Strait Talk Heads to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention

ABC News' Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson talk politics at La Colombe Independence Mall in Philadelphia.
20:45 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Strait Talk Heads to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention
Welcome to straight talk and where we Philadelphia. Philadelphia its independence hall behind us the liberty development at rat lock all the home. Which means could be it's French. Right but I asked the older you guys at least when asked if she were to Bernie supported you know about the burning birdies and ours just smiled. I'm not quite sure that's a yes or no. But it brought his rounds are what come here that I got iced tea is smoke it's Perot is true no we agree very tasty. And I stolen chocolate chip cookie and steal body I would war. But we're glad you're at it felt great to host here and we got to catch up and a lot of happen including the almost losing my voice. From talking and there's not remember I'd exactly this is these streets are with red and ilsley nodding. I'd like. I fact that. Now let's change was so great to be here Philadelphia birthplace of freedom declaration independence that's ridiculous armed. Eventually I'll. Actually it. I've mentioned at all it's it's we are a few years it is visited series this academic year for a woman to be nominated by major party exactly the 240. If so breaking glass which aggressively through this is an awesome. Also moment last and I was on the on the floor. Winced when she execs as artfully afternoon yes South Dakota actually was the boat that got over the hump. And I was talking to delegate from the floor. But they didn't know. So I would keep its recollect politics but he had this been announced. And so for me with what it's like my magic about the public answers pass but no round new report. Well you know its interest me obviously everybody's talked about this historic nature of this. Act and where she ran into designate that this you know obviously the first woman it's is historically the first Catholic JFK first African American. I Barack Obama courses but if you think about it it took. 140 years since the declaration for women to get it right about 440 years. And then in 1916 the first woman was elected. A member of congress can it make improvements and it took a hundred years since that first woman who was elected to congress for a woman to be nominated at a major party ticket. Yeah a lot of that has. Gender norms and identity cards aren't what the roles of people. Writing a lot of that have to do it. Family and whether or not women felt comfortable. Warnings hundreds of advertising rates from family and doing it. National politics. Time labor intensive and some of its total past six cannot believe that when we can leave at its. Yet I think and also part of it is that took a delayed for a while part of it also had to do with Hillary Clinton. And the difficulties of her own candidacy in the course that she was savage the odds on favorite to win a 2008 and huge start shows up. In the galaxy named Barack Obama trip bombs are out of late inning came close to happening this year. Would Bernie Sanders but she's got it breaks the ceiling it's gonna come out of this convention. So how do you what's your feel right now on this convention as it's moving forward. That it dysfunction at the beginning which we might talk about. Compared to the Wear that Republicans were. Writes. First thing I noticed right away that sort of made a joke about an art it's. Rides there's lives being more minorities and states is its minutes the entire work days. They delegates and delegates at the entirety as it. The delegates. And state government not even work no I've seen it was more people on stage. And where a color that we're going with gas and thick you could it be possible. Especially big. After 2000. Athletes. Goes through an Internet you know analyze what went wrong McCain back this plan and steadily strikes urban areas like. Minorities it's only hear him back problems. Slow start to see in Cleveland in the future weren't but don't go you're seeing every block not. Minorities profit front of the cameras back in Arlington flippers but just a sea of diversity what America is subject to look like twenty. Yet it to me I think the two conventions showed how the division of demography in this country is sort of an and I think actually. Democracy and demography has become much more important indicator. And geography when we look at the country as apple. But it's. The Democrats didn't start out well and that day that convention was busted start. They're chair was fired basically. You're mired in yeah yes we it is. How can lose. Its last week that there would be. The best person and where to go back and rightly. It we talked about her thumb being on the scale during this election gets yours just don't know. The problem yes it was Bernie Sanders in the context these minorities are simply. Hell now that he had to run against it exactly exactly what. The grass roots of the pipe part of governors and state legislators. While we won't just get on the White House and how typical problems in the White House means. Explain what and the good closed and secured. Red states and clergy has gotten progressively rhetoric and record toward her right. Yes and I think you mean just even did it to function the function of a party chair I think there's two huge functions one. You talk about is building a grassroots effort around the country and electing people the local level really that's really should be function more than a presidential that's vacant air it's. It suffered awful bizarre series of losses or the other major function. Is the face that you put in front of the American public as the communicators who went wooded Democrats stand for. I absolutely agree you and data as a friend of ours I have no doubt since 1988. I've known got 28 years. I think Republicans or trying to push Debbie Wasserman Schultz out. Are gonna regret that they got what they want because