Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg treated for pancreatic cancer

The Supreme Court released a statement that the justice and cancer survivor underwent radiation treated for a tumor on her pancreas recently.
28:18 | 08/23/19

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Transcript for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg treated for pancreatic cancer
Everybody welcome to the briefing him on ABC's Devin Dwyer happy Friday to you a lot of breaking news. At this hour coming in here at ABC news starting with news from the Supreme Court. Involving its oldest justice. 85 year old Ruth Bader Ginsburg the Supreme Court saying that she has recently been treated with radiation therapy for another malignant. Localized to over. On her pancreas Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Has fought multiple battles with cancer in her many years over 25 years in the Supreme Court. Most recently of course late last year having part of her lung removed. Because of cancerous nozzles on it was just ten years ago she also. Was treated for patriotic cancer so does seem that that cancer is back here's the statement. From the Supreme Court just coming in here that the course is the abnormality was first detected. In a routine blood tests and early July any biopsy was performed on the 31 at Sloan Kettering in New York any confirmed a localized malignant tumor. As part of her treatment he bile duct was placed. In there and the justice tolerated that treatment welts as she canceled her summer visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico she spent Summers out there. Are choosing to remain in the new York and DC area says the tumor was treated definitively. And there's no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body justice Ginsburg will continue to have periodically tests and scans. No further treatment is needed at this time of course that doesn't necessarily mean that she is in the clear if for more on this how serious it is what it could mean. For justice Ginsburg and for our Supreme Court or bring in doctor Nathan Paul he's at the ABC news medical unit. In New York a doctor thanks for joining us give our viewers a sense of how serious. I pancreatic. Tumor of this kind is and what does it tell you that it's back she was treated ten years ago for the same thing sure. Think you so I would definitely say that. You know without knowing the details of any case cancer can Barry White person. It's everything that we say we'll have to you know will be just based on brought statistics not specifically for any one individual. That being said there's saying that this is a localized tumor. Right so that's actually helps us stage the cancer NBC localize it means that the cancer has not spread outside the pancreas which what you were saying earlier. That in itself is usually a good sign so usually when that is a localized cancer. It means that the American court cancer society you on says of the buzzer there's about a 34% some chance of surviving to at least five years but again. That's the number that the use broadly that the number that's been based on studies from few years ago. So the actual you know percentage of people who survive past five years will actually vary depending on. The person's health status the person's response to the treatments and thumb based on the factors. And we know this is doctor this is one strong woman not only battling cancer before but broken ribs she's. Been determined we know that she has that's a very strict workout routine that she continues in spite of all these ailments. But how concerned would you be may be about her ability to get the job done in the near term here we've got those. Supreme Court about to convene for the fall session are these sorts of treatments in the fact that she was just treated gonna impair her in anyway. Charts still like he says she's very fit and obviously that usually counts as a good thing. The treatment that she got they're saying is mediation the mediation is he's take these high intensity on X rays and you shoot it right two words. Where the cancers that. Now this means that B. Unless they report something else as far as we know did not have to cut where I've done openers chemical in the kind of remove any thing so to recover from radiation therapy is much quicker then you know other therapies like. Surgery or chemotherapy. I can say and how long it will take her specifically to recover. But generally speaking because it's non invasive it usually has a quicker. Time do kind of going back to your daily life. Doctor Nathan Paul TBC news medical unit thank you so much are also joined now by our our legal analyst Supreme Court expertise Shaw who has worked in the court. Alongside justice Ginsburg Kate thanks for dialing then your just about a month ago. Ginsberg gave an interview saying she is very much alive and everything we know about her which suggests that she is determined to stay on the court in spite of this. Absolutely gotten so she gave that interview just at the end of the Supreme Court term which would that be the end of term I think she's totally kept up I'll tell. I actually saw her a couple of weeks later at justice Stephen funeral she gave the eulogy she seemed. Vibrant and strong and evidently the course of treatment started soon after about. And it even count that though during the course of treatment you know