Jay Carney Reacts to Cruz 'Obamacare' Speech at Briefing

Reporters press the White House press secretary on some of Senator Ted Cruz's claims against law.
25:52 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for Jay Carney Reacts to Cruz 'Obamacare' Speech at Briefing
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello -- -- anti Hernandez in New York with his ABC's digital special report the senate. Is back in session taking a short break after senator Ted -- is all night talk -- -- Here's some tape of him leaving the capital. In the last hour. He's not a filibuster because it wasn't officially a filibuster clocked in at 21 hours and nineteen minutes the fourth longest. In senate history and it had quite a few memorable moments. I will embarrassingly. Admit. But I took the coward's way out. And so went and purchased some some black ten issues action. Now confess I don't go to a whole lot of cocktail parties -- -- pretty sure you don't -- But there -- members of this body for whom that is really really important. Now at the end of the day. Not to mention. All of the hungry college kids that -- 3 in the morning or just craving a white castle. And they can't find -- it's a little bit like the world wrestling federation. Wrestling matches where it's all -- The outcome is predetermined. They know in advance who's gonna win it was and it's all for show. I do not like them Sam I am I do not like green eggs and ham. Said redneck rule number one. Most things can be fixed with -- take. Extension cords but they're not in a box not with a fox not in -- house not with amounts I would not eat them here -- there I wouldn't sometime ago I. Tweeted. They speech that Ashton Kutcher Dee -- said you know in my life. Opportunity. Looks an awful lot like hard work. -- was a great message it was a great message to young people. The political reporters in Washington DC I think some of them may be frustrated because they really wanted to be Hollywood gossip reporters. Most Americans could not give a flying flip about -- but to what politicians in Washington who cares. I want you to be able to say one thing. I made a hook. Thank you thank you. Sam -- am I the only path if we're -- -- oppose obamacare is to stand together and oppose cloture and I would ask for my friends on the democratic. To listen to the DR. -- are noon new -- -- so that was Ted Cruz is talk a Thon ended at noon and here is a look at these senate floor -- the senate is preparing to vote. -- a cloture motion which would stop debate on this issue. And -- finally get a chance to vote on the house's measure which is. Unlikely to pass so from -- what's going on right now on the hill let's bring an ABC news political director Rick Klein hello Rick. Hi there and I'll say at the top I've never aspired to be a Hollywood gossip columnist. It but but would take cruises -- critiques. Notwithstanding it's been a pretty extraordinary 24 hours from Washington. I would ask your take canned green ham that. Well -- but as the senate is moving on so what exactly are they doing now. Right now they are moving to -- close out the amount of time that's allotted for debate intriguing that senator cruise appears actually have voted for in the motion to proceed so easy seems like he's against now. Continuing to filibustered he's talked himself out he said he is done talking this will set into motion a series of events over the next couple of days. That will culminate in first Democrats moving to restore money for obamacare in the senate version of the bill. And then them ping pong and -- bill back -- the House of Representatives all -- September 30 deadline that's the date that the government runs out of money. That's the date where you have to have finally something finally done so in a paradoxical way crews using up all of this time -- of -- in the legislative options from here on out. You could have the house left with very little -- -- just a few hours to respond to the senate. And doubt we'll have to see if the government shuts down -- not come Monday. You know I was gonna ask about that because Cruz was delaying something Republicans want it to happen they want this -- to come to the floor of the let the showdown really began. What's their take obvious and what are the feelings about what crews did on the hill right now. Well let's start with the the fact that everyone accepts which is that Republicans don't have the votes to get done what. That's what you. If Republicans saying. This is a bad strategy this is -- bad idea you're picking a fight the you know you're going to lose that's -- -- got as much -- back as he did for this legislative strategy. Anger even over the fact that he was using tactics like this when we know what the outcome is going to be. And it's just delaying the inevitable and may be making things worse if you -- -- actually change what's in this bill. But if -- -- look a little bit beyond that what's remarkable here. Is to have kind of the old guard of the senate try to reclaim the body from Ted Cruz and from the folks who joined him on at all -- Senator John McCain on the senate floor. A few minutes ago shortly before the vote began lecturing senator crews on the legislative history of obamacare of the past efforts to get something done. Bristling -- some of the comparisons to use and again. Trying to say look this is my senate -- You know we actually have that -- let's play here Senator John McCain. I campaigned all over America for two months everywhere I could. And in every single that a campaign rally I said and we have to repeal and replace Obama care. Well the people spoke. He spoke much to my dismay. But they spoke. And they reelected. The president of the United States. -- that doesn't mean that we give up our efforts to try