Tillerson Rejects Trump's Past Calls for Nuclear Proliferation

Tillerson told lawmakers he will pursue nuclear nonproliferation.
2:36 | 01/11/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tillerson Rejects Trump's Past Calls for Nuclear Proliferation
It's a tell us in do you agree with president elect trump when he said quote it wouldn't be a bad thing for us if Japan. South Korea. Or Saudi Arabia. Acquired. Nuclear weapons. Senator I don't think any wall and advocates for more nuclear weapons. On the planet Donald Trump's that it would not be of that thing do you agree with but this view I do not agree you do not agree. Would you commit to working vigorously to ensure that no additional countries. On the planet obtains. A nuclear weapons capacity. The centro think that if confirmed. It is a bottle one of the bottle rolls for the State Department play and working in and the National Security Council in an interagency way. Has to be the pursuit of nuclear nonproliferation. Wheat which is simply cannot back away from our commitment to see a reduction in the number of these web little plan. Kate present electoral recently set on talk. Witter that in his view the United States must cope expands. Its nuclear capability. When one that this could trigger an arms race he replied. Let it be. An arms race. Do you agree with president elect talked at the United States should welcome. A nuclear arms race with Russia a law with China would that be a good thing for the united. States. At a center I think is we're pursuing a non proliferation and we're also pursuing enforcement. Important agreements like new start. There we have to also approach those from a position of strength of etiquette in the context of some of the the coach that your running through here the president elect has also indicated. A commitment to ensuring that the level of nuclear arms and capability that we are going to maintain under Greek treaties. That those capabilities must be maintained and then from time to time that means we've got to. The renewed them and bring them up today and ensure that they are capable otherwise that we now have. A nation metric arrangement with people were negotiating web. Right which is debts at odds with what he has been quoted publicly as saying so I just think it's important for. Us to hear you take a position that. In fact negotiations. Towards reducing the nuclear threat rather than having a new nuclear around traces much. Better for our country and the global security.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Tillerson told lawmakers he will pursue nuclear nonproliferation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44721631","title":"Tillerson Rejects Trump's Past Calls for Nuclear Proliferation","url":"/Politics/video/tillerson-rejects-trumps-past-calls-nuclear-proliferation-44721631"}