Strait Talk: When It Comes To the Republicans, There Is Only One Target

ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson break down tonight's ABC News Democratic presidential debate.
6:17 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for Strait Talk: When It Comes To the Republicans, There Is Only One Target
The only Republican candidate product for president. But Jeb Bush right wasn't Marco Rubio wasn't that truth brought up by all three. Without thought. It repeatedly in this matter of fact. There was a big point being made I think John Jonathan Karl brought this up. With that every other Republicans these days on Twitter it's up with a one Republican was talking about which was don't he'll he'll be gotten argument you'll be. This week tomorrow historical. That they'll ask enough questions but we have a clip from one of those moments acts how do we actually have O'Malley talked about strong first heavily. We will rise to the challenger Beisel and we will rise together to the challenges that we face in our economy but we will only do so with we hold true. To the values and the freedoms that unite us which means we must never surrendered them. To terrorists must never surrender our American values to racist much never surrender them to the fascist police. Billionaires with big mouse. Yeah I have been given a government about real hard time. Out of the past past two months because of his port numbers I would tell you. Dude came to ball today he came to play and he came out right up the case. If you with the front runner challenging the problem with the other party as opposed to help back to be the 5%. Yeah I thought the same thing and he took on cattle company also that Hillary in the course of this new numerous times in this I think from Donald Trump's perspective. This could have been better him. Because basically by him being attacked by everybody at the democratic debate he basically is being looked at as the likely GOP nominee and that is. Supporters are gonna love the fact that he was attacked. I think other Republicans like all right lately things with on the pounds duke yet. I thought I think actually down something back in where every city tonight with bathroom at least you know tonight. It's gonna love this today. But what the with the attack to because these low hanging fruit is the easy thing out as well there's senate. Do think this this because it helps out soft and by helping don't count it helps connect with. A brief but it is the only elephant that this year I can't keep going back to governor about it about what he wants those strong tonight. What do you think about him even challenging. Of the bottle raiders making sure early on. That he got his time but he wasn't as good as any on stage presence of one America well I thought that with interest he obviously came in here thinking because mr. 5% that you get ignored. And the moderates were planning obviously that bad questions teach him but he basically sat at. But even that guides Adam it was like he wasn't going to be shut down. If you have a great web viewers know that with and Martha was fantastic so dangerous that the tell you are at night. Yes it is governor. No not yet governor I'll come to recall idea when they can hear it. Share that he'll be happy all an outlet to outlet to talk that. Yet Yankee game on every he came to keep time he came to go after Hillary in Latin snapped up again I thought he had his best night Bernie Sanders. At his best night. Presenting its message I was actually I'm surprised how much Bernie wanted to weigh in on foreign policy which was weakness before and I Susanna novels issues. Actually think Hillary Clinton a number that's not just Iraq. But he was actually ready to play a Moses. He was except you know will be. He was missing an essential point of what was there is Hillary's argument. Which is unless you can tell. The rebels on the grounds that you gonna remove a spot that I'd never joined a coalition. And I don't know whether he was ignoring that or he wasn't aware of that or you could connect. Those dot I agreed she connected obviously connected us that's very well I'd accuse me she actually was making rational arguments throughout it. The one RI will say that I thought was an open vulnerability for all of them. Which was at the beginning of the debate when it. Moderate trying to say that the fears in Americans Americans are feeling anxious about a number of things not only terrorism but guns and what's going on here. None of the candidates actually really spoke to that fear there mister white what quickly passed it. Right over it and never they basically say well here's this here's the plan your thing and I think that's part of the vulnerability that Democrats sometimes have in these elections as Republicans too often used fear to incite. But Democrats often don't. Under don't allow America they'll allow Americans believe they understand the fear they're going through and I thought that was that they think they're gonna have to Hillary's company KeySpan to get better on that target. Oh I I will say I love the fact were again heard overnight what I thought was phenomenal. But when you're talking specifically about Syria. And and those Beers and she came across as talk to us. And if he did this and see what could be you know. Might well be him you know Bob it RC department in the weeds and have been released but with America in terms of what's necessary to be done. I thought she had a more of a general election debate he'd get a primary path absent and see volatility of snow. That she was going to be talked over and don't talk isn't a dozen states have refused to quit would priority that he fantastic. We have a strategy and a commitment. To go after rice's which is a danger to last as well as the region is separate and Lee finally have a UN Security Council resolution. Bringing the world to gather. To dull after a political transit in Syria just hit the United States does not believe there is not another leader there and got to ask him site and we have to leave are going to be as senator. You're right. Suits accused Knox you have not having any. You're not gonna talk over me. Especially on a topic it was and clearly the most competent on. I'm glad you study rarity before this is the mosque debate but I'd live this and you're not but it held the things I've known. Reviews.

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson break down tonight's ABC News Democratic presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35870954","title":"Strait Talk: When It Comes To the Republicans, There Is Only One Target ","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-republicans-target-35870954"}