Pelosi's Grandson, 5, Says 'No War' With Syria

House minority leader cites her young grandson in her support for military action against Syria.
1:52 | 09/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pelosi's Grandson, 5, Says 'No War' With Syria
I take this story and and I really going to be my five year old grandson -- as I was leaving San Francisco yesterday sent to -- maybe. -- War with Syria. Yes what was the area know what was here next yourself and warns that warming we're not -- -- -- over time that. Action. And yes. A -- -- I civil what do you think he says I think no war I said well I generally agree with that. Let you know they've killed. Hundreds of children. They killed hundreds of children and he said -- -- yourself. For these children in the United States. -- -- don't know what their children wherever they are. So I don't know what news he's listening to -- -- -- -- his kids again but even a five year old child. Do you with the wisdom of carriages. How does affect our interest -- it affects our interest. Because. Again outside the circle of civilized behavior was humanity drew a line decades. Ago. That I think if we ignore. That we do so. -- -- Many other people who itself. So. Than in any event I just go back to the point in the falcons. Congress. To their teachers their team failed for lack of -- majority. That president instantly and hear Democrats need to be beyond that you didn't. -- -- -- I think that the subject of discussion that some people want a broader and some people and more narrow. I think that's an open discussion -- me and and when you're left.

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{"id":20145494,"title":"Pelosi's Grandson, 5, Says 'No War' With Syria","duration":"1:52","description":"House minority leader cites her young grandson in her support for military action against Syria.","url":"/Politics/video/syria-chemical-attack-claims-pelosis-grandson-war-syria-20145494","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}