Ted Cruz Vows to Undue Obama's Executive Actions 'With a Strike of a Pen'

The Republican candidates castigate the president for his use of executive overreach during the GOP debate.
7:18 | 02/06/16

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Transcript for Ted Cruz Vows to Undue Obama's Executive Actions 'With a Strike of a Pen'
Topic of executive orders for that we're gonna turn back to Mary Katharine Ham and are kept think David. Senator Kurds on the campaign trail you've promised voters a lot and fast. If you're elected president you say you incoming car immediately abolish the IRS and do away with Sanctuary Cities. We've also been a persistent critic of President Obama executive average going it alone not working with congress. How do you intend to implement this aggressive urgent agenda within your constitutional authority. Especially given that it would require working with congress in Washington players within your happy to say you have a strained relationship. Well thank you for that question you know their three avenues of presidential authority to change the direction of this country the first is executive power. The second is for foreign policy and the third is legislation. Executive power as we all know has been the preferred vehicle or President Obama abusing his authority abusing his constitutional authority. Now the silver lining of that is everything done with executive power. Can be on done with executive power so I hit play. On day. I will risks and every single illegal and unconstitutional. Executive action Barack Obama has done. That means on day one is efforts to restrict the Second Amendment dull way with a strike of the pan. That means on day one he is illegal executive amnesty goes away with a strike of a pan. The reason I can end common core at the federal level is because Obama is abusing. Executive power using race to the top funds in the Department of Education to force it on the states. That's one avenue the second have avenue of change. Is foreign policy and foreign policy can change the fastest it's worth remembering. That Iran released our hostages. Day Reagan was sworn Ian. And then the third is legislation and that can only be done with the people behind you which is why the two big legislative initiatives on campaigning on. Our repealing obamacare and adopting a simple flat tax to abolish the IRS. So it's not a senator cruise is known for opposing deals you literally wrote the book on making them. Senator Chris mention that on the trail what would you say to those conservatives who are concerned that a deal maker we'll just perpetuate the same deals in Washington. And the way things were now how do you disturb you know. A quick deal maker will make great deals but we'll do it the way our founders thought it should be done. People get together they make deals Ronald Reagan did it with Tip O'Neill very successfully you didn't hear so much about executive orders if you heard about it at all. You have to be able to get a consensus now. The real person like it was mentioned about the deal with a Ron how bad a deal is that it doesn't get any more amateurish than that. A good deal Mecca would never make a deal like that with congress you have to get everybody in the room. And you have to get him to agree but yet to get him to agree what you want and that's part of being the deal maker you can't leave the White House. Go to Hawaii and play golf for three weeks can be a real deal maker it doesn't work that way you have to get people and grab bump hug them kiss him and get the deal done but it's got to beat the deal that you want. Or. The problem what Washington that there are too many deals are too few. Well right now the deals are there's no leadership him in a lot of the things we're talking about here tonight you know the on the border and so many of the things you what we should be doing on foreign policy and a problem is set Berry Catherine is there's not a leader that could some be to rise up. You have to have a leader that can inspire me and actually summer with Donald was saying is true. Look you know how hard it was to get out federally balance the federal budget balanced you have to plead with people. Need to do what we've done in Ohio you have to plead with people then you go back down to Washington and do the same thing you see we have to remind people we're Americans. Before were Republicans and Democrats. And when we wait and when we delay but we end up doing Mary Katherine is we make the United States weaker in fact it's a foreign policy issue because people look at America not solving problems and they say what what what are they doing over there. So the point is you have to work with people the problem with executive authority for the president. It's really bad news for this reason. Since he's given up on working with congress he thinks he can impose any. Warrants he's not a king. He's a president and executive order should be used frankly in consolidation. And with come consulting. With the leadership in that in the congress I've done it in Ohio I consult. I could use executive orders but I don't trump the legislature because if you do you aggravate them you angered them and then the long term prospects get bleak we have to solve problems in America by coming together Republicans and Democrats are Americans first. Party and ideology. Second in the second backseat in this country that's it. Yeah. And everything that's been said here about. Repealing on constitutional rules and rules that are creating real burdens for. Investing the creates jobs but we also ought to get back to being a tenth amendment country that country as well. A country that respects the states to be able to make more decisions. In in the Bush Administration. We would shift tech transportation dollars back to the states I trust case sickening Christie. To build the roads in the infrastructure of their states than Washington DC. EPA delegated authority back to the State's education dollars back to the states I would like to see reform. Take place. If we hit bad and Sharon government's power in Washington DC. And we would have a much more effective government were people begin to trust our government again because now no one believes it works and captured. It's a you must have an agenda that you are ready to move on in the first hundred days. Jeff is right if you delay in you wait that the group the Washington operators will will take you down. I can tell you this in the first hundred days I will have legislation to freeze federal regulations have them reviewed by the vice president reduce state taxes on individuals reduce taxes on corporations have a fiscal plan to balance the budget. Get the border protected and begin to fix Social Security in the first hundred days so we're anybody who's here tonight. If I get elected president head out tomorrow and buy a seat belt because there's gonna be so much happening in the first half. It's gonna make your head spin it we're gonna move America forward I probably. Oh. It's. It's been one other thing that I think we ought to do. Along with repealing obamacare we need to shift all this power of health care which is the most egregious form of federal power suppressing wage and governors to have. The Medicaid plans so that they can -- 21 century Medicaid insurance for four people that are stuck in poverty. There's so much that could be done. But I don't trust Washington to do it I trust the state capitals to be the place to be the source of innovation and reform in this country.

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{"id":36764732,"title":"Ted Cruz Vows to Undue Obama's Executive Actions 'With a Strike of a Pen'","duration":"7:18","description":"The Republican candidates castigate the president for his use of executive overreach during the GOP debate. ","url":"/Politics/video/ted-cruz-vows-undue-obamas-executive-actions-strike-36764732","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}