Strait Talk: Live from the ABC Republican Presidential Debate

ABC News' Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson host from Saint Anselm's College in Manchester, NH.
37:35 | 08/16/16

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Transcript for Strait Talk: Live from the ABC Republican Presidential Debate
Blue. Barely made it. Yes what a battle you don't read it read ready there was a lot of on stage early on and but it you know the interesting thing I totally agree we'll talk about all the different each of them but I thought I'll try. Practice a heck of a lot of discipline that they just standing there and let it all go by. You asked he did and zero. They started going to you know Teva got frustrated with the first the duty of the debate. Pretty much on dark to bring persons and tired campaign if you will. Particularly curious to accomplish during the clip of doctor Carson being not aware. Opting doctor curse the candidate Republican nomination for president Jersey governor Chris Christie. Okay. So obviously. He he had heard his name Mary didn't know he was supposed to go out there. Didn't hear is today at the stage credits are repeatedly with flooding have to go out and eat what. In the public that its past behind go to but it didn't oppose it went perfect but not great with that won't start to pay. I agree that that adding that with the difficulty of it and I was in the hall and I could CM off stage left. A State's right I could give on stage right at your like are you you know park out there. It was so painful watching they'll disorders that there be passed up candidate after candidate and was what you worked with rehearsals that it would argue that there was a podium. Yes they did do rehearsals but I think they thought they knew the order and they they were gonna hear their name if you hear their name law. The hall was really loud it's really pumped. And so and indicates that figure they had mentioned may sixteenth but he did never walk out of that there they they had. It's that it all started with a chorus. The guy who is suspected in second place. That it could damage the graduates are being asked about everyone else just like corn in Iowa and then here of course you have so I don't really think he's the editor it is only at all. Been bank card and personal yeah I think I still like the at least at the NY deli. May we may not I that it that it request to ask him right away. Why wire two waited at this point I think you can estimate by a trustee of straight talk ouster deaths were allergic to the I. What did you think overall overall I thought the debate the first hour anyway with britney's both their parents beat you know a bit darker lot of prayers. Last that we are gathering ground round table together. Power UI tonight erupted. It was very good excellent. Judging from the social media response from commencement. How do you feel what was it like upstage what is that all the back and forth especially the back and forth it went on it you're right I between Chris Christie. And what went with Marco Rubio what. I did it feel that there. Well I mean we've seen evidence from the other debates that back and forth fighting each other. I don't particularly enjoyed it. Because I much of the talk about issues and I would like some of that time to have been spent. In asking me about immigration. And asking me about some of the foreign policy issues and without me having that. Dig my way it's they talk about. You that you might have been there just because you're pre date the whatever the great if there was. Opportunity early on in which moderate ask you about what had moved it close in Iowa. If you took the opportunity not to attack them despite reports obediently despite the bills throughout the year due date that was the state. Neither. Like I said. In this is though 105. Anniversary of Ronald Reagan's. Third. And that he really emphasize the of them from and so on his birthday. Why would we do that but I did use the opportunity to talk about something very important and that is. Why would any logical thinking person. Believe that someone like myself. With just walk away from everybody after all the effort that they've done and not even given the period through town that you didn't. But proto receive them. It's called street because he's from Detroit I'm from Detroit your perpetrated straight because that the club expects at a yeah yeah. I thought. I want it wider question for you and that is what kind of showing you need to have. On Tuesday. In order to give you encouragement you needs continue to go on with her campaign. Obama to go on with the campaign no matter what happens when teams that. So deep into seventh place. You're going to be tough to I'm gonna keep your house that what will be the breaking point for you. The breaking point for me will be. When. The millions of people who are still pushing fluent. Who are still donating. If they say we've had enough I'm and two sent out its. We have a tremendous social media. Con. And also with them and. The it's pretty easy for me to forget. Good luck the guidelines that they remarks thank you. The doctor Carson heated for the long haul. What are when he runs out because though is that supporters say he's such and such a nice guy. Very very warms beard yet at it. He he's making a concerted