it wouldn't tell you slump that I am now. Back let me play of the and I'm about 95%. Sure now. That he got me information that they rebuttal plea clips of the candidates words used against them. Answer to and I am pretty sure he'd want to talk about. Being on record saying I'm quote sorts. You know records say nine morbid Democrat Robert rhetoric you lotteries actually tax break being records enacting the Democrats kind of accountability. Records Hillary Clinton is great that he's back with. All these days. On video and he did he get any worse says there are limits do that tonight. He was very Smart he's. Get it out so we're gonna have well and this is just is that we'll play that down even houses that debate will play. The clip from his event. As that we love our guests. Thank you everybody sit down please he raised six million dollar yes we had about 24 hours to put this together. It was very very quick and that we here for some very special people and we're gonna hear from some of them. But this is an honor this is a really earn I didn't wanna be here I have to be honest I want to be about five minutes away. And I enjoyed that I've enjoyed that all the on line poll says that very well with that with the debates and that a kick with that let. You have to stick up the rights when you should Italy. You have to stick of yeah. People of that actually. And really badly whether or not he was really feel that bad days ago by the person but you know people like that. They they do it. Maybe I'm a cynic maybe I'm you know it's over him or whatever. I don't recall him ever had any sort of major fund raiser in years prior for birdie. It's that they I would read tonight that this was the large just check he's ever given to veterans association. Emphasis weeks or disingenuous. Sort of politics. Any credence is not a politician but in school are so. I'm very happy that the veterans are going to be able to get some ethically and out of it that's that's fantastic but when you brag about how much money you have. And how much you of the veterans. And this is the person you don't support of this magnitude and was only in response to are you thought you were being treated unfairly by fox. It doesn't mean to be as authentic and I note that his supporters are not gonna care the notable for him anyway but is just one more check in disliked box and. In my book gaffe though you know Donald Trump has now dominated. I think it's 220. Days' rest now dominated this race. And I think even being not at this debate. He he comes out. Maybe not rising but the winner in the course in my view and a courses and I he's going to be tough to stop in Iowa.

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{"id":36588601,"title":"Strait Talk: Donald Trump's Rival Debate Night Event - Win or Bust?","duration":"3:52","description":"ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson host \"Strait Talk\" after the Republican presidential debate.","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-donald-trumps-rival-debate-night-event-36588601","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}