New study finds NYC's schools most segregated in nation

IntegrateNYC's chief of staff Frantzy Luzincourt and director of education and engagement Iman Abdul discuss a recent study's findings that New York City schools are the most segregated in the country
5:44 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for New study finds NYC's schools most segregated in nation
Moving on now finally today here in a briefing and we're gonna marked the 65 anniversary. Of the landmark Supreme Court decision in brown vs board of education that was the Supreme Court K 65 years ago. That desegregated America's schools there's a groundbreaking new study out now about how we're doing in all of this process and our education reporter. Sophie Tatum is here something great to see you so tell us about this for search that researchers at UCLA have done. Looking at all of America's school systems how segregate or are we right now. Yeah I mean it's really fascinating thing you know essentially with the study Ted was it showed that although a diversity among the student population is increasing. Segregation across the country is. Gotten worse over the past thirty years in fact and so. You know one of the interesting gotten worse it got them weren't exactly and you know. One of the points I want to make sure I get my numbers ray but. And by 201640%. Of black students were in a school with 90% or more students of color now just like one of the points that. But study looked as an example. Of kind of what this picture looks like. So even 65 years later we're still struggling this interest in finding in the states me is that New York. Actually has the highest levels of segregation for black students in schools according to stay 65%. That African American students are in what they called intensely. Segregated minority schools joining us now from new Yorker to advocates looking to change that in address that on this anniversary were joined by. Fancy losing court she's the chief of staff of the organization. Integrate New York city and I'm in a dual director of education and engagement. At integrate great to see you both thanks so much different continents so he. Paint a picture for folks are outside of New York who are familiar with the school system that urine. How bad is it what do you see what does it mean that New York City is according to this study the most segregated school system in the conflict. I mean I think it shows that news he has a lot of work to do when it comes to the public education system. As a student that went to a public high school. I saw firsthand the effects of school segregation. In terms of the lack of diversity in the teachers the disparity of resources the schools in the same city. That if we believe that a somethings who just because a lot of our students are piecing this issue firsthand. And it really does have a detrimental effect on educational experience. And France he what is your organization. Doing on this anniversary to try to affect change what do you want New York City. In New York State. Schools schools to do. That's a very question what answer written YC a youth led organization finds in three UC public schools. Today to celebrate the 65 anniversary. Yes we had five teams across all Five Boroughs of New York. Handing out a you've created newspaper. Where our campaign has retired segregation. Because of the 65 years and essentially the newspaper compile those testimonies statistics. And policy proposals on what we can do it three new city schools and the fob our platform. That we believe is the best way to do that. And bring you back here to Sophie who's looked at the study Sophie. From I was struck also by age you know it's not just New York but the high point for the country and integration. Students is back in 1988 yeah that's stray cat out of the peak I think the pathetic from the white Canadian each you know outside new York city of regionally where we've seen the most segregation which. Parts of the country you know I think that the city said that there was New York for blacks in with most are gonna but meanwhile on the other part of the country California not even the most segregated for Latino students. You know it's just a different picture. For or wherever you are really but. Interesting a looked at interestingly enough. The ink it's gotten worse I believe everywhere except for in the midwest so without just kind of interest in point the post any tech. And indeed in midwest actually we. Surprisingly didn't of the midwest have I'm an advocate coming back to you how to this do you think. Is natural segregation families of course you know. Live together move into cultural communities. Some of our followers and social media. We're pointing out that were pretty far cry from Jim Crow in many parts of the country. And there's a curiosity about how much of this is systemic is orchestrated by our policy makers and how much of it might be natural do you have a sense of that. I'm for definitely infants that make it indefinitely Lincoln stated by policymakers and business all intentional segregation is intentional. Although like yes we do have neighborhood and that predominantly of those people and it's. Natural and engaged in that different ways that we're segregated and it's not only I race. And let in today and my feelings about the five our platform and where we say these five iris. Working simultaneously. Is what can integrate a school and it's not just one if not just team it's literally off five and Philippine basin and only eight. We sort of thing is relationships across the bike and he's the story of Jack stands. And relationships are crop. But representational. Nineteenth isn't that happens is five eyes and gotten in if those wave that went off segregated and let's not just by a race. But it's off five things and we have to make sell off five r.'s act equitable and I are working simultaneously and. Order to achieve real integration. That's an important issue for sure we know they had to are raising your voices in the applies you. For prisoners of fading in the debating thank you so much for coming here and ABC news live today. Ayman Abdul and Francine losing court with integrate MYC on the 65 anniversary. You're welcome on the sixtieth anniversary now the brown vs board of education decision the Supreme Court protests have Sophie Tate and making her briefing room debut.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"IntegrateNYC's chief of staff Frantzy Luzincourt and director of education and engagement Iman Abdul discuss a recent study's findings that New York City schools are the most segregated in the country","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63112798","title":"New study finds NYC's schools most segregated in nation","url":"/Politics/video/study-finds-nycs-schools-segregated-nation-63112798"}