effort to say he's willing to talk about the issues as if he's very aware at the fact that people think he's man or the issue house. So back out your outcome of this debate. Big picture and locally at some moment for events that Rhett ready and our Gary don't you can't. Replace -- for you well even though but the script for. Ohio and for both from Detroit. Well look we're putting that aside. You know we gotta listen I'm really counting on Michigan. And I don't know you probably don't know this but. I I danced on the stage in Michigan two. Two are really nice song and it got on YouTube. And my wife was stunned she said you know you've really worked on your dance and song. Shut up and dance with me. You know most. You were hit with you know how well dressed who aren't ready to. Receive a you know what tonight you know one thing I was really happy about was via the talk about our. The issue race. Which usually people talk about knees in the you know in the sort of debates that. To be a public talk about pulling people together people from the community. Bringing them and into an understanding with law enforcement I I really love that the operative that she. I thought that's what I thought I'd. Letting it when I was on AB CI thought I thought you had the most to gain from this debate because of ever all the dynamics that were going on. And I actually believe that governors did overall really well and because it was it was a debate centered around leadership and governance. I thought. You I mean I I think. People are going to be surprised I think what happens on Tuesday in this in the course it's because right now. Now it's basically a four way tie for second and whoever breaks out in the next 48 hours after this. It's gonna be in that place quickly. Well look we have. You know I I don't I don't know there's a four way tie for second that we think we're we're very you know we're probably in second. And but what we have that nobody else has is an army of people Markham on doors I mean they knocked on him in the snow. A knock on him in the rain in the sun they're like mailman MW knock and I think that's what brings things home. And our message is positive that's another thing that's cutting through everybody else's run a negative TV ads and we're we're up they're saying about what American America can be and regular chips at the table in this that your debtor well. Oh yeah but but I have look at what you chip somewhere some people went to Iowa was too big for me when I get in the late. This was a perfect place that I got chips in South Carolina I got chips in Nevada I got chips it out and Michigan I'm Gordon. Going to the south you know I got Trent Lott Mississippi watch out put your seat belt first. I just wouldn't do it ships a year earlier promises that you mention rates when these I've noticed that used when a question comes up. Pseudo Rand Paul answers and then move on its members Donald Trump you something and wanted to. First I've seen it wouldn't debate actually jump in the currencies at rates not rate caps or the district review. Oh yeah I mean its strengths I think for the country to have leaders and understand. That we just can't be divided. And look I mean there's they're that the police you know we love them we just had an officer. Who was assassinated sitting in his car at the same time we know there are people in the community that think that you know. That the government's working against them and that creates an unbelievably. Bad situation so what we've done is brought law enforcement. Community together. We look at our hiring practices the use of deadly force and now we're gonna we're gonna try to fully integrate. Fully integrate police and community. So that they create a relationship that like they've done in LA frankly that's it we're trying to do what you learned from its price six race. That the leaders in Cleveland. Knew that they while they could protest that we didn't want to have violence we didn't wanna go backwards in Cleveland and by the way the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court marine O'Connor now. She's doing a study into the grand jury process so we want to be in front of this we want to move forward. The look it also involves things like. Criminal justice reform. Reforming the Cleveland schools to make sure that the community to people in the community can learn. But we're also standing very strong with law enforcement we back away from them. He we got chaos in the streets so I think we have a good balance right now and I'm proud of what we're doing to bring people together. ID take this how would you do in the next 48 hours it is all we're gonna we got to do more town halls more meetings more listen I it it's just crazy. Mathieu it has been you know today. I was at one of these little restaurants I went in there I mean I couldn't get in and get out it was so crowded it's good. That's great thought and you know what I'm habitable Great Gatsby all right thank you hearing you do to your guy. Who. Their class. Yes and I mean yeah. It Weaver. Last thing. Just think if I could get Urban Meyer and coach Harbaugh. On a bus riding with me that would be an unbelievable that would be like split would be you're brings you bring anybody Gutierrez C. A. Developing ever happen. Yeah. So great. That would date that was