that you actually with the New York City at look at her speech she went to Broadway shows she went shopping. So you know at the moment he does not seem to be slowing her down at all but why would fully expect that when the court convenes. Kick UK significant interpretation than September and then to begin here he did October she will fully participate actually almost always had. With the exception. Her brief break from a quirk. After her surgical treatment for the lungs. Not control the end of last year but she and he's got his good and strong and should also be vigilant about monitoring her help if she gets a lot of regular check up. And I think that is led to be very early detection each time she has had a brush with cancer. And of course the political stakes so high a president from Republicans looking at possibly. Making another nomination to the court we know Democrats hoping she will hold on we will see Kate shot thanks for joining us on the phone for this. This breaking news turned to another scare today this one an economic fright if you will on Wall Street the markets down. Big time again today capping off a turbulent week on Wall Street. As this trade war with China continues at the White House in the Chinese take a look at the markets. Big hit today on Wall Street as the stocks slide it all began earlier this morning when the Chinese announced retaliation. Against those US tariffs they slapped 75 billion dollars. Of goods with additional tariffs that was followed by the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. He was holding a meeting. Out west where he told investors there that there are new signs new evidence that the global economy is slowing down. I had a short time after that president trump added some fuel to the fire in the jitters today by. This extraordinary. Tweet take a look the president. Issuing a directive to all American businesses. To basically look for new avenues of doing business in place other. They in China simply extraordinary that the president would issue that he said in fact quote we don't need yen. On Twitter let's bring in now our White House reporter Jordan Phelps now. For little bit more on this Jordan because companies are responding. To president trumps tweets. Ordering them to break ties with China and it's not going over very well. Now it DeVon absolutely isn't we've heard from shipping companies like UPS and FedEx the president I was saying that he was gonna were all those companies. Ted artists arid air. There shipments to make sure there's no but now coming from China of course those companies responding they already are looking for illicit substances in their packages and of course. It the president is not you know and it came here he can't just Howell these US companies what they can and cannot do. We're also of course hearing from the US chamber of commerce they're saying that today's Chinese retaliation is unfortunate but not unexpected. The fact of the matter is that nobody wins a trade war. The continued tit for tat escalation between the US and China is putting significant strain on the US economy. So the president obviously here putting major strain on the free markets and we're hearing from these companies and those who represent them. Saying that I'm not as a not. Yeah who already 29%. Of all imports from China right now face tariffs that set in just a few weeks time. To go up to about 70%. Of course so much of a US consumer goods so many are made in China Jordan. And you're hearing though that that that what's rattling the markets is that the president isn't backing down he's not looking for compromise in fact White House officials say the president is gonna strike back again later today. That's right that and the president has said he's going to be announcing some action to respond to China. Later today so we're we're waiting what that won't be but DeVon the president was actually sort of making light of that meet her drop in the stock market which very much. And a lot of ways coincided with his tweets on its top make. The president saying that perhaps it was because of the news it's Seth Moulton dropping out of the reach when he campaign at present adding. Whoever that is he needs to make flight if this is Seth Moulton of course represented at a democratic candidate who dropped out. By DeVon I gotta say anyone who is looking up there are one case say in worried about their retirement and their financial futures. It's not laughing. He had the sarcasm not going over after week of whiplash over at the White House shifting position on so many. Topics from the economy to guns and I do want to turn to gun policy next there was a glimmer of hope overnight three weeks now. After those massacres in El Paso in Dayton Ohio 31 lives lost. In that back to back up mass shooting episode. That you'll remember the White House had seemed to walk back support for expanding background checks in the weeks of those attacks. But take a look at this tweet from our democratic senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut he is the leading gun control advocate in the United States senate he treated overnight. I think he's had contacts with the White House and that quotes they have not walked away from improving background checks. He says he's skeptical that they can reach consensus but he's going to stay at the table that lifted the spirits. Of gun safety advocates all over