Ted Cruz Talks Pork, Trump, and Butter Cows

Republican Candidate Speaks To ABC At The Iowa State Fair
4:02 | 08/21/15

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Transcript for Ted Cruz Talks Pork, Trump, and Butter Cows
Here's and her crews did see you again it's great to be here. Even an important job I'm thrilled we're not to feel the dream so it's been a little different though the last time I saw you two Allen and that was that was fairly credible we saw Hewlett you know there are adamant he shared that with your dealer I did that you're pre treated me so I appreciate that. Wanted to ask you know that your dog's attack ads that an affinity for the border town tell us that storybook with live and -- well there's there's a live. Butter town and top line but it is not a sculpture real size of accounting and out of mind. And my daughter Caroline descent not here today since she's in her third day of second grade but the very first sentence Carolina percent. When she was about eighteen months just under two years old and he spent time. Like. He said about ten times of the funniest thing we were having dinner with their grandparents if you just get thing dinner table highlights the high life spot. So let go last year when I was here I center picture about a cap she thought that was one of the funniest things I was safe out of there you can have a workshop in one hand. You're having a conversation with someone without any discrimination. Well it's it's interesting what that conversation was about I think that conversation was about the persecution of religious liberty. She didn't want to have that technicality. But listen we are you want to ask what every one hand as a First Amendment right to speak and have different. It's one of the sad things in the modern Democratic Party is that they try to stifle dissent so much so. That every senate Democrat. Congress last year voted revealed a free speech text of the First Amendment and beat Hillary Clinton's campaign. On a constitutional amendment to reveal the free speech protected the First Amendment I have to tell you when I stood up and oppose. I gave a speech on the senate floor next to a giant picture. And Ted Kennedy said during that debate many years ago he said we have an amended the bill of rights and over 200 years from now is no time to start. I believe in free speech for everyone including someone I disagree having rusty to write speed. Like Johnson we'll ask here tenacity. Is more speech not government. And I also wanted to ask you on if you knew that that person that was brilliant was actually actress. Nine hammer you guess you see everything you're one last question you're having a big event tonight and so is. Donald Trump of course in Alabama who's expecting thirty to 40000. Fault. I know that you not attacking you guys are friends there's even been some talk you got it. The border together as never reported the campaign we're you may try to separate yourself Hemmer knows your encouraging you have to. Events a night compares I think down from history. My focus of my campaign. Is my record positive vision for this time. And I'll tell you we're seeing incredible enthusiasm in a hundred hours that followed the debate. We raised over a million dollars people all over the country went Ted Cruz out of work. Ted Cruz doesn't work contributed signed up volunteered. What we're seeing on the ground isn't prevalent in the morning courage. Analysts and the fact that Donald Trump is in the races right. Because more and more on all more and more people are paying. Look at the first debate we had two weeks ago. 24 million people watched that debate now from played a big part of why they want him that you look at the consequences. Almost every other candidate their numbers stayed constant went down our support dump. Coming out of that debate on grateful for more people listening to a positive. Optimistic conservative message. Thank you take for example Donald Trump's focus on illegal immigrants and I'm glad. That the mainstream media is actually talking about illegal immigration that's an issue I had been leading the fight on have a proven record for many years and so I think that is. Only and you president. Thank you for talking was always great catching up next.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Republican Candidate Speaks To ABC At The Iowa State Fair","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"33234961","title":"Ted Cruz Talks Pork, Trump, and Butter Cows","url":"/Politics/video/ted-cruz-talks-pork-trump-butter-cows-33234961"}