Gov. Rick Perry's Defensive Stance in NH

The Texas Republican was indicted on two abuses of power counts.
8:26 | 08/25/14

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Transcript for Gov. Rick Perry's Defensive Stance in NH
Indicted by that same -- Horror. I think you can. One. -- -- Lawyers I don't really understand. That the -- here. There's seven and a half million dollars going to the public integrity unit that is historically been. That level through the years. The head of that. We'll stop for drug. -- almost three times the legal went with an open vodka bottle. In the front right seat of the vehicle thank god please stop -- portion. She was very abusive. To the arresting officers and into the booking agents to the point. Threatening them. Verbally abusing an otherwise where he had to be restrained. And when I saw that. I made the decision. I'm gonna be held responsible for making decisions about -- Texas taxpayer money -- spent. I was not something that I -- Hello I'm Mary Bruce in Washington you just heard governor Rick Perry in New Hampshire today. Do his best to spell out and stay in the two felony charges facing him back home in Texas. Those remarks coming during a campaign style stop over in the granite state. Home to the nation's first presidential primaries. On Tuesday Governor Perry turned himself in to the authorities in Texas -- he's been indicted on two felony abuse of power and -- and charges. But he is back out making the would be candidate circuit in New Hampshire today in South Carolina tomorrow. But more now I'm joined from Washington by ABC news political director Rick Klein. All right -- so did you find his explanation -- one we just heard convincing. I thought it was a little bit weird actually Mary I think the activity doesn't really know all the -- of what's facing him is is preposterous after a week of this. And if anyone wants to get the details right at a time like this it's Rick Perry. We always had trouble in the past remembering lists of things he's got two counts right here he's got high powered lawyers and high powered Spin Doctors that are looking at this right now you think you wanna get that right because so much of this has this been married and to get to the substance of it because the politics is a substance. He is trying to Wear this like a badge of honor. His whole point is that this was a democratic crusade to try to bring him down that it was politically motivated. And the -- he makes that point is by dramatizing the events surrounding this local district -- of the public corruption unit unit that he talked about. And he's trying his best to try to tell the voters -- have to look they came after me. In a purely politically motivated way he should go at least remember this specific details of the charges he's facing. Exactly and Rick how about that mug shot some political messaging there. -- good idea to try and bring such attention to this. Only if he wins and he'll be infamous if you loses and that's the problem and Tom DeLay I never quite lived down even -- his conviction was ultimately overturned his career ended up being ended by the the fact that he was he was accused and he still haven't -- huge smile with that pin on his shoulder -- Rick Perry decided not to show -- -- he had to take up its trademark now trademark glasses. But smile for the cameras and is so much bluster involved in this his whole defense politically is that this is a totally. Politically motivated and totally in warrantless prosecution and he needs to be tossed out he needs to be tossed aside he needs to happen fast. And needs to be smiling all the while that's why he decided it's it's a smile the way he did -- that's shot that's why -- -- Collins. And we've already seeing some T -- pop up around the granite state -- have to -- as today people of printed up shirts with that mug shot on it. Now Rick hears Governor Perry again this time -- questioning the prosecuting attorneys' motives. Taxes -- pretty red state now. But I refer -- Travis County. As the blueberry. In the estimated -- If you know. Anyway it is what is. I. I hope. Reflect today very strong commitment to the rule -- I think this is an attack. On the constitutional. Duties -- -- governor. I'm -- -- fight this with every fiber of my being. Now Rick and using Perry's own term here and will the jury box being full of blueberries. Well they're gonna push for change of venue almost certainly if it comes to that because he's right in pointing out the Travis County is the most liberal county in the state. It is not -- -- -- lawyers will argue is not going to be possible for him to receive a fair trial in that little liberal long -- that happens the Austin State Capitol now the other side I think the prosecutors will fight to keep it there it is the state capital that's where the alleged offense took place but if it gets that far and I -- lawyers -- -- pondering this question right now is whether this has -- how far is likely to get. I do think that this going to be a point of contention just where you would try a case like this and a state like Texas. Now there has actually been some suggestion that this case could end up benefiting Perry if he does decide to run for president what's the logic there. Well I gotta say -- -- -- part of my theory and I think the it's all predicated on the idea that this gets tossed out because it gets tossed out. He's able to states to voters across the country what -- try to -- -- -- I tried to exercise my power to. By the way take care of a misbehaving democratic local prosecutor on video in the -- -- quite dramatic as you -- Mary. And look what they did to me they try to get me and I fought back and that of tightening he is -- you'll be able to say got tossed out that's a good first sentence if you're Rick Perry and it's certainly a better first sentence -- hopes which is what people know him for now so. If Rick -- talking about anything other than his faulty memory for that debate stage it's good form if he happens to be talking about. -- eight politically motivated. Corruption charge that gets tossed out really quickly that's even better so this is something he can become known for nationally again. On the theory that it gets tossed out if this continues and -- -- lingers. Well into next year it becomes a huge distraction he won't be governor again next year he won't have the same platform after the end of this year. And he's gonna have to explain away some very serious charges. I it's -- continuing to look ahead Perry also spoke about his last time running for president and what he learned its lesson. -- -- -- And the extent. And you're gonna do it -- this. His relationship. We can -- -- -- And there are a few times I guess being -- It worked -- that occasionally there's a -- -- it's really need to tell you -- -- to know. It didn't really. So Rick is there are any indication of the governor's making any progress in that court -- of these early voting states -- -- -- have a laugh a little bit because he was trying the shotgun wedding last time around he's still a very late he was the latest -- -- -- he was hoping that he -- -- -- everybody and that they fall in love with him right on the spot he would -- coming in basically dead -- -- New -- pretty close to -- you have had to -- the state. He's there early now I think there are signs you seen the show up a little bit public opinion polls -- too early now that the today in anything other -- name recognition. But people asserted -- a little more seriously I think the immigration issue where he's gone toe to toe with President Obama that's helped his standing a little bit as I say this might do something of the same. And he is gonna work this time around we're not gonna see the kind of protracted waiting -- that we saw last time his team that he knew long before they ended up announcing late summer. The last -- 2011 that he was going to run but he decided to stay out of it he let the other candidates not each other around and -- each other off. He had a big first couple of moments and then a couple of very bad moments that -- today's campaign prematurely. ABC's political director Rick Klein thank you as always thanks Mary. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading -- ABC news -- and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Mary -- in Washington.

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{"id":25115540,"title":"Gov. Rick Perry's Defensive Stance in NH","duration":"8:26","description":"The Texas Republican was indicted on two abuses of power counts. ","url":"/Politics/video/texas-gov-rick-perrys-defensive-stance-hampshire-25115540","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}