the country especially after hearing from Chris Murphy today when he had distance. I have been accounted for the White House this week since the president's comments. As late as last night. And I believe that in the White House is still committed suit trying to work on a comprehensive. Anti gun violence. Proposal that would include strengthening. Background checks and I committed to the White House last night. That I would work with them over the course of the next few weeks to try to find common ground on expanding background checks in this country. So Jordan Phelps has bring you back into this as you've been talking a White House officials today this is. Is this or is a surreal hopeful or is this a Democrat simply wishful thinking here. What that and I can't say that senior officials and sources over here have been telling me. That they are very much still working on some solutions are looking at both legislative and executive actions that can be taken. What I keep hearing from people over here is this phrase meaningful background checks. But Devon White background check reform looks like to this White House might not be what people traditionally think that I've had a lot of trouble getting. People to commit to things like me action to me though is. RD proposed pieces of legislation that would close these loopholes and said. Seven the focus really has shifted along with the president's language from talking about doing something say on background checks to talking. About the mental health aspect of this so they very much do. Want to do something Ron mental health. And they're making this case that there's that it's the same thing to do something between mental health and background checks but of course seven there is a difference there. If that is certainly significant that the White House appears to be talking about background checks steel trap acting a little elation some sources tell there Trish turner that they are actually looking. Put together some legislation but I want to drill down on the mental health aspect. Of our gun violence problem is this country the president in the White House is. Quietly moving ahead with a mental illness project tell us about what they have in store there. Seven isn't all still very much at that conversational. Phase but the White House senior officials have been having meetings about some sort of idea Hugh. I better intercept some mental illness issues when someone who has such a condition might be turning violent. There is this concept to create a new agency with eating HA chats. That would really work to beat me to put their government's research creative muscle. Into add driving specific solutions so in this case. It would be around this issue of mental health and intercepting those who might cause violence but of course this would be a bigger agency that would also tackle other problems. Like cancer research and other high priorities to public health DeVon. OK Jordan Phelps at the White House thank you very much for that of course the president talking not just about identifying. Mental health threats when it comes to bomb violence but also talking up the need to institutionalized. People. Who might pose those threats the president has regularly talk did. Talked about mentally ill people as monsters mean to put them away in fact in an interview with Ed WM UR affiliate New Hampshire just a couple days ago. And the president had this to say about building more mental health institutions. Remember this we have a lot of background checks already people don't realize percent so within the constitution within all of the rights and we also have to remember one other thing. We have to remember that you have a mental illness problem that's a tremendous problem. And you know it's not the guy in the polls triggers a person holding together and we have to remember meant to Lynn Wilson were working and that including institutions we step institutions were closed for budgetary reasons many years ago everybody was allowed to go out on the streets. We have a real mental illness problem when it had a taken care of. While many experts say the president's focus on a quote mental this problem is doing more harm than good one of those. Is our next guest acting CEO Angela Campbell of the national alliance. On mental illness she joins us now live Angela thanks so much for coming and your group has been quite. Outspoken in response to this focus on mental illness and wake of the good a gun crisis the past few weeks. Why is it some misplaced what the president has been thing. Well really got it and take you having. We think. The president on speak talk about. Here an earlier treatment. Not English and Asia are asked. The vast majority by. Can be in this country. And I. Many with Mel nation. People who can help nations. Treat like you meet an island. Not. So we ate an administration ID about Barack amount all care not talking about. Locking people behind the walls. He and we've talked here on the show on before Angela about how many countries with similar levels of mental illness have much lower. Levels of gun violence so that that association is not exactly. Fair or reasonable but I'd gotten better play devil's advocate with you for second because a lot of people I talked to we hear from on social media. On the show sort of and common parlance colloquial speaks say look anybody who commits an act like we saw in El Paso or Dayton has to be a sick person. And what's wrong with sane people are sick these are sick monsters and we got to put them away. There is real. 