Thousands Gather to Hear President Obama's Farewell Address

LZ Granderson talks to attendees inside McCormick Place ahead of the President's address.
16:10 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Thousands Gather to Hear President Obama's Farewell Address
This secrecy here at the McCormick place that's received a high because these are building. About 5000 so people waited on Saturday to give a ticket into this there is very special occasion here to McCormick place. I'll put those who don't know this facility this DOD is located right outside a downtown Chicago. Barely enough orders outside. Are restricted to residents who take the podium. About two hours or so I understand that he meant it man in Chicago law half an hour ago he in the First Lady. Are here. Are his fans and supporters. Curious. Onlookers are here and one of them with me now reduced to blooming bird. He lived in Calumet City in neighboring Indiana but he's from originally from Chicago are you doing sir good use. A group that agreements programs to. What does it mean to be here tonight for you. Will this system it means history it means that I'm hit a bid farewell salute. In my opinion one of the most sensitive presidents we've and I think that's what I'll remember most about president Barack Obama. This since there that's something that can't be faked. He sincerely wanted to bet on Mason wearing dark people together and help in Sewell a better future for our young dudes in the race. And that's one of the things coming up think we as a people and we at the Mason if our younger generation of Mathieu. I'm not been positioned to take home. And actually have greatest successes than most I think we've built some we felt that I household we felt and on the Booth he felt the not a news flow. That's the thing that also that gays. All of the few. In the position right now. Salute actually have greater achievement and success this day and I had. I think they are and I think president Barack Obama. Had a concerted and direct effort to do residents in Seward so this one of the things that I will noble most. But opera and because that's when the Hmong beliefs that are still to. Argue soot have great achievements in office and told through our elected officials. Little fluent empowered to do so to implement these sayings is necessary to ensure that when they do it. They have lost support they have Malo. And president Barack Obama that we have moment. So your resume from Chicago. The president has been here more than three times during his presidency isn't the first time you courtesy of live where have you been to leave his speeches. I see this is the first I'm going to see him bomb missed missed the film when he was in grant park on this that night. That hurt me run the team so I'm actually gad glad to be hits and bid them farewell on this the will be the first time. You talked about the impact that the president had on young people. What do you expect from him around. In the coming years we he's no longer in the White House they certainly has my brother's keeper of the project that's been before. He's talked a little bit about making sure they easterly kept to recruit the Democratic Party would you like to see him do once he does beat the White House. I would like to see him to continue doing what he's been doing because of the day I believe. What Barack Obama won that seat that insists talk when he became president. That preceded his presidency so this is something that I believe he will continue me time to do. Continued to better the lives of Americans continue to better the lives of the do I think that's going to continue so that's what I want you to keep going forward with. What do you want to see and the things that he's do like to see what. He'd do that is supporting you. What did he do that disappoint oil. How would save that. I don't think that he actually utilize executive. Power in. At the time that was necessary you know I think when he came in on this to lose than the sizzle to have everybody on the same page book. He had a visit. And I think that at times if these I have to have everyone on the same pace. Slowed a impeded his visit Duluth I think it's he said the stepped away from that. Get real serious about what he wanted to implement go forward whether not if we won't on the same phase because. Not that this is would justify the means I'll never believe that book do believe that he had the best interest of the Mason so. Implement and will the citizens you know whether or not their rules on the same page was necessary noddle they keep the it to them food that's that's. Thank you very receives a retirement age or the streets. You're gonna hear a lot about that in the coming weeks and I have the coming years will be as we look back and ripped Obama as legacy. To be pretty accomplished in the BC still short on. Duty u.'s executive powers used to wandering in the most effective way with it too late being sleeping is there will be purely back historians must part of it myself. Republican backed him compared with other residents and as you deprive someone else all right Robert talked with there's spitzer's. How are you. It probably take you to your hair like is around. Couple minutes. It's in the hands are ready. Yes duke girl asked that do I do I do what does it mean to be here. It's unexplainable I can't even tell you not feel. Words can't even express happy this is art history. Is this the first aren't even here president Obama's beat yes it is in person yet. Are you originally from Chicago Chicago area yes I am. So where were you when he was here grant park in 2008. At home in Waukegan Illinois. It's in code piazza and granting I mean what's army used to just let you know you got to address the court. Talk about wanted to simply that the President Obama accomplished it through most proud. The health care costs health is very important. So I think that was that was great that was them did indeed. Anything that disappointed you. I think they now know because I'm so glad that we had I was here to actually. See a black president in my town. Once that's important to do to see a black president. Meanest history of me that's an average at one horse. Sound that was court. You know that was his three it in itself. Do you think happy him in the White House intact to the black community. I mean that people accepting