Tim Kaine Makes 'Late Show' Debut

Kaine talked dad jokes and Trump with Stephen Colbert.
1:03 | 08/26/16

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Transcript for Tim Kaine Makes 'Late Show' Debut
What did you what did you think of trump softening his position. On immigration. Well first of all vice president's house via attack you're supposed to be an attack dog as the vice presidential candidate he called juror your your friend Hillary Clinton a big deal of you know I'll take up the chain right now in a head after a gap. It when Hillary Clinton got battle Los schools she was working to help advance racial justice and juvenile justice system in South Carolina and fight school he said set segregation in Alabama. And I about that time got a law school was battling housing discrimination. In the south and in Virginia. At his early career Donald Trump was a real estate guy who got sued by the justice department for discriminating against people and housing. Writing that the letter C on applications. If they were minority. He Hillary Clinton is got a track record all the way back to be in a middle schooler in a Methodist youth group of trying to advance priorities for others and Donald Trump's for himself. Okay.

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{"duration":"1:03","description":"Kaine talked dad jokes and Trump with Stephen Colbert.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"41660488","title":"Tim Kaine Makes 'Late Show' Debut","url":"/Politics/video/tim-kaine-makes-late-show-debut-41660488"}