'cause you're a parent you're well. The American. Error in five. And only late. Is Ing done with illness or. Tendencies. And that's simply not correct on end real danger to eaten that. Can help. From seeking treatment. Oh now health conditions. People can't actually. Owed tree every. There's no question that somebody who met at math sheeting hats. Something wrong. I'm very. Happy and I love it she. Yet so important for all of us to remember the facts to look at the numbers they don't lie in this case as you said Angela. Absolutely. Vast majority of people would not mental illness are not dangerous people. They need help but they are not the perpetrators of this violence and we appreciate that perspective and the good work that you do with the National Alliance on Mental Illness Angela Kimball. Are acting CEO thinks Agile. Are turning now to the situation on the southern border where the trump administration this week announced that they are taking new steps to detained families with children. Much longer than the court mandated twenty date cap. I that's been in place for many years are Quinn Owen is our immigration reporter he traveled to Texas overnight he's there now just. I emerging from a tour of one of the facilities that the administration is putting together to house more these families with children. When you also got to talk to the acting director vice tell us what he had to say what you Saturday. Yet Devin this facility right behind me this campus here ice officials were eager to show us the full range of services that are provided here from. Medical senators to Jim's playgrounds and small movie rooms even. And district of the facility to date now houses. Children and mothers. Or in ice detention short term but as you mentioned the drug administration wants to turn places like this in the long term holding centers for families. And what was it like inside Quinn we get such a rare opportunity to bring the independent media in to see the facilities that are. Housing these families and children after so much outrage about the conditions weeks ago what did you see. A fairly well kept facility here this one is holds about 900 people now as a maximum capacity of about. Point 400 they took us burst into the intake room that's where mothers and their children are bot to. Are brought to basically get booked into the senator they go through a health screening at first they have some options for her clothing they get a change of clothes. And that that's where they're kind of introduced to the facility here there then allow did an assigned to a dorm room where. Older kids or are kept separately from from younger kids unless they're in the same family it's a pretty regimented process here. And you're exactly right and access to these kinds of facilities is. Pretty rare this is the first time. That they've allowed cameras inside a family residential center. So we were here to see what they had to show us and again at the polls service. Of amenities here. Eight. Families and and children currently though art are not allowed to leave until there are giving given a notice to appear in court. And they can will then be able Lou leave the facility after it when he day limit his head. Sometimes that is it does get extended and in a few more extraordinary circumstances. But when they wait out the jury the full duration of their asylum claims at least today they do so outside of this campus behind. And before I let you go but I just want to ask you pick up right on that point so the administration wants to hold these families and children for much longer than the twenty days it to get the sense that facility and the people that work there are actually prepared. To house these families and children for potentially years. Well I asked the acting -- director just that question he says it won't be that long he's convinced they can get these cases through in in just a couple of months but they will have to extend. The types of amenities here for people who if they're staying for multiple months right there's a whole series of classrooms here the whole in the entire curriculum. Would have to be expanded to accommodate kids who are well now instead of just be learning in these vouchers for a couple weeks. Might have to go through extended curriculum for several months. There's medical facilities here but they're not designed for care for multiple months the acting as director told us today that's Matthew Alvin's. That they'll have does it expand some of those medical can have capabilities as well. Right Quinn Owen forced for her reporting down on the US Mexico border in Texas Quinn thank you so much. For bringing us that reporting just outside those ice facilities there now to a major development involving the elect coral college in this country are quiet. Our court case came down late yesterday in the US Court of Appeals. That could change the way that we elect presidents in the United States as you or call there are 538. Electors who actually do the picking. You've heard you need 270 electoral votes to win will actually those are individuals in each state were apportioned by the population in each state. And now a federal appeals court in Colorado says that those people least in certain states. Don't always