Tlaib and Omar's Israel controversy, Trump wants to buy Greenland, Greenland melting

Israel overturns the banishment of Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich) as long as visit is for humanitarian purposes, Trump looking to buy Greenland territory, and Greenland's melting ice.
23:51 | 08/17/19

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Transcript for Tlaib and Omar's Israel controversy, Trump wants to buy Greenland, Greenland melting
Hi there welcome to the briefing room on ABC news political director Rick Klein here in our Washington newsroom on this Friday great to have you with us. A lot of news to cover as the president. Wraps up in a campaign event last night muses openly about actually purchasing a country. In interest and when that we're gonna cover a little bit later in the program who would want to start. With the news out of Israel where two members of congress to Muslim American members of congress. Have been barred entry into the country they were planning to attend as part an official trip. Rasheed it's a leave and ill hunt Omar are those two members of congress there was news overnight that congresswoman to leave. A was going to be allowed into the country to visit her grandmother was ninety years old and lives in the West Bank. But she has since reversed course and said she is not going to visit after all. All of this coming after the president from publicly urge the Israeli government to not allow them to enter the country we're joined. From the White House by our ABC news reporter. Jordan Phelps and Jordan. It seems that the White House has walked a kind of an interest in line on this the president is on record. Having made this public merging their official position though is that he has not that the president did not actually communicate with Netanyahu or the Israeli government and a formal way is that right. Well Rick the president himself yesterday told reporters that he didn't exert influence on Israel. Not to let then and that regulates just hours earlier that the president was on Twitter saying -- be a terrible idea for Israel telex sent. Into the country because of the terrible things he says they sad about Israel. I so the president obviously did publicly exert influence even now he doesn't want to be responsible for making that final decisions. And speaking of Twitter congresswoman Omar actually went on Twitter earlier today in tweeted out what would have been nice in itinerary in attempt of course to. To show that she was there to learn as members of congress often do talking about that she would have met with US ambassador as well as lawmakers. Who include both Israeli and Palestinian folks out people on on all sides of the issue. She is being tonight of course that opportunity. By the Israeli government we're joined now via Skype a by the ala show Somalis some of the Center for Constitutional Rights. And the ally I wanna get your take on this because. The Israeli government obviously there are invoking their own laws that that allows them to war requires them in their views are. Two to bar entry to people that are committed to the so called BS movement from what's your view of what this means it and how. How unprecedented is to have a US lawmaker who isn't allowed into the EA US ally. You pat me on the show. It did not unprecedented but they were US lawmakers he denied. Eating into Israel as a way but it is. Absolutely not unprecedented for Israel to deny and cheats you. Palestinian. We're says Palestinian Americans Americans held in origin as follows. Muslim American and and others to be teens are out and coming team with Palestinians or who. An eagle just an act of Palestinian. Lassie not a new phenomenon is now has a very long history every well documented history. Nine and she. She knew how lurking. And educators are trying to guarantees for example and the Jersey universe you think is Palestinian universities. I'm north of Ramallah I'm going on projecting. And at different here is that historically. Needs US. The next eight and certainly. You know the a banks the executives have done what the critics fatigue on how US citizens who are. I'm being discriminated against because of their national origin or president's speech by a foreign government in this case is really got. I'm happy president of the united eight encourage the exclusion of not only a US citizen but a member of congress. A member of the government's. And seats you need to be barred from from Israel is and it is really unprecedented and is deeply troubling. And as we know congresswoman Omar was not going to be allowed to attend any under any circumstance it was a little different for congresswoman to leave. She reached out the State Department and in an ass on humanitarian grounds for the to be able to visit her ninety year old. Grandmother who of course is in and in pore health. What do you make of her decision though at the all it is to say. Thanks but no thanks that given the conditions that we're gonna be placed on her political speech that the she decided that she would be making the trip. Washington luckily for hours I'm just by you know. Were there any news around it'll just so. Familiar as a familiar to many Palestinians. And who. On a daily eight. I'm name and forced to make decisions like a mourns Aaron congress and didn't plan has been for me. Choosing between armed makes you important value. Something that I'll do all the time whether I'm you can marry the person you follow the law. It happens polls. Any. Resident you the and the west bank for example a resident of Jerusalem. I'm having knee jerk and plenary ludicrous and luck. Or rather it is you I'm accepts her. As a construction worker to build settlements. Has your family. Whereas if Israel has the U senior traditional under our farm. And are already have to say I. Islands witnessing an abuse at a point in order to be able to pass its checkpoints at praying I'm at a mosque these are kind. I learned that Palestinians are based in and they went on a Daily Beast and it only. We