Students in key states weigh in on 2020 presidential election

A Democrat and Republican share what matters most to them as they prepare to vote in key primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire.
5:33 | 11/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Students in key states weigh in on 2020 presidential election
We talk about youth engagement voter turnout the leading edge of that right now lease for Democrats. Is getting those younger voters out to the polls some of them planning to vote for the first time it's one each party will meet. Two young voters are Democrat and Republican coming up joining us live better Rachel Scott I was out in Iowa over the weekend and wanted to know from voters there. What is the issue that matters most. What. Will locker room. And I think it's. What isn't an issue that collects. I felt stopping Palm Pre. Name calling and actually having a public or something. Biggest whose economy is getting somebody who like president instead of Melanie of the militant and flexibility spirit. Getting back and a government that serves people. White Knight the ball well because. An important Clinton still tell us. I. It this bit more like. She got really terrifically. Carter thanks to Rachel Scott for that we're joined now by Alley Midland from Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa she's a Democrat also from New Hampshire. They Jacob shares is the chair of the new Hampshire College Republicans at Plymouth state university. In Plymouth New Hampshire thank you both for for joining us Alley want to start with you as we. It is you prepared to participate in your first Iowa -- guests. What issue is most our dear right now and how are you Wayne these candidates as they parade through your state. I'm for meat may change action has been an issue ads hurt me and everyone like my school and about politics at the first thing happened in got out. But I. Ask you. In it for me I wanted to UI and the candidates are really you bring together. All sides I also a much more moderate candidate I eat. To get my progressive Belize and back into the pocket. And more I. Lake the more people around the country I want to start with and it moderate candidate especially. I SM doctor Chan who is so radical. I just afraid that he had aids you grasses in it that's going to and rainy too many people we are eight ski Democrat. Elect has. Doesn't sound like your minds made up just yet LE. I'm not like I. Working on the Booker campaigned I am concerned that and it he is not. Action in the on. People I this my issue later on. Sound like being a lot about who could win who inspires them. I'm well glory. I can't when he is thirteen am I I. House events regular any sixteen at the league east oak. And it's out what keeps talking about it inspires me but I am I am open to news candidates. And Jacob. It's me swinging up to New Hampshire now you are the head of the young Republicans of their employment New Hampshire. How we united our young Republicans right now around Donald Trump on your campuses. UK and college Republicans across the girl in their union president. We're seeing different things in New Hampshire and nationally Elizabeth Warren's been. We are not you know. You're now looking at bill weld you're not looking at Joseph Joseph Walsh and looking him Mark Sanford you are. And you think that holds pretty much from us your peers. Clinton present I'm I believe we're unit and imprisoning yes. And what's it gonna take for Donald Trump to win New Hampshire this time around it was. It was close last time it's 46 team that as you know Hillary Clinton pull that out. So what's gonna take it is honestly it's gonna take a grassroots effort that the I trunk campaigning it is. Trying to build their can't and a runner now getting on the ground knocking doors making phone calls petitioning registering voters getting them loopholes. That's really a intensity and they're headed in that direction Alicea. The president has team and said that the Democrats impeachment inquiry appear on Capitol Hill has motivated his base. But there's a lot of questions about his actions and wet. Lengths he might be willing to go to to help his campaign going forward what do you make of the impeachment inquiry. I think it's very person. I'm initiatives obviously there are two Democrats that actually impressed and went against it. And Republican motivation I'm New Hampshire the granite state news 75% approval rating for our governor Crist and new notes is motivating grants they aren't. Is there Orleans arena our governor Sununu and presenter. All right Jacob shares chair of the new Hampshire College Republicans think so much for joining us Jacob we'll have to check back with you as the race goes on an Alley miglin. Out there from the great set of Iowa LA thank you so much as well appreciate hearing from both of you.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"A Democrat and Republican share what matters most to them as they prepare to vote in key primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66775261","title":"Students in key states weigh in on 2020 presidential election","url":"/Politics/video/students-key-states-weigh-2020-presidential-election-66775261"}