to. Replace and repair. -- obamacare. But it does mean. That elections have consequences. And those elections. Were clear. In a significant majority that majority of the American people. Supported. The president the United States and renewed his stewardship of this country I don't like it. Was not something that. That I wanted the outcome to be what I think all of us should respect the outcome of elections which reflects the will of the people. All right so there we have Republican Senator John McCain. Express saying. Interest perhaps in a compromise saying that the voters have. Spoken to a degree on this issue what is the likelihood of compromise as you said it at a September 30 deadline there's not a lot of time and there's a lot of procedural. Things that need to take place before -- Bottom line no one wants to -- on the government but the other bottom line is that there are few things that can happen right now to prevent that we have all sides dug in right now so we can be. Hurtling off this cliff despite everyone's better judgments exactly -- people you might say -- Washington. Here's -- -- -- -- -- -- is doing he's giving voice to a a strong. But smallish segment of the Republican Party that feels strongly that. Winning at any cost you're trying to stop. Obama -- trying to -- Obama at literally any cost is what the Republican Party should be doing right now. Still a much broader coalition he still among Republicans among independents among Democrats certainly. Who think what we can agree or disagree on obamacare but the idea shutting on the government already. That's just silly and that's where I think most of the consensus is on Capitol Hill we'll have to see -- without direction because this procedural hurdles -- have to happen. What you get it out of the senate and that's gonna take a couple of days go back to the house you know the John Boehner as the speaker of the house. Doesn't want to bring some of the floor if he doesn't have a majority of his own members on board for it. Sunday that includes funding for obamacare that's hard to build something around so he's gonna have to rely on Democrats. We're gonna have -- chaotic final week in the run up to this a possible government shut down. And no love -- of course between Republicans and Democrats here we have a tweet from senate majority Harry re. Read tea and now with all due respect to senator -- I'm -- -- we learned anything new. It's been interesting but it's also been a big waste of time clearly -- senate counterparts not please. Even some of the Republicans. Let's talk about President Obama for a moment because he's still trying to drum up public support for this issue what is. The White House doing as a senate proceeds. So there's another important deadline that actually Collins coincides with this deadline about the government shut down. The beginning of the new state based insurance exchanges under obamacare a big hurdle. In the information implementation of obamacare that starts on October 1 of the White House has been trying to let people know about this it is critical. That younger people healthier people sign up for this not just people who were sick and don't have insurance right now. If this whole system is gonna work you need a broad coalition of folks to get on board -- and there are active campaign to try to get people not to sign up for itself. Present Obama peer group for former President Clinton at a forum last night with secretary of state Clinton to -- clintons and Obama trying to make the case. For Health Care Reform today we got new numbers out from the Department of Health and Human Services showing the new rates that people are gonna pay under obamacare it varies widely but generally speaking people -- gonna pay a little bit less than they did. In -- their own health insurance in the past. And this is -- is such an important stretch because if people don't sign up for this law it will start on its own and that's going the president knows -- the same time he's trying to preserve funding. Fight this fight on Capitol Hill keep the government open he has to make sure that this enormously complicated law goes off without a hitch. It will cost less than your cell phone -- a direct pitch -- young people that you just mentioned that are critical to. The success of these health care exchanges. I have to ask why the Clinton's. You know we note that Clinton is still popular among Democrats that they -- not have the best track record when it comes to health care. Almost exactly twenty years ago we had Bill Clinton come forward with his -- -- plan Hillary Clinton worked on it. As over call it fell flat and that is something -- -- and it's -- Democratic Party. For the better part of twenty years until President Obama came along with his democratic majorities early in his term. Able to get something done since that time though we've seen President Obama frankly struggle with trying to explain what's in his own bill. That's -- -- to the big dog and Bill Clinton. As President Obama has said should be as secretary of explain and stuff that people and he is good at it and he reaches a different segment of the population. Then Barack Obama does his -- is slightly different than Obama's. He is good at explaining things -- -- his star power. Former secretary of state Clinton's star power as well combined is what the Obama folks hope now can get him over the finish line of obamacare. All right Rick thank you so much let stand by and see how good. Jay Carney is at explaining things we've -- the Press Secretary speaking. Very soon Americans who did not have the option. Of affordable health insurance. We'll have it available to them. What is important to remember about the families that I just talked about the families of four earning 