understand this and it's something that oftentimes loss on those Americans and prince William and region is. You have to understand it is exercised complete and total and devastating control over every aspect of Palestinians in their lives. It's not just at the borders. And an indication of a house that asked her system in regimes housing eaten from one credit the West Bank. Actually get didn't not a part of the West Bank. Or accent Jerusalem all of its territories that are and I and I didn't mention god and. And blocking it I is the last seniors. So. Don't Wear it congresswoman. And lane. Used only a decent deals all health and where it says. My. Amidst year bonds due to cops on my can access to something that's important she honesty to gain. I am and as long stick can articulate a so called humanitarian rationale. I am but that's actually not alarm fires a lot requires a lot more. Israel. Obligated this year. Or allow Palestinians you to crime rate Palestinians live under occupation of parent power. Is a house you. Allow Palestinians and not violate their civil and political ranks and there was include. Italy apparently members. And do include her. I'm happy 2003 and burns asked. Okay the Alice should not Somalis from the Center for Constitutional Rights we appreciate you joining us here via Skype to talk about the story thank you stature in here. Patton. I'm we want to move on to the president's rally last night which if you if you watched it Cobb didn't make a lot of fresh headlines of course a lot of stump speech about. It got New Hampshire and about the importance of that doubt corn were doused youth president's campaign manager did not get it yet into the race for the United States senate. But there was this pretty interesting moment where the president had sought his speech interrupted by the probe by a protestor take a look. That guy's got a serious weight problem go home. Start exercising. Cinematic here please got a bigger problem than I do. At a bigger problem in owns. Now he goes home and his mom says what definitely huge news. So it is out that that's what appeared to be a protester was actually a trump supporter and we have learned today that. The president found that out after the rally up call them up left a voicemail for that supporter I'm according to RBC news reporter will speak and who talked to the supporter. The president did not apologize but on that that particular supporter says he had no reason to he continues to be a big fan. A president dropped I want it back Jordan Phelps over at the White House and Jordan. The White House is gone out of his way to say that with the president called offer was not an apology even though. The president out was making fun of his weight. Yeah rate you want them marching case of mistaken identity for the president here back. I guess you gotta give him credit for one thing he'd send something that he doesn't often do it is try to make amends for something. He did wrong and calling that supporter but. Acting out he did not and apologize to this supporter I see it keeps house. Our reporters. But in this through support anything to expected when he was asked if the president iPod JC said why many. Sounds very classic trump behavior here. I doesn't apologize for much but I guess at least he made back covering. I guess although it did the person who it still underlines the point if this was a protest or he would have gotten a phone call the only gets a phone call because he's a supporter of the president. He the insult notwithstanding. In Jordan Jordan wanna move onto another story that I think. As got a lot of people scratching their heads here in Washington may be laughing a bit out loud or listen themselves the the news that the president has musing publicly. About purchasing green land yes green land we've seen it. On a global. If they are in the Western Hemisphere. Speak pretty big country about the size of Mexico although it's a pretty small country by population about 56000. Residents. This is an odd one Jordan and what does the White House saying we've confirmed that the president has raised this as an issue but how serious is it. Yet wreck what's unclear is whether the president is joking are not what is interesting is from this recording we see not around is that. According to at least the Wall Street Journal the president actually tap some members of the white house counsel's team to look into the possibility wish what's in jazz. I've -- is true that it's more than just a joking matter. Rick we know of course previous presidents Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower. Have in the past expressed interest in green lines it's important to note that there isn't strategic importance to agree land because of its. Position up there at the next in the Arctic. And China and Russia have increasingly been eyeing that region as well so that might be at one of the reasons were interested in it militarily at least we do you have. A base there but certainly this is a had scratched her and one that's hard to know whether to take seriously or not. Yeah I ended of course it's it's got a fierce reaction in green land also Denmark got Denmark. Controls we Landis the agreement is the is the independent territory. Of of Denmark and Doug the AP TV are. Our of one of one of the ABC news partners is actually gone around a little bit Greenland and asked people what they thought of the president's suggestion take a look. It feels. As if he's group Petra rising and it's it doesn't feel like he understands. Legg the reality. And it's stupid to give I didn't think I guess they don't this is what he thinks he can first. Your current. Sorry the clip. I mean it's the people it's a country it's. That's a concho. And for some perspective on this story were joined now by Paul corrupt was the editor in chief of sir mix Jack a newspaper in nuke green land and mr. Krupp I just wanna get a sense of how this is playing with people because a lot of people United States were surprised by this what has been the reaction in your country. Let