great glad that he was well written movie talk about the issue of race because I agree that the only. Well Ohio has had some very high profile cases. We can't promote justice and I was due to seat him he's gonna sect or detectives have in the conversely how buyout. You always said ever since we sir do this he thought Jack case it was the best. That strongest GOP candidate to get somehow breakthrough after. Absolutely I talked to many people that I consider to be moderate Stephens leading towards liberal side and they live in Ohio and they all talked glowingly. On government activities and not because of a job cuts this sensibility they thought is that while he is a republic that you didn't feel like the other Republicans to questionnaires. Wrote that it would translate. Well enough in this process we have to make it to a general election where you have a very good chance of beating a Hillary Clinton or Bernie. I think he needs to finish second here and he said he said himself he was he was in second so I. Don't be BP multiple times I saw bastion epic in February or march the ideal of DP came by because that's absolutely not. A date is announced knock you figures will be apps. He was Leno now with yet I don't argue that they get married as they sit there resistant and there's. Any case sick lighter moment well. It's kind of party it speaks to what the reasons why he has not been able to translate. A large audience of disorder a clip of these it's these eggs joked. Governor casing Howland to respond to tonight's launch. Well we've got to step up the pressure and by the way I've got to say after being here every one of my 100 town hall meetings in New Hampshire. We're a lot more fun than I saw here today we're so much more positive. I look in terms of North Korea mark. That system that. Soaked and it was actually true though it hey it is true that may have been screw. But it is so only he laughed at and go back and look at the tapes debates over and over again he's tried to make that. That moment that the connection with the audience and it comes across black he was great right there it is always great waddle Juan department. Incorporated tapped you know I I noticed tonight how good he is when you're in the hall I was in the hall watching him. He comes across really well in the hall it's something about television whenever it happens to be it except. The mannerisms or picks up the way that my two if you just nervous in front room. Remarked crowd are you right in the hall I think there's something about his manner that are paid based on television it difficult and that's the problem in the courses. Doubt sharp. What's wrong. Oh that was. Identity at the moment that crystallized every team you love about belts or every beat him most beloved don't happen. At the very deity we talked. With Cruz. Cruised as the very simple question. Didn't answer it and I think Agassi to weed it once again from this. At Kansas restaurant. Donna hall ceremony it was Laurie. You have it we do have that clip. We need president. With the judgment and resolve to keep this country safe. From radical Islamic center Cruz thank you we're gonna continue on Gaza notion of readiness and experience I might not come back on I have to if you'd like to respond mr. trust all I respect what did you say. But if you noticed he didn't answer your question. And that's what's going to happen. Okay. That's what's going to happen. Would our enemies and the people we compete against. We're gonna win with trump gonna win and don't win in our country does it went anymore gonna win which dropped and people back down with trump. And that's what I like and that's what the country is going to. Back downward slump and that's what I like me that's our. Already died and it wasn't hers and I stories dating Eddie don't young holy. Book. Stars. To show you the first time the action announcement the president that was a moment which I was like. Yes. I don't oh my god he's he's he's worked out be a movie. I thought I thought he. I didn't at it from. I thought he had a good debate now trapped by not yet debate you didn't learn a lot new. Aside aspects that if you like at least on the aspects that you really like it that people don't like him thought things that they might not. But I think for Donald Trump walking into this debate with a double digit lead here. In New Hampshire. And having lost in Iowa and figured out the course this week I actually I doubt that came incredibly disciplined tonight there were moments at that he's about to jump banners about that they something. You know in the thing he did at the end when his close earmarks like it we actually have that Clinton. Replay the last overnight. But I stood and said we should have no mandates a level playing field and the people of Iowa put country and our children. Above the cronyism in corporate welfare. Turn this country around if we get back to the constitution and I will always stand with the American people against the bipartisan corruption of Washington. Okay. That's because he got Ben Karstens votes by the way but we wants. This reason why he came into tonight. The dark truck they were reduced to being read in Iowa would eat party get lost. He was dejected he words home owed yet he was quieter. And Betty finds out here is the EU sees the email he hears