Texas Southern's head debate coach talks 70-year career

Dr.Thomas Freeman discusses his passion for his job, turning 100 and teaching Martin Luther King Jr.
4:26 | 09/12/19

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Transcript for Texas Southern's head debate coach talks 70-year career
Finally today here from the campus of Texas Southern University want to introduce you. To a remarkable person a remarkable legendary figure on this campus. The head debates coach at Texas southern doctor Thomas Friedman he's been teaching here for seventy years and that 100 years old he still attic. We're inside the headquarters of the Texas southern university's debate team here on campus. You can see behind me this team is legendary seventy years worth of trophies here. Since 1949. This team is a winner they have a cult status. On campus in large part because of the team's founder. Doctor Thomas Friedman he's been at this university for seventy years he founded the team in 1949 doctor Freeman it's an honor to meet you sir. They practice. You are a celebrity on this campus and it's just. That's what they say. How many students have you talked over the years. It actually may which is way more of the Lutheran count. More than I can count I think I didn't match I think we estimated several thousand that these parents. Seven years in your still active stance. You come in here every day every morning and then Saturday and I and he of Arabs femininity evening a last. That is a huge movement needs a drugs that are of and it made me out of but I ever read he has the I'm and that's where. And you just turned 100 years of that drive and how do you do it act Britain and Ireland not to rain hit with got him. That's good advice you obviously aren't inspiration. For so many students here. What's the secret to being a good debater. Good aveda their goal to us. Optional and not wearing it soccer. Divulged to observe moved to the facts boulevard. Were revealed in his investment grade. And then anybody really able to have their work. Well and throw away news did all received provide. Be charismatic. You must your character. You taught Martin Luther King Jr. bridge after him okay. Back at Morehouse College. Was he like his student. Well I definitely learned in other sort of I didn't you and all hell. Through. It was not bill. Several years later. And here reminded me of defy the U that the lives through. Lou had. And his entourage came in as a supervisor who. About the case. Before the world over. He Gail wolf with Ontario. Of rude. Viewed over removing. Honors. You U haul. And he wrote on his own broke clog. And that you made an impact and and then from then on. Will be new of these I personally. He knew who I want news people who view. You've lived through so much. History. That and there are many Americans having you have seen the spin of the civil rights movement you've seen the work that Doctor King did. What do you think about. The racism in America are right now and the rise of white supremacy that we've seen over these past two years. Torture that. Race. Herrera prayers. Virtual. And art as putting it back. Or. I think there's almost tragic. A thumb has does does so. We've others we'll work full law. An incredible man our salute to doctor Freeman who says he will be watching either. The debate tonight from home.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Dr.Thomas Freeman discusses his passion for his job, turning 100 and teaching Martin Luther King Jr.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65574547","title":"Texas Southern's head debate coach talks 70-year career","url":"/Politics/video/texas-southerns-head-debate-coach-talks-70-year-65574547"}