50000 dollars. And who -- now have access to. Health care for their families for low. Premiums. Did not have access at all before. They could not afford. And that is the design and the promise of the Affordable Care Act. And it's taking shape before our eyes. -- -- president really funny. Speaking US -- went way out their background briefings. Reaction to his speech and wondering the president's -- -- address that signaled their babies actual substance behind. And the U turns in terms positions clear -- What we heard from president -- I think reflects what we've been hearing. And and that isn't an interest in. Making progress. Towards resolving this very serious. Problems that are on -- over its nuclear weapons program. And that is why as we've been saying. For a while now. Including in new York at the United Nations. We are very -- -- and testing. The assertions. About that interest on behalf of the Iranians in resolving this conflict. Diplomatically. Ever since he took office the president has said he is willing to engage. Directly with the arrangements. In an effort to resolve this issue. And it is that willingness. This has helped. Made clear that the onus is on Iran to. Demonstrate that it is serious about complying with its international obligations that willingness of then candidate Obama expressed. And new President Obama. Repeated. His way. Helped forge the consensus internationally that led to the most comprehensive sanctions regime that has ever been implemented that in term as I think president -- -- clear. And others have made clear. Has had a dramatic impact on the Iranian economy and and that is why. Iran is -- in. In our view. Having discussions about resolving this conflict and that is encouraged. But. Actions. Are what matter. And substantive negotiations. Over Iran its nuclear program. Will be the test will provide the test of whether or not ran a seriousness is serious about. Resolving the international community's concerns and and and we are engaged in that process as you know secretary Kerry. Will be with his Iranian counterpart. In the progress towards resolving this problem. The eighth floor which. Error clarity on what kind of substance behind -- -- -- I would say that we. Have been and continue to this week explore. The level of seriousness. And we are doing that. Through all the avenues available to us. That will be very much part of the discussions that secretary Kerry -- and it is part of the communications that we have had including the communications that the president had in his exchange of letters. And I think it. What happened in New York. Again demonstrates two things one. President Obama has always been. Explicitly. Open to. Sitting down and talking to. Iranian leadership. Provided at the Iranian leadership is serious about trying to resolve these. Problems with the international community over its nuclear weapons program. And that became I think quite apparent again. In recent days. So the Iranians have to decide. Most importantly through substantive negotiations. Whether or not they want to truly resolve this and through resolution up and threw it verifiable confirmable. Agreement to give up its nuclear weapons ambitions. Iran -- then. Rejoin the international community and its isolation. Enjoy relief from the sanctions regime. But that those are matters -- substantive negotiations and that and the processes in place and has been in place for the and we will continue to test this. These assertions and this and to see if this opportunity Israel because the window as we've been saying for sometime now -- -- pre -- the elections in Iran. Is open to resolve this diplomatically but it is not it will not be open. Indefinitely. And you know we would agree with those who say that there is -- need to. Assess and act on this opportunity -- -- With taste and different when it. White House reaction. Hours arguing against obamacare. Overnight and out of the process on the yard but it's almost inevitably going back to -- houses and -- -- for the president's -- -- -- -- -- I indicated I think earlier in the week. The president. Yeah well I'm sure be discussing. These budget issues with the leadership. I don't have a specific. Meeting to preview for you as you know he's held discussions with -- speaker Boehner. As well as others. In the past about this and about our. Our position his position. On these issues one that congress has to act to ensure that we don't that they don't shut down the government. That it would be irresponsible to. Not fund the essential functions of the government. -- -- ideological peak. Then we can. Continue to negotiate over a broader budget deal. In a responsible way and to do that we need to make sure that -- continuing resolutions passed that. Allows the government to stay open hand for the president to continue to show in his. Presentations to congress that. He is and -- has always been serious about trying to find common ground when it comes to. Making the right choices. In how we fund our government and investing in our economy to ensure that our kids get educated and our roads and bridges get bills. And -- We reduce our deficit further and in a balanced and -- -- so that that's want an end to the other position we obviously hold. -- and will not waiver from is that. The responsibility of congress to. Pay the bills of the United States bills that congress has incurred. Is not subject to negotiation. Everybody agrees all the leaders. And I think and most of the rank and file agree that the debt ceiling must be race. -- so you have this unique situation in Washington where everybody agrees on this single thing. So congress ought to just -- And don't forget they did it. Not that long ago you might forget because there was no drama there