the boys it's no itself pitched well. Didn't lose he cheated and all of a sudden he's back to beard dark proper care. And I actually he's actively jump but there's a measurement of there's a measurement of more calmness in him that has been before. Actually in the course of this I was thinking to myself while you should showed up to them. Last may even though we don't know how data we don't know what Megyn Kelly remember that video video pride at right. But I think he comes out of this thing if I were his team I'd be very happy with my show absolutely. What he thinks. Sitting around thing that was a good. I don't think that your browser and I think he was actually or they made it to himself within the first ten minutes it would not a mark that is Marco Rubio. Because our can't responses and then give a key interest. Working in response taking it does not seek to get responses because there's so flustered I've reached a glass of water and start to Tokyo predictably please report it with Cristi has. Like. You see everybody I want the people at home to think about this. That's what Washington DC does the drive pot shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information. And then the memorize 2.5 seconds speech that is exactly what. You are. Seeing. Mark. Barker the big fish. When your press the United States when your governor of a state. The sit the memorize thirty seconds beat three talk about how great Americans at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person. They expect you to put out the -- be expected to get the schools open and when the worst natural disaster in your State's history hits you. They expect you to rebuild their state which is what I've gone none of that stuff happens on the floor of the United States senate it's a fine job I'm glad to ramp fort but it does not prepare you for president of the United States. Word felt worse while I would playback where. Are we use that African I think I think Jeb Kidman is ready to go after. Marco Rubio lands and I'd. You watch it. I think it was like OK and you wake Chris Christie did I was watching all. He sat there with his arm on the podium lead head man and it shifts it didn't deliver like we delivered perfectly. Right it was like what it's that you somethings aren't yet. This has grown people's business right here you're right your electric I've gotten a White House right now you've talked Hispanic man. I actually do work and aegis lamp so Bentley. I had a difficult time not hearing Christie's criticism you know. The remainder one night each time considerably. And that's what I got it social media everything social media said. For the rested at night they couldn't get that moment out of their head it was so powerful because. Rubio backed it up. Nobody lives if you missed it department with its mind about for instance. His record in terms of the state being downgraded credit or something of that nature that would but it break come back that we would say it was. What amazes me is he knew this was going to be an attack right. You'll be attack on this thing about canned speeches that's only I'm shocked. He wasn't better for that he was ready for the can't speak to act I think he was ready. For the jury junkie attack and he tell you haven't done anything you haven't meet the attack. Christie threw a curve ball. Because it does go back he what do you want. Wants to do is not make it's about the state from making about Hillary Bernie and President Obama which is part which with all the polls he's probably do. The problem is that Christie wasn't on the script. And he challenged him directly and he went real house at just under just uprooted and he was completely rudderless for respite aren't. I think this effect and rubio in the course of this affect that rubio will be. He was at a rise and I Vickie stables off as of yesterday or today I think Marco Rubio is in serious jeopardy. A falling from its solid second space space shots plot. To somewhere down any terror but I think right now I couldn't tell you who's gonna finish second third fourth or fifth. So just repeat recount. Person who it is accurate in a recent poll. Starts at all tonight you predicted it hurt states except in states. Ted Cruz was that it has a rough Iowa right you might want to debate performances that he's used to run and we exactly this week. Rubio looks like number two guy at your debate the keys. Time and time again society. Yet I think it. You know and I said this at the end of the show it they say well it move on from here on this and I said and that folks percent while South Carolina becomes. I don't think the Republican establishment is ready for these words Donald Trump. It's just want to answer Republican primary when those words are Ed. If they're said and I think they are but right as of right now they would be that is going to be a boom. In alliance. Which is why Jeff Boris god bless them made one more attack at. Try to give us to actually bet Donald Trump as a businessman which had thousands martek to get a complete that clip about. The conflict between Burress and and try please. The what Donald Trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip and Atlantic City. That is not public. Down. There's a probable but. The problem was it was to Jared Allen who has yet to be what we have shared your