Texas' changing demographics could turn state purple

The GOP's stronghold is loosening in Texas as the state's population becomes more diverse.
6:49 | 09/12/19

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Transcript for Texas' changing demographics could turn state purple
For decades the Houston suburbs and Benny deep red bastion of Republican politics. In this part of the country but as my producer Ben Siegel and I discovered how over the past couple of days that is rapidly started to change. Where it's been one of the most conservative chorus of America for decades fort bend county taxes thirty miles southeast Houston fastest growing. I county in the state right now this is to be home to longtime Republican House leader Tom DeLay somebody needs to called the hammer. For his hard line policies put the face of Texas politics here. Is rapidly change. You the first nonwhite. Man up and leave this county some look at these pictures yeah. Absolutely you're now among these counters yet that is exactly that these are all not only white men but these are all Republicans rebels she. I'm so. I had to replace this is a person. Used to be. Used to. Democrat. The emotion. Now he's no kind of Republican. Because that's only make that's why I mean at that time involvement is there a lesson. There but for Democrats nationally are coming to town this week for the debate. And everyone's looking your county on how it's KP George. Doing it the Democrat in the Rennes corner. Texas and I'm talking to a group of people like looked right that I sensed had a party at Panama so. And if its annual also mentioned in his and that you mean. And I do mean. And BM making changes on Havoc in the places to accommodate us and to. Enhance that goal posts and facing this county went for Hillary Clinton in nine point six do you think it's gonna go for the Democrats and torn torn. I have known. I had no I doubt no doubt and because things have dramatically changed. How is this place changed between news and then. Well Penn Richmond. Has slowed to ten and that's a good thing. Statistically look at numbers this area. It's been diversifying. Princeton. Lots poignancy seated here in Richmond not quite know I mean it's been reversed or. Since I've been here I don't know. City. Change in the demographics since I've been here and when he years what's important doses. There we move forward and you look. You know things that. Embrace. Close to. This. Argument that you. Making our way now from Richmond Texas in the southern part of counting up towards Sugar Land, Texas won't back towards Houston Dallas is one of the most diverse cities. In America Sugar Land boasts about 35%. White voters 45% Latino about 20%. Asian American 3% African American that's a really unique mix. You don't find even someone in some American is most diverse cities. People here we've been talking to are not particularly ideological. And more moderate carried it socially and fiscally conservative voters they're not. Flag waving. Party politics. O'Connor yes great to see yet. Zero for congress this here in this part of for being counted I've heard a lot in this district today about the diversity. This area pretty incredible mix of diversity. But that doesn't automatically translate to votes for Democrats doesn't mean voters here are pretty non ideological pretty independent. Well I I'll say this about the diversity you still have to get out into all these community so our campaign was the first in the country to run in fifteen different languages and what that means is that. We are running multi lingual multi cultural must multi faith because this is the second most diverse county. In America but you can see that kind of representation. Until last November now we're pulling people from every single community that are all participating. In a way they hadn't been because nobody was talking to them and nobody was listing them. We're still here at Sugar Land, Texas south at a popular Asian market. In town B stick to stores are popping up in suburbs all over the country a sign that largely white outer areas around big cities are starting to diversify. You watch the democratic debate and. I certainly we have I'm looking to dip into pulling it down so do you still specifically. To about what issues must support you as cool as. Health care immigration. Prison system. It's still many visits here from returning from Vietnam. I want to live here Chevrolet. You follow politics in this town we'll unite here. What do you think it. The presidential race right now have been following there. Fortieth day but I live in the U that I didn't know who would vote you don't keep people here people in this kind of talk and all over today at Richmond. There seem very independent. Do you think that's fair. It is failing that most people. Maybe it did. They know being. In the week. We've good for the country. We'll I had been looking. Been taken. Up next the and yet watched that. Democratic can be done. There's a living. You're the first women in the push for CNN has Democrat. To win and be discounting in quite some time. What's the secret. To winning here in this purple heart attacks. When he hit fast and never let it kill me judge it of course account. Person a woman and it really isn't there some secret it's that crash ratings. Support would this government just championing the policies and got people want to see and you talk about guns for example it's clear that the community wants government to be. Where the Democrats. It's not. Lady I mean it's not about what I'm. Sing on good policies.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"The GOP's stronghold is loosening in Texas as the state's population becomes more diverse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65574319","title":"Texas' changing demographics could turn state purple","url":"/Politics/video/texas-changing-demographics-turn-state-purple-65574319"}