Strait Talk: Smaller Field Yields More Discussion On Policy

ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson break down tonight's ABC News Democratic presidential debate.
6:04 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for Strait Talk: Smaller Field Yields More Discussion On Policy
Every one of them is probably walks back to their house their hotel rooms tonight feeling happy about what it. I don't think it changes the dynamics of the race because. Hillary started out far ahead and only and Bernie Sanders supporters and you're going to be very happy with what happened tonight. And I think Martin O'Malley supporters and people that's where they lobby area had a great night having his best night every one of them. But basically we're gonna going to the Christmas holidays and new year and this race will be Hillary dominant. Probably gonna win a series of primaries and met with them fairly but right now. You know what the questions that was asked by far was really interesting. Was about the drug addiction. And problem here specifically. It exactly. How you look at the demographics of the state 94% right. Slightly higher average abandoned women in the country's average but he basically would devastate that's predominantly white males. And that happens to be the one demographic that Democrats have a difficult time attracting. Do you think that commerce faces quote I at all to white males and in the end and the plight that they feel are being left out of being left behind why they aren't. I think any time that you kids because that is we all know both of us now because we've had it in our lives of people in different parts of our lives. The drug problem it's every night everybody in America. Big city small towns over everything in its New Hampshire here's a state you say what you think in the country. And one of the State's instant live free or die if we talked about before. I think it actually using great issue to connect with people where they where they live and it's a huge issue. And we're spending lots of money I'm still not doing so I. I thought it was you bring you gonna help you write bills to think about Democrats in the way that it happened and apparently that is because I think through their they're not they they're not. Able to overcome right now where they feel. Fear what's going on so there in that space until they overcome that fear whether it's terrorism. Or whatever they think's going crime in America whatever I think happens. Think things going on mentally overcome that they're not really deal with and on others she's not yet. You know not free so I talked about. You know what I wanted to hear tonight and I don't know if you remove it but that the indictment. Really want to discuss it with the Mets take advantage of their base. But he would talk about the assisted with minorities there would be to community. And and David Hutus credit ask a question get would likewise matter of police brutality and of the it is clear that question. There is a real concern in this country from black lives matter and from other community groups that were just now seeing with Smartphones and cell phones what many have been dealing with for years. When they come in contact with police. But you also have many in law enforcement who now say there's been a so called Ferguson effect. Police holding back because they're afraid of backlash and that the FBI director calling to chill wind blowing through American law enforcement. So if elected president how would you bridge the divide between the two. I thought that what they've been spastic. Question. Absolutely totally agree I mean I thought it's it's a rift in America that's affecting. Both sides on the wrath. It's affecting policing it's affecting everything and it's the that was a great question and I would think a lot of the questions here tonight. We hadn't heard. In the Tuesday night debate and not the fault any of our colleagues over at CNN if there was many questions tonight and I think part of that part of the benefit. Not having nine innings and only having three right as you can have a debate much more like this substance that you it has many more questions. You don't have to believe lightning rounds and all those sorts of things so I think actually think that Republicans would be better off their fear could field can narrow. Fairly fast because of America is watching this debate vs the other debate they're gonna come away thinking well Democrats. We're going Republicans. Right what we're what were you happy with the responses from the candidates addressed a question. Bomb I don't outcomes are you right I mean is there a second social media. Because I was like holy crap that's on my black people want what's gone on so I looked as the between the two weeks from. Organizers from black lives matter is with the mother outspoken individuals and it didn't look this it was well received across Bordeaux and I. I thought each of them handle it very well from each of their own perspective and from them where they come from each in different ways that life experience that's I thought what a great question and answer. With what's awesome. So I think. We may be getting gas at some point. I'm hoping that they'll try to don't drool Ernie. This. And you're like you because you're. And this curious. Curious policy but that was when president than before we get a lift it one more clip is one of the things in touch with pop culture Hillary Clinton. C closed with a great reference. To a movie is doing gangbusters at the box outlets open that. If you will join me in this campaign. We will make that a mission. Thank you good night and may the force be with you. Good evening of that. I was ready for the you know the old you know thank god bless America and she deliver the punch line. Perfectly. If I give it made her so likable I just went well you're actually paying attention to national robotics as we have seen you before you actually look at tangible. Personable human being at. That was grades that's a great reference in May hear me recently apple hater like Milwaukee. Of course doesn't help our. Lawyers is that they don't have. That owns the with dollars franchises. It's that at the end though. You know that way around him I don't think. What we're doing work that.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson break down tonight's ABC News Democratic presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35871004","title":"Strait Talk: Smaller Field Yields More Discussion On Policy","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-smaller-field-yields-discussion-policy-35871004"}