Support for impeachment declines in latest poll

In a FiveThirtyEight poll, 44% of Americans oppose the latest impeachment inquiry into President Trump as Democrats proceed with hearings.
6:00 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for Support for impeachment declines in latest poll
Want to bring in Barbara Comstock. She's our ABC news contributor former representative from Virginia. And Yvette brown she is one of our contributors well CEO. Democracy for America. Think so much for joining us guys so we that would start we do you just heard did and what he had to say it's not planes so strongly in purple districts we saw those polls coming out of Wisconsin this is now. The second so far are Democrats starting to get worried. You know I think they should. Here's the thing the longer that this thing stretches out I think that it's going to be more problematic which is why I'm glad they're moving forward. I would say watching the polls though is not the right strategy great. Democrats are in this because it is the right thing to do you had a civil servants who have worked on both sides of the aisle. Testified very clearly about what happened in the intelligence committee. Now midget Judiciary Committee has the big responsibility. Of tying that to impeachable offenses and so what I would say to my colleagues. Is don't look at the polls and all right make sure your focus this is about the president abusing his ballot. Abusing the office and stay focus. Barbara Caltech a winner. Bring you when have Republicans been doing something right. As their strategy worked for voters do you think. Or do you think voters maybe you've gotten confused over the impeachment proceedings what you think is working in not working for Republicans. I think Republicans have taken what Bill Clinton did 1998 they understand this is a political war. And they are fighting a political stories you talked about the president. And it had between yesterday. And I think that is what you're going disease sort of really kind of threats that if you're going to do this this is going to be politically painful. And you noted the polls. Really the polls that are going to matter on this. For the Democrats are going to be pols like you pointed out of Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania Arizona you know the congresswoman from Arizona there. So that's really what they're watching in and not as. Why they are making this a political values themed TV ads have gone up Republicans. Attacking the Democrats in some of those swing states and swing districts so I think this is not really going even though. I was listening to your bet it's not a very much like Republicans in 1998 with Clinton talking about this is. The right thing to do we have to do this legally but. He it's really as a political battle at this point. And it's going to be when it goes over the fact that they don't have the votes to that ultimately will be decided by the people next November. You bet I. I want to ask you do you think Democrats should widen the scope for the articles of impeachment should they keep this Nero what do you think is a more effective strategy especially comes the policy. Exodus you know are you would ask me a couple weeks ago I would have said it in any offense that you believe he is committed include that list I believe that coming out of the and then today I believe the coming out of the intelligence committee. The the the case on Ukraine was made so clearly. So succinctly. By non partisan members of our government I think you stick to Ukraine because I feel like. Over time if you try to make that bigger case you may lose some of those politicians who are watching the polls you may lose. Americans who are a little bit wearied of this process is so what I would say. Is keep it narrow it's a really really tough case to make when you think about the fact that there's very little precedent there is not a key statute that you can kind of point to what I would tell my colleagues to do is to make it a narrow case the facts have been laid out. Tie it to what the framers and the founders talked about protecting our democracy why you cannot skip this step because our democracy is that state. We can't guarantee we're gonna have a full and fair election it we allow the president to get away with interference. And make the casing get out and I think what what you're seeing in the poll. Paul's mayor Thomas people expect just like TV for this to wrap up really quickly. The longer this goes on people are gonna get tired they're gonna move on. I think he you need the intelligence committee is made their case and laid out the back I think you bring it home you take your vote and you've passed over for the senate. Barbara's for you look at I and we look I would owner he went through this with a week ago. Go ahead barber to make a point. I think I would agree that. I would agree that it should be the narrow. The narrow issues from Ukraine and that is what you back in a representative Zoe Lofgren. Who also was involved in. He's been in the past this week on Sunday and she said the same thing problem is. Jerry Nadler and some other Democrats look like they want to watch this and I think if they're going to ride and it. Days they need to take more time again also even on the narrow issues what has been pointed out by the Washington Post. By be. A Republican lawyer last week was he still need to have witnesses like John Bolton like Rudy Giuliani that there balanced stories on recently. I'm nick motivating in this rush is really a political timetable that the Democrats are working on that they're trying to make that legal argument. They this political rush that they're doing kind of hurts their case there today. I would actually disagreement that I actually I actually disagree without one point I don't think you need more witnesses yes in a regular situation where there's that billion. A regular person who you know have to comply with subpoenas have to appear. Will have their attorney they are yes you want all of those things I actually believe that the intelligence committee did a wonderful job. Of laying out that I don't think there's any dispute and I don't think the Republicans did. Any damage to the facts at of the matter I think people know that there was a phone call I think they know them. And that eight with without I think they know that what the president it was inappropriate I think the challenge for the Judiciary Committee going forward is. How do you prove that that's an impeachable offense when there is very little precedent because we have not had this process happen. Very much in the course of our country's history. All right we'll have to leave it there you guys can keep going during the commercial Brett Steven Simpson and Barbara Comstock thank you so much for join us we do really appreciate.

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{"duration":"6:00","description":"In a FiveThirtyEight poll, 44% of Americans oppose the latest impeachment inquiry into President Trump as Democrats proceed with hearings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67599252","title":"Support for impeachment declines in latest poll","url":"/Politics/video/support-impeachment-declines-latest-poll-67599252"}