data one as it's great. It's a face of the party she's really well spoken she's a real person. And she's an operative that knows what she's doing. I buy my guess is there's a bunch of people at the DNC headquarters in a much or consultants that are probably end here today that he or she gets their Friday she mr. clean house. What's at least 3000 people rickets and an Al Gore's campaign and while he wasn't president he did win the popular vote. She was very successful in doing that you're actually Rick I agree that. With the victory in me of when he battle in the old from the clintons. More in the course of this so this speakers that have unfolded in in this. Michelle. Obama unbelievable speeds flights to art at the end of its. At least get a copy your speech this speech next bat that's right it's when it's. Its ways says that. Main network cards that's true that's very here she was I mean I thought this is somebody and fascinated by because she actually. Came to this but public's fear reluctantly and it wasn't like she wanted to pursue this that she bush Barack Obama to go run for office and I thank you something. And she embraced Nancy I thought. Michelle Obama so far has been the best speech we've seen in the last two weeks both industry. I was with an exact really pretty yes yes and you know like I did wonders if that weren't surprised aren't actually. The kinds. Of course USA. She really talked about the future as but the countries are as likely to do their eyes as she diligently yeah. That was souls. It takes all the policy currencies and takes all of red blue and spent what parents do you want. You want to beat your spiritual role model. An IQB. Better. Barely. To me that's what it means there. Are atlas. And you just you sense the power of that in the power her Donald Trump did not send a single tweet out. I related it Michelle Obama. Didn't we got a single thing these Smart. Actually Agassi you get an idea I don't wanna get slightly that warrior. It. Never tell if it. App I was fascinated by how she embraces stages and the way she gated sanctuary where she contrast of that government and his name and without ever really getting. Really bitter hard. It was just and it's such a great way last night Bill Clinton former president everybody was waiting for it. I actually thought. I was disappointed yes. And one I understand I thought yes personalized tell the story. But I think you should tell the whole story if you're gonna start teller. And home you to. Get me because it was like a way we're gonna go through year after year a year and then you go you the lost years. It. It is written. The first yes you know once became lives was we're at the DNC development. Yet. And I thought he could easily handle it which was you know. Here's Hillary Clinton. And I can even I put her through a lot and she's been resilient through all the things I've put her do not he doesn't have to go through detail. But at least acknowledge acknowledge that and acknowledged that he really help us but I think. But cannot acknowledge that futures. Reminding. It's readily. Heatley. Parent transparent. Experience. And is not transparent something we already know if that's. Use the dollars back that there was some states as well as it's because. It's personal rights one happens all aspects of life. Critics it's as if earthquakes lately. Linked in page list bat great are now and it's just added. Did your right everybody knows the story everybody knows what happened so if you leave that out you basically act all your try to do is create some half. That we all know is that all of it streets and there's meant all of that things that you are laudable and I thought he missed a powerful moment. They could've actually helped her. So. Tonight. Big night tonight. I mean the it's three big speakers. There president of migrants and I know if the veteran Tim Kaine actually. And I'm sure he's gonna speak direct answers. You'll speak as an Internet at I think to see it every day. For the next 105 days. I think you'll talk about his faith which is it big part of it which I hope he does I'm really you and I haven't had chance to really talk about this. I'm really I I would love to have a conversation. Where he. I mean of once an evangelical. Catholic the elements of justice both men of faith and I fixed for so long in this country. The faith conversation has been co opted by a segment. When there is a whole other faith conversation it's more rain it's war. Feels more tolerant less judgmental and both I think are very important parts of the conversation I hope he gets into that part of. You know what's interesting because that's and I weren't disagree with the unit and I think the Democrats and I'm certain very unique position. In another couple of general elections because you know we. The pew research department reveals. Less and less religious bad the sixers and maybe this and that's gonna come a point. And which are this church choir singer on stage an all news you know god bless is not going to register well with their big. It should be advocates to meet you look at as you say look at the debt they're less religious but they're spiritual right and so their. There prism spirituality is very different than what we've seen in this country. It's now if you say it's not this organized religion but they do want a sense of Seoul Seoul. How they live here how they operate connect with people. And I think we haven't seen a politician yet. Adapter at yet to that. I laugh at. Our universe and that it. They. Expect at. He got it let's get our way you expect it. The church choir room with. Technical. On the ground you know. Are. Light wind here separate church and state and it's. Much right. Think that I think it'll be interesting and folding up its old politics as opposed a religion if they the religion have. So I would you expect Barack Obama and how what's what's his tenor tonight. I expect. To do some things don't. Because the narrative with. News he she represented his thirds. I think he's part of the speech is Lawrence. Ultimately. It's not a bad thing talk about all