it work well Richardson's Greenland has the facility. Royal. Well we're at noon so these. Guys let alone in Princeton but most news just sort of slow. Did it come totally out of the blue is there ever been talk about. Denmark selling Greenland to someone it seems like a ridiculous concept into when he nineteen I just. I'm cherries it's ever come up in any coverage woods in any conversation to your to your memories and journalists. So Lebanon not a new senators publicity. Of course we had little league world Lowell bugs or month isn't it also certain what role or not since then. That does not complete you know was senator Reid mall opening. Well you don't. Nina. Minimalism in the bottom part of the demo tomorrow photo. Mark Olson who. Or prudent that we didn't. So we are and give us give us a sense of what the relationship is between Greenland and Denmark I know. That Greenland has an a good deal of independence for what is the what is a relationship with the country that. At least nominally still has control and is there any movement in Greenland I'm curious to. To have total independence heard of to have an association with another country. The ball we want to do you. Independent vote among I don't really want you to decide who. What was don't you regardless to what problems. Book or courses merited. Close quote recent between we've not been. But the moment you're gone an agreement on the slopes strong growth to you to see you heard him. Well this move look when it agreed in certain. Loss won't you won't. Is there are concerns that the presidents of the United States musing aloud about this could impact the relationship between Greenland. And the United States between Denmark and the United States to have the president on record on this even in this strange sort of indirect way. That it will impact the weight of two that the countries operate with each other. Green. Will not incorporated the largest cities several weeks we don't want to until slower so little complacent little stints. We would like American trouble is when listing all. Although they wrote me more from green almost you or immoral in the Clinton pot and those who busted it follows. Three when none. Or listen people who fought off. And our thanks. Our thanks to the to mr. Kuralt for that perspective. I'm real and of course raising another issue that a global warming yield win win green ones in the news it's often because of ice melts and because of new signs of global warming. Climate change as a result of that. I ended there was a new study out just in the last couple days that showed that the month of July was the hottest month on record into the back of them and doing well more than a century to find anything. Comparable in the records we're joined now by marks arise as the director of national snow and ice data center. In a mistress rent I wanna start with green land and how important it is and and how it's viewed in the climate community as. Is as a critical hope. Police to study climate change and recognize the impacts. Well Greenland is one of the biggest contributors we have the sea level rise and Greenwood is losing mask other words literally melting into the ocean. And that is raising sealed up all so we're looking at it very closely no we don't like what we're seeing. And I don't I'm curious from your perspective there are so many alarm bells that are sounding and there are so many fresh headlines when you see a new one when you see in new. There high water mark so to speak or a new a new study that comes out that. Suggests that climate change is happening faster than anticipated what is the reaction you have to with the way the news is received. Well my view is that hard every time we see something like we saw this summer agreement in this massive melting that is just an exclamation point of what the board even seeing it and it's just ringing alarm bells in my mind that we need to start doing something about this because this is a very very real problem that we see this happening before our very eyes. Greenland a country only 56000. People how is it impacting the way of life in that country. Well certainly as having impacts on the people that live there are other having to deal with like maxim run off the bench that is you have a lot of Velshi big rivers there's been. Cases were caused a considerable damage to infrastructure bridges and things like death. So it's certainly affecting the people that live there but of course sea level rise is a global problem so what's happening to Greenland. Really affects the rest of the world as well soon. All right abusing this the issue in the president's interest at the highlight play a critical issue marks a resident director of the national snow and ice data center we appreciate you joining us today. You. We're gonna turn now to some news on the 20/20 front the field shrunk this week by one John Hickenlooper getting out of the race. One candidate who's been rumored to be. At least talked about as a potential senate candidate not getting out of the race though that is debts or work of Texas he is back on the campaign trail today. For the first time leaving his home state since he returned. In the wake of that awful tragic shooting of about two weeks ago in his hometown of El Paso, Texas he was in Mississippi today worries highlighting. A different aspect of the president's rhetoric. I think a look at some when he had to say. And I just came from El Paso, Texas where there was literally. A massacre of 22 people because of fears of an Hispanic invasion. This president has been. Warning abouts and jamming up talking about infestations and animals and predators and killers I haven't yet met a killer in in this community. On the these are decent horror of working people were contributing to or success so let's change our laws to reflect that. And one of our ABC news political reporters Jeff cook joins us now from cats in Mississippi and tell us why. That's our work is campaigning in Mississippi not a state that's typically on the primary schedule. Yet we just