albeit tough guy connected to aired I can tell if rapper and the net result plus you tried I didn't digital property or the woman and ultimately didn't want to do that. I that is not true and it's simply a bad idea isn't to turn this into a limousine parking lot for his casinos is not a public. Did you made that impossible it is part of our constitution. That's the better approach that is the conservative approach to drug makers aren't that let me just unit once beaten up a lot of times you'll have. You'll have an and it doesn't work very well how tough physical. Like times property from an elderly woman he took quiet. Help them. I notes are. To his credit now of course doesn't help when trump says quite accurate record never helped me to do that but to his credit. He actually. Forced the audience and the public to think about. Dollars Charles business practices. I just what he says what he's actually as dark sides to make money how did you make that mighty and it works pretty well you pick but the fact that party's senate to the other sort of it's the aisle it's the same with Hillary Clinton. Charity how she made her Marty Wear that when he came. I thought it would protect rights. I figure what it's great for help but it's great for the establishment of credit Gifford avenue which hundreds of rail to GOP ticket going to. Eric the only moment that anybody editors I think is the only boat real moment that a it was really effected that dynamic in the course that. I was ready for somebody because Ted Cruz is criticize now trapped. Four for a eminent domain and I want it if I were down I would turn to him instead. I get a bill the wall on the Mexican border without eminent domain. There are heatedly to heed it beats you because. And it and I will look at talks that are crews becomes this way he seemed to be our ability to attack slump on night long and it started with the very first question. I don't know he left them alone he left them alone and it's as if bloated and empower. I think that truth is happy. Here's why not because anything heeded. Marco Rubio because I think if Marco Rubio is rising like a rocket at puts Ted Cruz a very difficult position. He was his left there's a bloody pulp calls it I think there's a number that like you keep going to Governor Christie does draw. Are headed back when I was out earlier arm before the debates I was out with. With the cap brethren take a look at some of the GOP supporters who worked their societies. They're individuals. And before the particular by protesters who demanded. A wage increase. Ted Cruz constituents were in full effect out there and Marco Rubio had a small group of young people who really we're prepared. Woodson Dayton's onslaught Al there was when he edged in to see what was happening on the outside with the supporters at teacher actions have been or states as well. Oh am it's it's gonna be a fascinating 48 hours as we go into this I really don't know we won't know the effect of this debate because. For everybody out there they stop everybody's basically stopped polling Sunday night which can be very hard ultimately that that the residents although polls. Any and I Carolinas and I don't know what you are speculative that we had in the suit them better yet they came news that quarterback he's the quarterback Peyton Manning and it prologue. That occurred at Enron. Antique and throw the records as. Option for. The replica let's stage which you do one though that aides were not Politico are sorted effort. To. For candidacy. The kindergartners. Are we got eight hour to have lied digital I'd love that Marcos now. But given up look at the Q just. Dogs dockets are we don't know I mean I don't really know it's helped them make it happen and I think anything could break added I wouldn't be surprised. Their job and a governor agrees to get the bump tonight. What executive Bob Broderick because DC doctor won't know. When it was all city guard Christy. Powerful and bullet and bullets as he tends to be. Donald Trump university hurt himself rubio wasn't slaughter matters are Carson was laws bird. And probably helped themselves evident these companies are abroad helped himself a little. If you were a moderate and industry. Great state of four of New Hampshire there are a lot of moderate Republicans ago lot of independents yet in a lot of liberal moderate independents to vote Republican primary. And cases look quite sensible stories it was all sitting down beat. Mostly because he's has a track record of working on the other side of the aisle and people are tired of congress are working and the White House are working with the congress. What would you what advice would you have what's what would you have changed at some of them up there tonight what would you which it they have done differently Marco Rubio that are prepared. Well number one if I were a doctor Carson. I would've gone after crews you have all right evidently it right there and hand your you have the moral high ground you have the moral high ground. Now that at eight. There's the bad news. After this campaign is based on beats from full trust. And beat a Christian evangelical that's your bases well you've gotten redheaded she. And the way or at least his party to which interest. Answer the question. He told another story yet he didn't tell the story that