me you know it. I mean I can't really answer that because. I can't answer everybody's question you know. It's all. Rent with extra receipts will be Wednesday. Q3 residents speech but. You know performer on Friday against the name but is someone clicked immediately. Its bills. Okay. Hi there are speculative editors perhaps recognizing miracles Milwaukee. Peter cross BO pa and if you will to deal with tonight why it was so important that you hear the president Obama's farewell. I think it's a historic night and I was fortunate enough to be with them the night he went Iowa caucus. A long time ago in that was sort of one bookend this is another book in. And I think he's been a great president I think in history will judge him to be very great president. I wanted you here that your audience to see. At this challenging time our nation's history. As an elected position yourself do you talk a little bit about some of the challenges. He prays trying to be written and was pleased with beat that you'd like to be particularly well. Obviously when he came in readers in the midst of the worst economic downturn we've had since agree. Depression and the fact that he was able to steer our country out of that recession into a period of prosperity right there I think speaks volumes blanket the use of Nader. We had phenomenal relationship with his stance. And it was wonderful as the local elected official. They have a White House that hear what mere thought it was important for CDs for small towns. We have regular contact with them and I really really appreciated that privacy hope that it looked at him. That's that's performance hard. As you know your child was in the national media for some not so pleasant things dealing with police officers. Dealing with criminal justice reform but how has the residents to use the old navigated that very choppy water W peanuts and continue once it's not a White House. Like you tell you the city of Milwaukee has entered into an arrangement with the Justice Department under President Obama we're we're working on a consent played. Arrangement where we try to work together to see how we can improve our police department. So we recognize we have challenges and we've been working with them and it's been a fruitful we're still hoping believe it or not. That before he leaves office will be able to have an announcement now may not happen but we've been working very closely with his his Department of Justice to see what we can do to improve. Police community relations as he Maki. It is being that you think during these eight years that he did that disappointed. I know and in and Craig to the contrary I find him again when Americans look at this they're gonna see a president. Who both in his personal life and his professional life and in each year term of office with those games. It's amazing. It's amazing and now he's gonna return to be a normal person and I think the way. CBS had backed his personal life as well as his political life speaks volumes of Barack Obama the man. He said no scandals argues his critters rupiah to list of do they considered to be scandals of the fastest serious this if you will. Were happy with the VA. Needed to have a new director. Do you teach those are. We're missions I think any administration is gonna have departments have challenges but I'm speaking in terms of the president himself I don't think anybody even as his greatest detractors. Are going to attack his character after seeing how he has acted as president of the last eight years he's a man I believe a great character and I think. That critics and history are partly we'll judge him very favorably. The to reverse his marriage to address tonight as well thank you. There you have it is supporters please be no wrong and his detractors well. We do expect knives detractors who was well ballistic but as the US is praised Thursday's. Okay. For the festivities are just beginning his McCormick place. Facility located at a downtown Chicago this I'm here now with several mysteries. Who brave idea of the elements Arafat it was still rainy and windy. Not a very puts Chicago night. Stance that bad and it or beat us now right absolutely where you one of the worst as they don't Fridays Saturdays through your ticket. Well actually change and it was too bad now because that monument and so you don't think about the weather. What does it mean to billiards matters to you ever stricter right or your chest. Is also my heart. Local I think he that if it is the president would be. Why do you through that way. Because he has done so much all of which is limiting himself to this one that needs any help everybody. They healthcare which wasn't big news. Average westerners don't ID is there everybody you can't go here now. We need them and the preexisting condition. It has in before. So to have his parents and be able to see it I just is that the best thing happen. You look back to. His eight years and obviously it's the first African American president. How do you think his presidency his administration has impacted the apartment community. I think it's given people a lot of hope because they can't see if they try hard that they can succeed in anything they wanted to. And is now live is doing just have to work hard of course you have to educate yourself any gay people Idaho. It's like to see the president do going forward once he's out of the White House. I'll be there could have an impact on everybody I don't want to see him the F silent. Ex president I want him to still have. Different projects that people can't. Kim better themselves score. We need somebody who wants to help everybody all I just as certain person or eggs in there everybody needs to have some home. The final question. What does it mean for you to have lived in a time in which the president was African American. No words to describe but I never thought I was seeing it this is the best thing that could've ever happened we'll we see it again as. I am I don't think so I'm just glad I was able to see this. Thank you very rich Bremer retirement will be appreciated. There you have it. President Obama's plans are here. Are more smiles tears and these so far tonight the new figures are suited credible. City outside what is really we want to decide just as it's healthy producers with ABC news. Tonight.

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