of me. Congress who actually directs. The current reports. Domestic policy and economic perfectly straight third term out of bad yeah. Hospitalized early. Okay. At a Philadelphia police network. Major incident response team. That's usually what you that's usually when you've said some money here. It. Had. It. Once made. Why. Carter's arm so as I also expect. Humanize her and unlike Bill Clinton I think he's winning numbers of Baghdad it was tense between them. I think that would respect. I think that we really Smart like how she is as a leader and he's been in the room there I also wouldn't be surprised. I agree with you I also wouldn't be surprised if he. It's it's tells where they differ. And how she is good that they're not they've been consistent they let together and all the things but here here are some things that she's actually gonna. Do it might be different so sort of say you know it's not bad to be strong steady consistent. But she's going to be different Alley and. Uniquely able to do that has a right balance for. Most part his wife looked. She's out of Baghdad streets. The president's wives as several achievements small competent woman on her own right when he talks about. This break. Cleansing as the warm. No heat no historian looks like after. And so there's more credibility to his word so I'm. To get a little props to Donald Trump and the campaign because we had the last polls that we've seen you take a look at all of an act and LT and I are big believers in take a look at them in total don't just pick one and stated that look at the big average of it he basically looks like he got a 45 point bounce. Which I wasn't surprised at you know what you occupy the landscape for basically a week. That anybody else get in even if it wasn't perfect you don't take all the oxygen from there so the races. Basically tied. In the course of this which is. Important is that this is a close race this is a race because of the dynamics of the country and because of too flawed to. Characters huge for who you think about characters in the resident Eddie kept their own problems this is going to be erases never I don't think going to be. Expanding it you to the what you expect in the aftermath of this convention it to look back to you baker did she retake the lead by next week. You know isn't presently questions that are a couple of things to meet its duties. Our number one governor has made this point yesterday that its Dave Clark Gregg two point. We have kids you're getting ices terrorism but the real fears that the problem yet that a lot of Americans have. I kidded. Yet brown and white people hold hands. The mothers of the movement the Czech Czech sick sick sick that we need to talk partisan stuff that was mentioned last. That resonates Bernard. We have not heard. They don't talk about that's problem. The numbers do. We actually. So yeah I think this is real important. Is it Hillary and everyone talks about. This person. Pan. Thank bone density. You read him answered wall. Wall. It is urgent season active. Pharmaceutical because you'll walk its economy. And she's been part remain here. Shows us her heart. She has an opportunity to separate because he works that lead in the there. And I think in the aftermath of an historic nomination I think they wanna see her and this is a group of voters looking may get configured differently now in the course of this I think it. He did she. It the idea would be she gives a speech that sort of what I call the goldilocks beach. Which is not too hot not too old and I think the Republicans went one way which was. You know things are horrible they're bad it's awful look at that the world is crazy in should be here and I think the Democrats so far gone that office too much the opposite directions. Everything's fine as all great look at us we're wonderful that they need to find places that'll work basically speaks to people's fears. But lifts them to it listen to something to hope that you got to talk to Wear their fears and frustrations are. Absolutely. Stupid disgusting news you know if she doesn't get mom plumber is there when you look. As a pilot. The White House was her husband Nixon I guess you. Yeah everywhere arrows were no longer they actually lost again. Yet I so I think my next guest is she takes the lead. But you're right I think it's totally contingent on which one shows up and how she doesn't whether or not threads that needle in the course of this so I think we're gonna close in the sect. Anything we want to look forward to will be back. Mrs. after the conventions on a regular way it's been a blast from Cleveland here both cities are unique in their own way they're great that you know it then. Again we are so happy. That lot Cologne property. Or. Right you give us that things aren't but that up here. Let's wrap right here craft plot against right now fanatic I'm not a good on him promotions. Perry got perfect. Now York. By. This. It's great to be with you any analyst LT. And there's there's this story. You don't notice that LT sorts. He's the man is. If it. If governor or he's got more war. It is it is the soldier's story and on both sides are no people like to mark dollars from the fact is that each reader movement as well outside of the machine. Turning to creative movement privacy. And at major Democratic Party. Nominated a woman yet. And we can't overlook the fact that this. Season has forever changed to rate national politics as great now. I agree with this and I think this is as fundamental changes we've seen the last 150 years and regardless of the results of this election. People in all the states and all the communities I'm going to be paid differently after the president directed the great we need. We need movers and policy. Are tired of the old taxi companies we need Hoover's. We Tebow yes I don't taxi drivers out of business either underground fighters they have us. Yes I agree innovation and invasive case we're going. Thank you reckon he's sort of set a Barrow like Christmas and independents all liberty bell. See you.

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