he sent out it was precinct chairs that today. And that he had that bankers and suspended his campaign right he didn't tell the story that he told them to caucus with takers instead bankers it's bankers and gone now. He lacked all those parts that story I work and terse I agree with I would turn to said. You know did you apologize but you haven't done anything to fix the culture your campaign that would allow this and you're responsible for that. Right I would've been careful to break up my fate. But I would deputies as a man of faith that you claim to be partly you'd do XYZ. With a clear crutches I would. A deputy on it and he opted not to it we heard news reasons why but I think tactical mistake if used right be any significant. Are showing here in New Hampshire Marco Rubio. He had a bad first Aaron he kind of got back to that is steady speed and that's that don't actress script but it didn't Wear idols but it helps to. No because Christie. This to a script starts realized that made it yeah. Her when everything I think it people don't and aren't aware of is that the person even though Marco Rubio it's risen. The person with the largest number of people that say their soft soft voters that dated may change mine. Our Marco Rubio and I era soft Marco Rubio letter tonight thing does he have the chops Kinney really dues you wash your life. You go for a governor. Are right that question for you in this performance again. Given the way he was just exposed neck Bassett as is typical Bible BP source we've talked about this past him in a strong BP's I don't he's toast. I think he makes a strong VP choice I think he makes it struck me teachers because he is good at going out giving a speech when you sent that the piano and deterrent via taxi he can make Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders likely Hillary Clinton. I think he still makes it VP choice. But I think right now people like a degree VP where's the elder root words the elder governor. Or whatever that happens to be or the businessman. What does he QB Chris Christie's BP chores because I don't I don't think that it through the answer is I don't I can't it will be Jeb Bush is that it will be represented only ones that he is. Probably Donald drop it down and die you're right yet another semi from Florida that he thinks betrayed him back. Chris Christie is to address that in front of proper read fourteen million people if he's Brothers went on any address I'll tell you boys naked these these these. Carson desserts are active there. Or get oh yeah us. Party here. What was really ready my read was what happened senator Marco. Talking it was team before. That debate they were telling me they were ready for all the tax they're really ready for Jeb Bush because all week yet but been hammering him but still governor Crist. So you don't would you replicated for a debate prep for all your tax. Thinking now is the conventional wisdom in your people talking maybe. He was overconfident maybe he can prepare for the Kristi taxi here too much for jet that was the fighting by senator Ted Cruz Kristi comes out here. He really laid into him and you only reason evidence that shows that maybe he wasn't ready for Christie was at repeat itself. So he's been so polished the tires like he's been one of the best debaters and it really rough night I think what. Your rights but a point that rocked this. With exacerbate. Back. He did exactly what Christie with. Believe. Bride to be either you or each letter that you see in the movie eight. Yet vital city. Imminent goes did everything to do they about it renowned leaving the guy can't we be any doubt no doubt on the island courtesy of an airborne. So you just talked to god I was that Donald Trump felt incredibly competent. He tells me hoping this last week asked when New Hampshire is solid spokes about. He said the learn a lot about senator Ted Cruz tonight because. Recess on the at a campaign trouble standing next whom he wouldn't attack dogs from face to face at from says that says more about Islam were freed from. That we know that when you with and you're dealing with the real character. He was incredibly happy he thought you know Gary united says one. The debate according to Twitter much you guys expect the definitely says get a good night it's being in the polls here we don't know in New Hampshire store pulls all over the place we don't know how how accurate those are. But he's feeling competent he says that camp out your he's staying in a hotel in New Hampshire not a trump hotel suites at its very clean and apple. And it's coming back I I agree would actually agree with him I don't think he I don't agree with that kind of that you want. But I think when you go into a debate with a double digit lead and he led seventy street polls in New Hampshire and you come out of it in your main rival was bloody. That's a good day for you. Google map there's so these are people who would search. Based on the candidates they own these are current with its search and Marco Rubio was leading cancer and I think I was leading in New Hampshire. Wasn't a positive I know I agree with that it's well I think we were checked the tank eight to protect protect receive if he repeated itself Thomas McGuinness has yet teams tomorrow. That might work in and movements favorably for not because