was no delay and there was no threat of default. Just. End of last year in the beginning of this year. So the idea that this could be or should be. A situation where it. Threat default is is on the table and threatened an all the end and put ramifications of that take place all the harm that does to our economy is somehow the norm. We just -- we cannot allow that to happen we have since congress. Raise the debt ceiling last time without drama and without delay this economy is created more than a million jobs. Since congress without drama and without delay raise the debt ceiling that means Republicans in congress not just Democrats. We've seen remarkable strides in the recovery in our housing market. We've seen continued economic growth. So. If they were able to do it just a few months ago. I see no reason why they shouldn't do it now it's the responsible thing to do if the goal here that we all share -- to allow the economy continue to grow and create jobs. Hoover to the president catch -- -- it anyway cars plus disease but it's. I don't believe so. Does the -- -- any reaction to. Sharks. And I did not. I've certainly read about it what. I would simply -- Date. A family of four. In Texas. We'll have. Available to it. The option. The purchasing an affordable health insurance. For 57 dollars per month the family of four with income of 50000 dollars after receiving -- Tax credits. We'll have that option. That is a good thing. This family. Doesn't have insurance now cannot afford insurance. Under current conditions. And that reality is. Something that we're seeing now in state after state after state. Quality affordable health insurance. Is something that every family of four making 50000 dollars and struggling to get by. Deserves that's what the president believes. So certainly we oppose any efforts to. To engage in it. Political battle of the past to try to achieve some sort of ideological victory. In them in a way that doesn't not only shuts -- the government but then if successful would deprive these very families. Of health insurance that they need. And we obviously have a difference of opinion. This -- -- -- Peter Lucy. -- accessing -- or any other than any other way officials had conversations. Let congress there's stuff. Oh certainly -- really are and you know fairly -- Communication was. Congress at different levels here. At the White House I don't have any specific conversations reality. Chief of staff is. I'm going to the hill at some point to talk with Democrats but. You know that those conversations will continue as I said in answer to -- question -- -- Miami. Meeting -- conversation involving the president preview at this time. But I mean as I think we've seen of late there's. A lot of activity going on it. Reflects. An enormous divisions within the Republican Party that. -- hard for us to influence our focus. Is of course on the need to make wise decisions to ensure that the government. Does not shut down. And especially to ensure that the United States is not to -- for the first time in its history. So is this past issues the president's politicians. You know -- -- -- scheduling updates the plan is on the books. And we intend to go. Yes she -- you and his slumping off he speak. -- Forced to negotiate -- forced to engage it. Here's the thing as a couple things about that. I don't have the quotes in front of me but I know you all remember that it was speaker of the house -- said declared publicly that he would never negotiate with president again. Seemed a little extreme. He has of course since then the president has. Had conversations with them and and enjoyed him as he always does the there is no negotiating over congress' responsibility to ensure that we do not the fault. We saw what happened when that -- was travel. In 2011 and it and the result was terrible. We can't even the flirtation with the -- when it became apparent that there were actually members of congress and the Republican Party who were willing to default. As a matter of ideological purity and who were willing to. Inflict that harm on the economy and on middle class families. The economy reacted badly markets reacted badly. And people suffered and that is and end and past only because so I think that's the point I'm making. Is this. This cannot and should not be. A matter of negotiation we can and should debate our differences and negotiate and reach compromises over a budget priorities. Absolutely. But we cannot. Have -- in. American economy -- the global economy and the American middle class held hostage to an insistence by a faction of congress. Especially in one house. Committed achieve its political objectives that it had not been able to achieve otherwise through. At the ballot box or. When the legislative process play out three years ago or in front of the Supreme Court when the Supreme Court. Declared that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. It's just incredibly irresponsible I -- think about. And the irony is as much as Press Secretary Jay Carney giving his daily press briefing talking specifically now about -- -- -- fondly. And the battle over Obama care. Being waged in the senate and we're gonna take a break from this you can watch it streaming live continued on abcnews.com. In the meantime has been an ABC news special report -- -- -- in Iraq. This has been a special. Report from me.

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{"id":20374745,"title":"Jay Carney Reacts to Cruz 'Obamacare' Speech at Briefing","duration":"25:52","description":"Reporters press the White House press secretary on some of Senator Ted Cruz's claims against law.","url":"/Politics/video/ted-cruz-obamacare-filibuster-senate-speech-2013-white-20374745","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}