Ted Cruz Calls for Unity After Rubio Leaves Presidential Race

Sen. Ted Cruz addressed supporters in Texas after an important primary night.
13:44 | 03/15/16

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Transcript for Ted Cruz Calls for Unity After Rubio Leaves Presidential Race
Thank you so very much god bless each and every one of you. Oh. Thank you Dan Patrick relating our team here in the state taxes. And is an. And isn't Carly extraordinary. Okay. Such a tremendous later. I gotta tell you she terrifies Hillary Clinton. Hillary tossed isn't turns. In her jail cell. Thinking about her. Tonight it was a good night. Okay. Tonight we continued to gain delegates and continue our march to 12130 sent. Okay. And after tonight's. America now has a clear choice going bull worked. Let me say a word. About -- route. Marco as a friend. He's a college. He ran a strong optimistic positive campaign. His story. The son of a bartender at the son of a maid who fled Cuba seeking freedom. Is powerful. It's inspirational. Marcos story. His passion. Inspires me. Marco can paint a picture can weave a tapestry. Of the promise of America like nobody else and his presidential campaign inspired millions. Across the change. I congratulate mark Hilan Jeanette on the tremendous campaign they ran again. Okay. To those who supported Marco who worked so hard. We welcome you with open arms. And with Raddatz and with hope. And went up positive vision together. For our great change. We welcome you to join us along with remarkable leaders like Carly Fiorina like governor Rick Perry. And like all of the Republicans. Who are uniting behind our campaign. From Mike Lee to mark let stand an accurate view. Starting tomorrow morning. Every Republican. As a clear choice. Only two campaigns. And the plausible path to nomination. Ours. And drops. Nobody else has any mathematical possibility. Whatsoever. Only want a campaign has beaten Donald Trump over and over and over again. Not once not twice not three times but nine times all across the country promo last. The main. And going follow. The choice a streak oh. Do you want a candidate who shares your values. Or a candidate who has spent decades opposing your. The main stream media the network suits who make that is Asians want Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. That's why they've given him hundreds and millions and free advertising. Because they are partisan Democrats. Ready for Hillary. And they know that Donald may be the one person on the face of the earth that Hillary Clinton can beat. In the general election. But the media. Are going to decide this election. The voters will. Okay. And here's our vision for America it's America with a brighter future it's in America with greater opportunity for our kids and grandkids it's an America with nor liberty and more safety and more security. It is America. That is greater tomorrow. Kennedy's today and then it was yes. This election will focus on three critical issues jobs freedom. Its year. As president. My number one priority. Will be jobs. Turning around the stagnation the misery of the Obama Clinton economy. You know it's easy to talk. About making American. You can even print that baseball. But the critical question. Is whether you understand principles and values. That made America great in the first place. I I. The heart of our economy. Is that in Washington DC. The heart of our economy is small businesses all across the United States of America. A if I'm elected presidents. We will repeal every word of Obama team. Okay. We will pass a simple flat tax and abolish the IRS. Okay. We will rein in the EPA and the government regulators that are killing small businesses. And will stop amnesty secure the borders and Sanctuary Cities and and welfare benefits for those theory league. How. And the result will be millions upon millions of high paying jobs will be wages rising for people all across America we'll be young people coming out of school with 2345. Job opportunities. Far too many politicians. Focused on Washington. There at all obvious. To those like Donald Trump who buy in. And to those like Hillary Clinton who sell influence. Washington. Is the center the numbers. But we understand that is right. Together. We will make Washington less relevant. In all art lives. A will fire government regulators. And repeal job killing regulations. And together. We will take the Buddha of the federal government off their backs of their next of small business is. All across this country. Okay. And. It's not about the cronyism in the bail outs that some are too many Republicans and Democrats have done over and over again that benefit the rich and powerful instead. Less government. Is more free. Are. Higher wage is that a better standard of life for all of us the second critically. In this election. It's freedom. Two debates ago. Donald Trump promised all of us. That he would compromise with Harry Reid. And Chuck Schumer on replacing Antonin Scalia to the United States Supreme Court. Our rights hang in the balance at let me be very very clear to the people of America I will not compromise away your religious liberty. Okay. And I will not compromise the way your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Okay. And every just SI a point to the court will be faithful to the law and will ferociously. Protect the bill of rights for your children. And for mine. Okay. But. There are critical issue in this election is security. For seven years we've abandoned our friends and allies and we've shown weakness and appeasement to our enemies. Two debates ago Donald Trump promised as president to be neutral. Between Israel and the Palestinians. Well let me be clear as president. I will not be neutral. Okay. Okay. Good. America. Will stand on apologetic glee with the nation of these. Okay. Need it. And anyone who cannot tell the difference between our friends and our enemies who cannot tell the difference between Israel and Islamic terrorists who seek to murder us. That raises real questions about their fitness and judgment. To be commander in. Okay. Donald Trump says he will keep in place this Iranian nuclear DL and try to renegotiate it. I will ripped to shreds this Iranian nuclear deal on the Barry. Over seven years President Obama has weakened and undermines the military. We've seen this before with another week democratic president Jimmy Carter who did the same thing. And in January 1981. Ronald Reagan came tell us. Okay. And what did Reagan do we cut taxes he lifted regulations he pulled government off the backs of the next of small businesses. We saw millions of high paying jobs it generated trillions in new government revenue. And use that money to rebuild the military to bankrupt the Soviet Union and to win the Cold War. Okay. I intend to do the exact same thing with radical Islamic terrorists. We're gotta repeal obamacare where got to pass a flat tax lift the regulations stop amnesty and we will see millions upon millions of high paying jobs trillions in new government revenue. And we will use that revenue to rebuild this military so that it remains the mighty its fighting force on the face of the plan. Okay okay. Tomorrow we have a choice a clear and simple choice in not with the Washington. Enough with the deception which using government to benefit the rich and powerful. At the expense of hardworking taxpayers. Together. We can turn things around. If we stand together if we remember the common sense free market principles that built America a constitutional. Liberties that built. America. Once again standing together. We can have morning. Them back. Okay. Now it's that time for Republicans to unite for independents to unite for libertarians to unite for all of us who want a brighter future for our nation. To come together and stand as 1 starting tomorrow morning there is a clear choice a clear and direct choice. And for everyone. Who wants to see a brighter tomorrow. We welcome you to our teams we welcome you with open and welcoming arms thank you and god bless.

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{"id":37679367,"title":"Ted Cruz Calls for Unity After Rubio Leaves Presidential Race","duration":"13:44","description":"Sen. Ted Cruz addressed supporters in Texas after an important primary night.","url":"/Politics/video/ted-cruz-speech-gop-candidate-calls-unity-rubio-37679367","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}