heard four Texas congressman better or talk about fears and and we heard some very real fears here in in Kenton Mississippi where he made its first campaign stop. You would think that maybe somebody's been off the trail for a wild night go to Iowa or New Hampshire bit. As and cities here in mrs. B where there's serious fear after ice raids detained several hundred people. A in this area many of whom just write down the street at a food processing plant. This market high needs exactly where federal work is that he spoke with some families who did not want to speak on camera in fear for their own safety. Because they are undocumented. He's. He spoke to a family whose that the mother is currently detained the child and and her father was here and and they were talking about how this market is kind of the center piece to this this community and if with the with. With fear of of the Vick that the immigrants had here. And they're afraid to go outside and they're free to shop and they're afraid of this entire community. Could being real harm not just not just the immigrants. And the entire community here surrounding this this the center here. And Jeff you spend about two weeks straight in El Paso. Covering that's a Rourke as well as all of the memorial services in the reaction in the aftermath of the shooting you're one of the first reporters to get on the scene two weekends ago. I'm curious your thoughts of how bets or work has process this and how he views his role now he has talked a lot about. Being changed by the events in El Paso and wanting to change his campaign. In fitting with that. That's right is that's no words about going after the president and for what he believes is causing any Norse not a hormone this country in communities like Mississippi answering these like El Paso where the where the attackers cited. It anti immigrant rhetoric. In his motivation for the for the attack. He he says that he. He needs that he and in his supporters need to take on trumped directly and and and not mince any words about about what we're these where these acts. Coming from. All right Jeff cook we appreciate you joining us from the trail they are in Mississippi. Want to flip a little north to Georgia to Atlanta where a number of presidential candidates have been convening today for the young leadership conference targeting. African American voters young African American voters. In particular among the candidates to speak earlier today holier Castro another Texan who's been. Us impacted personally by these by by the attacks of a couple weeks ago. I and has a coup kind of rejuvenated message in his campaign take a look. It was you know the first thing that we need to do was get the white nationalist that is currently in the Oval Office out of the Oval Office. And that marks the first time that the only Latino candidate in the race the former Hud secretary Leon costs row. Has actually explicitly called president trump it white Nationalists other candidates including that's our work also gone there in recent days or joined now by Sasha peasant or another ABC news reporter. Covering the 20/20 candidates and Sasha what else have we heard from candidates at this site this form in Atlanta. Yeah that's right any it was an ax absolute explosion from the room when he was young Castro said that it was at they and they ousted to their feet and really seemed excited about it and the other things that we're getting people revved up today with the sort of idea of moral virtue being restored in America where it is missing from the current White House but there was a lot of energy in the room for Leon Castro for that moment. As well Lester Cory Booker he was citing scripture doing call an answer but the crowd. And saying that this is a time to put your faith towards action Christ doesn't sit on the couch and neither should you. And Sasha you've been covering a campaign now for for months have you noticed the change in the tenor of the candidates. As well as the people that gathered to see the candidates speak in the wake of the I'll pass it should. I doubt you know definitely I think that there's been a lot more the focus on gun control. And dubbing in the country together in a different way that we haven't really seen before it's often been a third rail. In politics especially for the Democratic Party end up the senate seat. Title shift in this moment now where we use Al paso or. On the stump caught candidates are using El Paso as a symbol of what we can't do anymore in America and what we need to put our efforts towards now that mix. It's it does make a lot of sense and Sasha president we appreciate you joining us enough on the campaign trail stay safe out there. We always appreciate the entire team check in in with us here in the briefing Herman I should note that things are gonna get serious pretty fast in this presidential race. Police Castro among the candidates who is not who have not yet qualified for the next presidential debate that will be held in about a month's time September 12. I'm thirteenth if necessary in Houston Texas ABC news will broadcast that the bait and there are a number of candidates who are on the cusp of not making the cut. They need some new polls the common they need and fast they only have about another week and a half. To meet that deadline. That doesn't for today's edition of the briefing room on ABC news political director Rick Klein download the ABC news app and check back with us all day long and We'll see you next time.

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{"duration":"23:51","description":"Israel overturns the banishment of Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich) as long as visit is for humanitarian purposes, Trump looking to buy Greenland territory, and Greenland's melting ice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65022419","title":"Tlaib and Omar's Israel controversy, Trump wants to buy Greenland, Greenland melting ","url":"/Politics/video/tlaib-omars-israel-controversy-trump-buy-greenland-greenland-65022419"}