The Kennedys Arrive in Dallas

The president shakes hands with people at Love Field before joining the motorcade.
3:21 | 10/18/13

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Transcript for The Kennedys Arrive in Dallas
Waving a lot of people. -- and favorite beverage -- all around. Quieted down. Right -- and right after the end of people who waited all morning of the man. We reported that -- -- The president of the united faith -- headline. It's coming right now we're on -- Are. -- camera position here. Grab having. A field day. Somebody picked up on the body -- They've been there but. Right from the monopoly Bob. Right on -- camera now. About 800 daughter mrs. Kennedy coming along behind him grinning all -- while. President saying thank you very much about maybe but it. The -- president of the -- For the moment. For the people who waited. -- Along behind him. President bill moving overboard from home that would prevent them from the breadth of people hurt him -- more -- fans. The forever banned from the president waved goodbye -- right. Back. They go to the car governor's car. -- I really -- through this thing now on the television set -- quite the thing through the Secret Service the president. Fully forces could -- -- -- behind the president and mrs. Kennedy. This kind of announcement from the car. The on the man in the the government. Offensive. -- secret -- on around them and then. Drive and the front -- Element of the living -- have apparently left who have -- -- follow up car with its immediately which will be the car immediately behind. The president. In the motorcade. The defendant presently infancy. Leaving for governor of Texas prison jumpsuit -- directly in front. -- president. The wife of the governor effective system in five businesses -- fiscally conservative. Following the -- out. They're standing on the running board of the followup car and I do their constant. And so the president car picked up they usually about twenty miles an hour on the -- side of the -- When his car is moving fast -- because if not fact something would follow up car and stay right where. The -- in the followup car with his car about no more than ten feet I think. -- our community about six feet behind the president kickoff at all times regardless of defeat. -- -- president car and the speed of the motorcade. You know because of -- Imagine. Are confident in the terrorist. And cars for. He press caught that -- with the private.

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{"id":20614055,"title":"The Kennedys Arrive in Dallas","duration":"3:21","description":"The president shakes hands with people at Love Field before joining the motorcade.","url":"/Politics/video/the-kennedys-arrive-in-dallas-texas-20614055","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}