Supreme Court agrees to review travel ban

ABC News' Ali Dukakis and Terry Moran discuss the Supreme Court's decision to review President Trump's travel ban.
5:51 | 06/26/17

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Transcript for Supreme Court agrees to review travel ban
Hide and Allie deep pockets with ABC news thanks for joining us on FaceBook live and did all I'm here with ABC news is Terry Moran who has covered the supreme court for a decade. Cary. Iman and go to you on this we are prepared for a big today with some big big decisions. And we arrived NN. Ish this. We're expecting. A major ruling on president trumps travel plan. Which they take the case and would allow it to go into effect predominantly conservative when they say. Allow our ports and blocking is you got it wrong start banning people from the six countries. And then we were also the rumors were swirling back that appearance on. The notion that. Yeah. That justice Anthony Kennedy crucial swing vote might retire so in the end we got don't think the court in this opinion. Did in fact elegant and of course these are the opinions that means typically have our interns run out. Tradition Mary. Long standing tradition her almost all of our network running it. And running up the flood. The opinion is that it how much about what the court did with the travel ban was pretty interesting it basically cleaned up. These lower court opinions that have blocked the travel ban from going back. But it did not allow the development or another they said that the lower courts had written to broaden the lower courts stop Buchanan for them enforcement policy. And the spring courts at. That's too broad you have to tailor. But the way they tailored it still leaves Donald Trump offered a loser in this way I was in this day and it's. Not a win for her her our president mr. now it's a win for clean legal writing and thinking but not for president droppings what they said his. That the band cannot be in force. Against people who had a bona fide relationship with either a person. Or an entity in the United States that means if you are a family member or a spouse or you've been given a job here. Or you're going to school here all of those waves it. In foreign nationals have a connection the United States. You can comment. And of course as you mentioned the retirement of justice and eat that we were all of you know at least ready to go for it that news broke but not today. Not today not today is the court has adjourned for the summer so much for my ability to read the tea leaves a justice Kennedy's brief famously. Mysterious figure and what's next from here for the travel. Great questions that they will hear the case this actually wasn't the case this was should they allow it to go into effect. While the case goes forward. And lower courts said no it will harm so many people. That we can't ought to go into effect while we look at the case district court so did the same thing has in the end today. Everybody from those countries. Iran Syria. Yemen Libya. Sues Somalia and Sudan. For them even to get as far as on the borders they've got a relationship with some of the got a job they've got a relative they've got somebody sponsoring church whatever. And if they've got a legitimate sponsor they're gonna get in so what's next is the court in October. We'll hear arguments on that big question here. Does the president have the power to Jews. Are. Troopers a long time a long time there are certainly other questions that are. App the fat her of Donald Trump's ability that the president in terms of boat yet senate and house Intel committee investigation identically in Russia and prosecutors so. We can just expects this summer excerpt Rowland took ball with more sound like I'm some of his controversial. More drama that's added. President trump is a great president for us and for the news business because it drama around him all the time he causes some of his opponent cause stomach. Circumstances take. So that swirling. Melodrama release of the trump presidency is improvisational style his antagonistic style. The windy the opposition to him. Some in a way that it is almost unprecedented. I think that might affect the Justice Kennedy. He took a look at the countries. We're really wanna throw the country and in this kind of turmoil that battle with the Supreme Court. Would have cost. Well and I know you already lost a bet to find someone at the air on the Kennedy decision but. Any bets on how many if any Donald Trump tweets today about this decision. Not quite going our way now I actually. We did predicted Donald Trump would win prizes did like in the summer. Last year and even before thought he's gonna win. But I don't bet on this tweet because those are totally unpredictable I would say this he will claim victory on this travel ban. Because under this new Lee re written ruling he can ban some people those people who have zero relationship to the United States. And as it had to get an escape from Syria or Yemen or these places. You already have a relationship with stuff that church and job whatever. But there will probably be something we're just knocking on the door that gore is now slammed in their things they will be a very small number but you'll claim that anything major victory. Thank you so much are tearing Marie and acting. Welcome back to you at least for a brief moment. Not all from here at the Supreme Court an Alley market street he needs.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"ABC News' Ali Dukakis and Terry Moran discuss the Supreme Court's decision to review President Trump's travel ban.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"48283205","title":"Supreme Court agrees to review travel ban","url":"/Politics/video/supreme-court-agrees-review-travel-ban-48283205"}