Supreme Court hears census citizenship question case

The justices are deciding whether the Trump administration can ask about citizenship on the Census 2020.
3:08 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for Supreme Court hears census citizenship question case
Being gay in the Supreme Court the justices are deciding if the trump administration. Can ask about citizenship or on the senses and this is just weeks before the 20/20 says S census questionnaire ghost to prank. So want to go to Devin Dwyer who's actually outside of the Supreme Court. DeVon I just want you to kinda give us an idea alive is this such a big deal. We. Who gets a huge deal Kimberly good morning to you you know we we think of the census him I think of a boring statistical. Data set an exercise. In in simply just gathering the number of Americans that are in this country actually the census data is extraordinarily. Important to our politics it determines how many seats each state gets in congress. Hot collect oral votes by statement presidential election and then. Output haven't gotten as the congress distributes billions of dollars in federal funds they take a look at the census data which is done. Once every ten years to decide distribution of that money to states and communities so a lot riding on the line McVeigh in the Supreme Court just came out from oral arguments behind me here they're trying to decide like you said whether or not the trump administration can add a citizenship question. To the census this year the trop administration says they want to do that for the first time. I since 1950. And of course critics Kim earlier here in a number of groups protest in right now particularly immigrant groups. Saying that by adding that question would actually turn people locked. From participating in the census was his religious diversity are pretty basic count. Yes so if this was implemented again I mean what what does look like when it when it actually impact people in a way that we could see. It. Yeah outlaw add absolutely would impact people for the next decade depending upon. The policy decisions that are made based on those numbers you wanna be counted no matter who you are of course the constitution. Says just the first part of the constitution believe it or not a data center should be conducted every ten years account and enumeration is the word they used doesn't matter who you are Whittier citizen or not constitution called on that to be done on these groups though here right beside me a bunch of immigrant groups are the ones protesting. Most forcefully against the soon joined by a group of states from New York. And others around the country saying that this would discriminate against and the trump administration actually want to add this question. To deliberately suppressed the count turn people off from participating particularly in immigrant communities. Big cities were a lot of immigrants reside. Hot and of course the impact from that would mean their resources political representation here Washington would be dispersed elsewhere out of those communities so a lot on the line here the court. Yeah and seven just before we go I just way to tell us when is a decision supposed to come out we'll. Guests at the hearing arguments today Kimberly actually. Her hearing this case senate expedited basis because as he sat atop the census department. Have to print those questionnaires. Hot by the end of June so they're gonna have to get an answer here at the core body ended June. To see whether all Americans living in this country we'll have to answer about their citizenship can. All right DeVon it we can here those protest behind you thank you so much for the update.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"The justices are deciding whether the Trump administration can ask about citizenship on the Census 2020. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62578391","title":"Supreme Court hears census citizenship question case","url":"/Politics/video/supreme-court-hears-census-citizenship-question-case-62578391"}