Ted Cruz to Speak at the Republican National Convention

ABC News' Tom Llamas tells us what we should expect ahead of Ted Cruz's speech at the Republican National Convention.
2:19 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Ted Cruz to Speak at the Republican National Convention
Inching ever closer to the dabbling in of tonight's session Tom Donna's joins us live now. From the floor to give us the latest on what's happening down there take the top house Elliott. He dating guys the big story tonight obviously we now know what happened with that Maloney from speech. A trump eights have been very close the family at meeting that. She worked on the speech with a Lonnie and Bologna had told her she really admired Michelle Obama at some passages were exchanged those passages. Nearly word for word mated to Bologna is speech now this woman missed my diver. Asked to resign she apologized the trump Bentley to mrs. Obama but Donald Trump telling George Stephanopoulos tonight that she is not gonna accept the resignation because they have a long relationship. It worked on books together and he knows it she's a good person as just a mistake an accord to George trump obviously wants to move on. But he landed hitting Cleveland and elated right to this fiasco which is almost taken overs convention this is now. Being built a lead story three nights at a four year at the convention hall. Tonight governor Mike Pence will take the stage we expect Donald Trump to be with him there were all figure from senator Ted Cruz. Who are very excited to hear from its crews and from the vetted very interest in relationship. First they were best these then they were for enemies and that they were full on enemies when Donald Trump went after technical why. And that he went after take cruises dad Troy that linked him. To the JFK assassination. I've never seen take crews a rough. Like he did that date with Donald Trump made those comments. An and I blow up I would've looked at in a fly on the wall when Donald Trump. Asked him to speak at this convention I've got to know what you promised him or there was a deal struck. They are because Ted Cruz was still upset with Donald Trump he wished he'd be giving this speech here to be that the Republican nominee he read the most organized campaign. In this cycle he was the most discipline on the Republican side. He really worked hard for that nomination but it was still hard to beat Donald Trump actually saw rough bio cruised to Cruz's father here couple nights ago so the crew's families here. An outcome really going to be listening close to that speech is the one he endorses but people think he will not use the has been described to me and to what his message is because everyone knows in 20/20. Take Cruse wants to run for president. All right ABC's top jobless off the story the whole way through he'll be on the floor tonight. Not ABC is digital on ABC is that the network on FaceBook your everywhere time.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas tells us what we should expect ahead of Ted Cruz's speech at the Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40751577","title":"Ted Cruz to Speak at the Republican National Convention ","url":"/Politics/video/ted-cruz-speak-republican-national-convention-40751577"}