have to vote for who the majority winner is in their state campus break this down spring in. Are Adam Kelsey political reporter also joined by Wilford content covering ten that the G Brennan center for justice he's democracy. Experts somebody who studies of the constitution in these things were offered thanks for coming and where start where. They constitution actually is silent on how electors are supposed to vote. Typically they vote with whoever wins at you know particular states some states have rules on the books. Or why was this found unconstitutional. This effort to require electors to vote as the people do. Right so this case involves Colorado one of their nine electors attempted. Two violate a pledge to vote for Hillary Clinton. The pledge was according to state law. But the constitution does not speak to you are removed being electoral on elect tours. This once he tried to violate the let. The secretary of State's office removed and the constitution in article two speaks you how electors are appointed and basically gives seat legislators plenary power to actually appoint. Who Dave. So so bottom line for dozen and as the murders were not wonks political wonks in our understanding Electoral College. But what you're saying Wilford is that essentially this federal court for the first time. Says that if you're elector from Colorado for example. You don't have to vote as the people who hundreds you can define. How the electorate in Colorado votes is that right. I'm more or less yes. Basically the court said. They. The constitution important when the public for Pollock who's. Invasion it was envisioned that electors would actually exercise independent judgment so. Laws that exist and there are thirty states in the country that make their electricity these pledges so of laws that exist. That allow electors who defy those pledges to remove them are actually in operatives. Of course this is only affecting. The states that are in the tenth Circuit Court was tenth circuit which is that I asserted that involves our Colorado and and a bunch of others but yes the corps is it basically reading in that. Elect tourists do not have to comply with state laws and meet them pledge to vote for the candidate. Who wins their state. This is too huge put potential political implications Adam. Yet so something that I think people are gonna argue flies in the face of the spirit of the electoral college and of the of American elections in general and I think. The broader implications here is that we're gonna start to have eight. Detailed conversation about how we elect the president United States we've already seen some democratic candidates in the primary op. Are talking about abolishing the Electoral College moving to a system in which the person who receives the moon or the most votes is the winner of the presidential election and I actually DeVon. Spoke to some members of the DNC last year and they were already starting to talk about. How this was going to be a major issue come the 20/20 general election near foreseeing the eventual nominee whether it is people who digit Elizabeth Warren even someone like Joseph Biden. Bring this issue to the forefront and arguing that the Democratic Party as a whole stands for be popular vote president. Election Carter thanks to a for content and with the brands that are for justice for his analysis think he served great weekend and Adam before we let you go. We should say there's been an also a development in the race to twice twice were down to 21. Candidates Seth Moulton congressman from Madd Massachusetts and gets out of the race you know really took the stage but what we need him a. Right as you mentioned I did not qualify for the first two rounds of presidential debates basically sunk his campaign you know at at the very start and somebody who entered the race very late in admitted today that that was missed. Parents who Bolton bows out there are 21 left our Zoran shots out of the summer meaning of dead Democrats on San Francisco so we wanted to now. How many democratic delegates in the DNC actually know. Rich who is among its 41 candidates he still left in the field here's what you can. I didn't lessons hard liners dominate. I'm Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren and hurricane. Who has built brand. Was no doubt heard pretty CNN news. I can't have it I still see it and not. Policy pursued why didn't we have regular brand and we have. Vowing parents we have pumps iron. We have. That no pummeling Perez it is says. Well support Booker. It still brands. Right in the hands. Many dads and look at. We still have. Bernie Sanders. And we have Elizabeth Warren. We have. Say. Oh. That's it there's only a couple more. Now look around and name people who guard but right. Yeah it's a theme that. Diana. I did game. So you know another what are the Texas. Calling at this that's terrible thing. Through our. Marie I have got all bets you yeah. Yeah. I don't I'm an idiot yeah. Nick Cellini yeah and I'm. Our thanks to soaring for that that's tough to name all 21 can you do what you can check it out and ABC news that combat the full list of candidates also who will be on stage at ABC news debate in Houston next month on Devin Dwyer. In Washington thanks watching the briefing room we're here every day at 3:30 eastern time. But never great weekend see him.

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