they have in. Credible web videos out there when Marco what is best athlete that they helping the question is how people watched debate tonight. And will that affect their vote we haven't seen the debates really have a huge effect in the whole lean. Mike this time as were two days off from New Hampshire and a lot of those New Hampshire voters from making up their minds right now rule you couldn't really. Sort of ended a lot of campaigns tonight if had a strong debate is like these guys are fighting for their political lives right now. And I think people really watch this debate at the impact is we single longer well and I think what it with the big part of what he did was he resuscitated camp. Because it jet ski team are watching if the state we can't leave it to this guy we're gonna keep going. The question is the money go if you're you're gonna need the money to go after South Carolina Nevada Super Tuesday as other states that don't have that money was super pac money but his own money at seven million. Cash on hand at lat a class and I think Casey catalyst got a strong second absolutely get money secured digital these tunnels in New Hampshire this is state. Tonight I thought he did well I actually thought because I think what people were looking at that weight New Hampshire voters look at this thing because there's a lot of independents. They want somebody they think okay the adult in the room the measured way you talk. Not in the middle of all these fights I'm just gonna do the job that I'm supposed to do actually think for New Hampshire voters who aren't looking for the passion. They're looking for that that guy that could do it I think he actually comes out of this thing very well. I would that be agree with they were definitely moments on stage rich. Here at the extreme right disagree with what is the Satan record here that don't saint that's sensible solution to that particular. That's and as you point because a lot of conservatives and some of the strategies different campaigns are saying. At the arguments they're attacking group you'll want the city's two pro life we even exception to these two pro life. They're seeing that's gonna hurt the Republican Party and then and other states that keep we're just fighting for New Hampshire if you know there's obviously approached with Republicans here guys like Christine. You can Jeb Bush had at times. That move yo. Has been so hard core pro life. But they think in those other states what's Kristi comes out what's chip and that year. Degrees of an attack ads that they're not as polite but maybe yours music and. Again this is at least eight people think about New Hampshire live free or die. This is the least conservative primary of the entire primary dealers number of people per capita Mexico church. Uses half though for for for guys like governor Chris Christie or Casey I don't figures have to act in New Hampshire I think Chris Christie did less helpful himself. And work. Decimation of ruby I don't think you can begin to be jumping they get a few points I think Kate has the past. If it's doubts from. And whoever's if its giant case expected. And it takers and Marco Rubio at 34 and I think you've got to. He's got at least eight legitimate act any of a difficult time so delighted but they we move into states like Ohio Michigan. Place with Scott to places like that we're Jack Casey will do well there which could. But he doesn't it starts to act. Which is the reason why he remains bearish so we were talking earlier about who Michael rubio can still be VP choice for a basic X he still remains a very strong peak hours regardless whoever gets the nominate. Yeah I mean you get Ohio Wright eating Ohio Florida yet one of the guys from Florida. You pretty good right there it'll South Carolina isn't new it is to be great South Carolina being seen as well. Who used a lot of establishments or in South Carolina evangelicals come back so crews could get. You know a second wind comes right now we don't want an Iowa you'll see the momentum he saw the moment with more regulars crowds getting bigger. People were excited about you here and crews you'll he's left that libertarian vote. After rim Paula Jones. Dropped out of the race he's really been hammered that home so I'll be strategic else. At a ground in the action as people wonder what I did one thing that I don't think people understand it's an evangelical voters in South Carolina. Is very different different in your angelic look caucus attendee out in Iowa. Very different there's driven there by that whatever the home schooling their given their pipe that particular issue. An evangelical in Tokyo I says I'm an evangelical. But I'm and a vote on. Detectives examine a vote on air terrorism is less so than caucus Goer and I looked and the other thing if if if Ted Cruz finishes fourth or fifth. I mean why would anybody go to and I can't Iowa caucus ever did he becomes. Huckabee I was. Iowa comes less relevant the Republican. Spend money there but you mean they are you winning world market. Grant eight think it is great. I did get right they have other crash I don't let it you're invited. I'll tune in on Tuesday. Pre show before the New Hampshire primary gas and pokes at that goes. Thanks the average air act to Africa and.

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