Super Tuesday Results and Analysis

ABC News' Shushannah Walshe breaks down the results from Super Tuesday.
6:46 | 03/02/16

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Transcript for Super Tuesday Results and Analysis
I think we added it is political I think it political tactic millionaire or. Walsh joins us live from the Times Square studio show us Elena and a day. I mean really I'm watching. Yeah I think we gonna do or impressions of the Macomb Oakland. Two to do and look. Now by referencing Larry saying this and this is a pretty pretty good tonight. I ended up but that's not let. Me ask you instantly that by using the words candlelight. I was I didn't have only one who understand. Where I. Because they he has. He had little heart and understand them times. It around and elected thankfully. Checks let's break down some the data at avid so far other Republican side and we've got some information on the evangelical vote which is something we talked about a lot take us through that. Incredible numbers here Donald Trump one evangelical vote and the non evangelical vote now let's go to the evangelical vote he just edged out Ted crazed right back by three point. Let this incredible you just heard Ted Chris and his in his speech he called Donald Trent trump. Polk saline and vulgar. But wind that profanity eve of the fact that he's been here three times he still want evangelical birds which is pretty incredible. And then of course non evangelical voters and even wire margin. Yeah that but that is really interesting both those subsidy fascinating yes that non evangelicals just look at that shrub 40%. Rubio its when he thinks increased nineteen studies without ticketed. He's he's walking away with issues. It's really incredible but I mean. It's almost every single demographic that we see tonight an all these states and you'll remember don't eat from the about it working with. Quoted as saying I love the poorly educated he went through almost every field single Democrat and what we're seeing that again tonight. It's been holding up so far I think on the democratic side we've got another break down to look at that gender vote. Men vs women when it comes to those and these states tonight break this down for actions. It's incredible week that the gender breakdown. Clinton needs penal voters by the irony if you want. Its liking lead and all of them with leads with Neil voters as well. But that's important. I wasn't sure if you're offering money but I think his New Hampshire. The state that's that Bernie Sanders one west she was suddenly doing worrying really not that while we went. It's incredible how the momentum shift how the story changes. Hampshire. The Clinton team and Clinton supporters were getting nervous he would walloped her in that state the first primary state. But. Went to Nevada she won by six points and then just a putative leader whether South Carolina and you'd Berry sienna is worth. Yes the me and so the story shifted after tonight you're gonna see Clinton she's forty started a few days ago. To focus on the general election focus on taking on don't try. Paychecks and other Republicans for a second emigrate as we have been able to call who worry you looking at tonight at and it may be having to make a decision. And how the future of his campaign lamb when tonight is all that and until you are to go before we've got everything wrapped up of course but you re really looking. Well I think there are three candidates can have some type question. Ben carts and we know how for a strong case they are also Marco review let's talk about him for its critics he's not going anywhere and flee buddy and tonight. All five GOP candidates that are not going and you. So but look remarkably. He wants to wait I just on keep it to wait weeks through their home state of his home state far wall. We thought tigris tonight Ted Kryptonite his home they are while a tech that he want it. But right now Marco Rubio I had a tough night. Ted Cruz did get some wins in two way. And and that I think that even though the GOP without had been the rounding. Marker review and in recent days. That there is going to be this question of well is it time to support Ted Cruz over marker rupiah. Do one about Samara shift in that we discuss its a few times tonight. The trump and aluminum is now very Rio where it's it you know it's that he had a quite a lot of Bugsy it's hypothetically whole place. And now we've had fifteen states will flexible fifty things will be in what is clear it's his trump thing. It's very very real and it is happening and he's very maybe now the favorite to beat Republican Domonique. I just wonder what establishment doesn't acts we seen some establishment Republicans come out and say I will not vote for him. It was wall Republican from New Jersey of former governor of New Jersey she said I will vote for Hillary never mind voting for him. I will vote for. Instead of Belgium Christine that's right. Seven tomorrow they're gonna have to which might have a bright that hole golf decision to make them. It feels to me is that it may have to make that's. Right and you you've two good points so the establishment GOP or the Republican Party. Has really been stalling they think. And I think a lot of people watching the kind in slow motion or not reacting to the fourth but don't conflict. But today we're seeing it an anti trump super pac. Our principles pocket was formed recently but the big rock on Jeb Bush's former spokesperson Tim Miller and the of the ramp up. Donations and fund raising they have the backing up Meg Whitman. And Paul finger a billionaire supporter of Marco Rubio. And and the east three acted cute a new ad just today focusing on trump university. But the question really isn't we spoke glad there's a few days ago. Isn't too late you heard on two night Marco Rubio in his in his interview with George. That of both for Ted Cruz is excuse me a vote for Donald Trump. Is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Isn't something that we've heard a lot and it is it's confiding. It's easy easy to see an argument. And why did they think of that early. Yeah a lot of those questions being asked now on I'm sure in the weeks ahead to that it ABC news's deputy political director she's Walt thank you should joining us or high price he.

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"ABC News' Shushannah Walshe breaks down the results from Super Tuesday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37328950","title":"Super Tuesday Results and Analysis ","url":"/Politics/video/super-tuesday-results-analysis-37328950"}