Texas Delegates Break Into Fight Over Cruz's Non-Endorsement Speech

One angry delegate vowed that the Texas senator would never become president.
5:15 | 07/21/16

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Transcript for Texas Delegates Break Into Fight Over Cruz's Non-Endorsement Speech
Yeah. Module to. He signed a Clinton. Would anyone Everett. He will never be president campaigned against him is all he was doing was helping Hillary Clinton and he's a lot of them. Yeah yeah. Here are here and carry out in debt these things abomination and you're out genetic take aim and there. And not carry him so yeah. Wow. And it was personal. Yet. It is to meet. Due to. His car. I. Thought. I crime Rula. Occupation. And over opt. That bears and yet it does not end well for heart that. Yeah he made it. Recently. It. Creditors. Are seeking the right thing to recruit that the road I think it can act like almond. S I'm a Christian ours. I. Can't keep. It stands. Out. It's mind doing. Right. I think I'm a principled. Bill along with the parties and I want. Rivers example congress and their debate. I'm not definitely. And with the party leadership and at that point that. The lions are excellent crop that yeah. I. Can't hit yeah. The bulls are yeah it's been part of my opponents. In the color it is a word liberty and I don't and bright and early in area to write about. It. Yeah. Oh early period. In. We're on liberty. Now that it has been. Here. Now. We're out. There but not out. It's there. Apparently are good but he. Party and everybody agrees here. Delegation there really in the period now understand. I went to victory outside. Experience on the the Supreme Court but I'm not anybody that is wrong. And now. Making a political mistake he stands. Natalie at fact that I don't know you've listening. He talks about liberty alignment and and that's. The personal life and right. The client choice between two parties want that supports life and one and that's and and the worsening in its most important. That's what's heartbreaking to me anything. It's part of our Easter homily. That's important life. Very disappointing for someone packs carry principal. And very world. I'm your man had no here that's your opinion sir your your honor to what you yes just like you are years as well. Thank you Soledad here because tiger powered his yearning to power is also got a job belongs locked out of the room on the here and I stayed in the room. You do not understand there are little state and I can't walk down your opinion sir and you and you you're obligated to it. I'm a Texan now your college. The senate and about your wiring in her dad. I hope you do this season. Hope he doesn't kill everybody according gambling device apart Bob moreover his character and integrity to what they just think what you know I'm almost immediately you're thing a nice. They're outstripping. At this morning how good it. I would've loved its intent support cannot figure out how honest he's come together. But you don't the united day it wasn't my mom wasn't my dad wasn't my life. So yeah lung disease together and folks it's only July. This election isn't until November. I think right now I think Ted's trying to do is all the homes the fire. Make sure that he becomes the candidate candidate you really need to lead this nation. If this is just an odd emails and. And I hope that they'll try doesn't connect.

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{"id":40772111,"title":"Texas Delegates Break Into Fight Over Cruz's Non-Endorsement Speech","duration":"5:15","description":"One angry delegate vowed that the Texas senator would never become president.","url":"/Politics/video/texas-delegates-break-bitter-fighting-ted-cruzs-endorsement-40772111","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}