Ted Cruz Ends Marathon Senate Speech on 'Obamacare'

GOP senator is forced to end remarks as a new legislative session of Congress begins.
3:00 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for Ted Cruz Ends Marathon Senate Speech on 'Obamacare'
This is this special report from -- -- -- -- that is in new York and this is ending his news digital special report it has been more than 21 half hours since it began its. Parents senator -- crew. This. Senators senator knows he has caused the Enron -- the sentence you are Everett for -- in 1960. -- -- That's talk that's not it veered between policy points and that at one point in editing re an edited. Reading of Dr. -- It happened Ted Cruz -- talk a Thon. Has come to and apparently his -- enjoyed his take on the senate floor -- too long ago but refused nationally. We have the senate coming there this chamber. In the end however nothing changes at least for today the senate as he preparing to pass a bill that could lead to an October restaurants government shut down business as usual -- tech stocks on his -- we're joined by ABC's Karen Travers. Joining us from Washington with the latest hello Karen. Good afternoon -- and a sore throat just from watching Ted Cruz over the last twenty hours of this non filibuster but that very long speech and here in Washington it is deja Vu all over again we're just days away from a major deadline for the government to state funding stay up and running. And once again house and senate are on a collision course. The senator yesterday at 2:41 PM -- senator Ted Cruz started talking on the senate floor. Most Americans could not give a flying flip. About a but to what politicians in Washington and he kept talking redneck rule number one. Most things can be fixed with duct tape. -- extension cords and talking I'm a big fan of eating white castle burgers. He even read -- bed -- story to his daughters watching back home in Texas I do not like green eggs and -- crew trying to delay a vote on government spending bill and he's also pushing for the the government will shut down at 1201 AM on October 1 if congress doesn't approve new funding. Last week the house passed a bill that would keep things up and running temporarily. But he completely -- Obama care that this. Law is a trainer. Cruises stall tactics are really just delaying the inevitable -- and it is all but certain to send a spending bill back to the house with the obamacare funding back again. Then it's up to the house passed it let the government shut down on October 1 a key component of the health care law goes into effect. The insurance marketplace that allows Americans to purchase -- -- when people look and see that they can get high quality affordable health care for less than their cellphone bill. They're gonna sign. This and it will spend the next few days debating a funding bill in the senate acted -- house on Monday. And that is just hours before the shutdown deadline -- Karen why did crews go through with this very long an elaborate protest when many of his Republican colleagues want is -- to come to the floor. -- it was just to prove a point it was a complete Stein he doesn't have enough support to actually block the bill that's why -- wasn't actually a filibuster because some procedural issues. But he was able to do this just to prove a point he got a lot of comments in about health care he says he's standing up for all the people. Who disapprove of the president's law and -- certainly endeared him to conservative act. -- that was Karen Travers reporting. And power in a move of protection shop Wallace joining us from the DC bureau -- but I'm sorry -- -- let's take that question. Why I -- crews go forward with where it's not a filibuster but with the talk a -- and what happens next. Well you're right it's not filibuster because and Ari has fee for its -- filibuster has -- Try to gas -- tried to block legislation that's not happening here so really what he's doing it for is for attention which he's getting a lot of it he they were. -- you can watch C span all night you could watch all 21 hours of Ted -- filibuster if you wanna do and you at Karen Travers is right and he got a lot of attention. And support from concerned activists and this is really what it was it that was more about made for -- dean type long long long talk that a filibuster. So this is part you know hot action button issue and part. Very much Chris -- procedural. Issues ever going to right here. Why was Chris -- -- time to talk. Well if it's interesting -- them because it was Harry Reid who essentially -- to give him permission to do that so why would -- want to do that because. There is a lot of division in the Republican Party about. About this issue yes most Republicans would like to defund obamacare but not at the risk of shutting down the government there's there is not enough support. Ford got in the senate and so although there's -- support in the house and that's how you got the original legislation. Once it went to send -- really is not that kind support there so that's why I'm. He's allowed to have his very long -- because there are Democrats are hoping that this just makes -- more division in the Republican Party. -- -- let's focus again on what happens next this and it. This is calling to order their business right now what they do next. Well -- now on it it's up to it because this act as we know that the Democrats control the senate and so they will. What they're cleaning to do is re insert that the part of the legislation which -- refunds Obama the house legislation. Do you find -- it and allowed the government to continue finding -- took out. Funding for -- now go to the senate and they'll be weak but will most likely be re inserted so that goes back in the house and really. They need to make a decision -- the government shut down want because that deadline -- October 1. OK so just are what are what are possible avenues here to avoid -- shut down. Well it's whether it's really -- battle. -- and that you're seeing it at -- crew is it really was to talk about lot overnight whether they're going to you. Concede in origin not shut the government down or they will are willing to put up -- fight. -- -- it doesn't seem to be enough support -- Republicans in the senate in order to shut the government got. Why because clinically could be -- -- risky for the Republicans and they know. Ferrer are strategist who told me that that they know that they could lose the house over this and they don't want that. That likely the government will not shut down although it's also likely will go down to the wire. OK if it goes down of the wire if just play devil's advocate they got -- -- shut down what. Will -- be noticeable for Americans what -- what are some of the first things at risk. -- -- Americans I think are really sick of this this back and fort partisanship in games. But there will be some nice things that you see right away here in DC things like trash pick -- could be suspended and in the -- like Washington DC you've got. Also things like. Museums and parks. Those could be shut down. The longer this goes on of course will be more facts and those that affects that Democrats are really pushing. That Republicans they say Republicans are appropriate Margaret got that it. And -- -- military benefits and Social Security benefits and so. And those of the longer term risks that of course could affect a lot of Americans. Judge you mentioned the American public is tired of this brinkmanship and these showdowns. However we've learned today that there's another looming deadline on October 17 the US is going to hit its debt ceiling limit that's according to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. What are we expecting on -- front. -- -- next. Once we get past this one there's another fight -- -- and even a could be. Five as a bigger fight but today. Treasury Secretary Jack Lucent alerts members of congress saying how serious it is. That we don't go to another one of these -- we did in 2011 where these. Face -- at that would bring you -- that. The end result is that they -- -- -- Downgraded the United States and so that is a risk that we could be facing again if we go again and downed the wire even if it with American doesn't -- all default on the money owed which is unlikely. Just getting up separate couldn't getting up to that deadline of marksmanship. -- -- does have an -- it's not just games. And that's really -- the White House wants wants America to know what's it really pushing to try to get Republicans to come make a deal. All right well to looming battles in Washington. Taking center stage now the other coming. Less than month ABC she shot a Washington so much for joining us this is -- an ABC news digital special report anti Hernandez in new York and -- out another look back. At some of the most memorable flourishes from senator Ted Cruz is Ted talk. I will embarrassingly. Admit. But I took the coward's way out and so went and purchased some some black tennis -- action not to mention. All of the hungry college kids that at 3 in the morning or just craving it like cats and they can't find do you like. Green eggs and -- I do not like them Sam I am I do not like green eggs and ham. Said redneck rule number one. Most things can be fixed with -- take. Extension cords that's -- -- in a box not with the fox not in a house not with amounts I would not eat them here -- there I wouldn't sometime ago -- Tweeted. They speech that Ashton Kutcher -- -- said you know in my life. Opportunity. Looks an awful lot like hard work. I was a great message it was a great message to young people most Americans could not give a flying flip. About a but to what politicians in Washington who payers. I want you to be able to say one thing. I made a hook and thank you thank you Sam I am. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":20371890,"title":"Ted Cruz Ends Marathon Senate Speech on 'Obamacare'","duration":"3:00","description":"GOP senator is forced to end remarks as a new legislative session of Congress begins.","url":"/Politics/video/ted-cruz-obamacare-filibuster-senate-speech-2013-abc-20371890","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}