The Testiest Moments From Today's Secret Service Hearing

Watch Secret Service Director Julia Pierson get grilled by lawmakers on Capitol hill.
2:37 | 09/30/14

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Transcript for The Testiest Moments From Today's Secret Service Hearing
After the fence jumping incident the Secret Service is very quickly very quick to put out a statement that that. Potter did the officers. And agents for their quote tremendous restraint. Tremendous restraint is not what we're looking for. Tremendous restraint is not only objective it sends a very mixed message the message should be overwhelming force. I wanted to be crystal clear you make -- -- and a dash to the White House we're gonna take it now. I want overwhelming force which you disagree with -- The man appeared to be unarmed officers who supported. He spotted him climbing the fence and -- search of the subject turned up no weapon. Why would he say that there's no weapon. -- will have to advocate and -- have to ask mr. Donovan that question you haven't done that since the incident happened I know wind. Mr. Gonzales was placed in the custody he was found to have -- folded knife in his right front pants pocket you consider that a weapon. That is a weapon he was placed on the ground on the carpet in handcuffed on the -- wall. All just outside the green room -- -- in. So so in fact the efforts are in fact the federal complaint in the earlier reports were not accurate is that correct. Yes or no please I think in the original complaint is accurate that mr. Gonzales scaled the fence ma'am hammer hold it hold it I have very little time. And I'm not. The name the American people want to note there is the president say I want to know if -- relying on reports from your agency. This is just processing a crime scene -- -- this is not high math. It is processing a -- state you actually don't need eighteen weeks of training to be able to do that you just need to walk right now you're not taking your -- -- I'm sorry I hate to be critical but we got a lot at stake here we have a lot at stake and I know people -- dancing around this issue. But I got a call it like it is. I apps I have very low confidence. In the -- -- service under your leadership. My confidence. In -- protecting the American president right now at the White House supposed to be one of the most secure buildings. In the country if not the world my confidence and you doing that is very very lower. Have you ever heard of these guys. -- this is. It's that very costly you can subscribe but that can be installed it's as simple technology. Device. And and company private system that can do that.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Watch Secret Service Director Julia Pierson get grilled by lawmakers on Capitol hill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"25869563","title":"The Testiest Moments From Today's Secret Service Hearing","url":"/Politics/video/testiest-moments-todays-secret-service-hearing-25869563"}