Tlaib refuses to visit under Israel's set conditions

Diala Shamas of the Center for Constitutional Rights says Israel's decision to ban Tlaib is "troubling," and that the country is treating congresswomen "the same way they deal with all Palestinians."
7:10 | 08/16/19

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Transcript for Tlaib refuses to visit under Israel's set conditions
Limbaugh would want to start. With the news out of Israel where two members of congress to Muslim American members of congress. Have been barred entry into the country they were planning to attend as part an official trip. Rasheed it's a leave and ill on Omar are those two members of congress there was news overnight that congresswoman to leave. Always going to be allowed into the country to visit her grandmother was ninety years old and lives in the West Bank. But she has since reversed course and said she is not going to visit after all all of this coming after the president from publicly urged the Israeli government to not allow them to enter the country we're joined. From the White House by our ABC news reporter. Jordan Phelps and Jordan. It seems the White House has walked a kind of an interest in line on this the president is on record. Having made this public merging their official position though is that he has not that the president did not actually communicate with Netanyahu or the Israeli government and a formal ways that right. Well Rick the president himself yesterday told reporters that he did an exert influence on Israel. Not to let then and pat rake it was just hours earlier that the president was on Twitter is saying maybe a terrible idea for Israel telex sent. Into the country because of the terrible things he says they sad about Israel. Eyes so the president obviously did publicly exert influence even now he doesn't want to be responsible for making that final decision. And speaking of Twitter congresswoman Omar actually went on Twitter earlier today in tweet out what would have been in itinerary in attempt of course to. To show that she was there to learn as members of congress often do talking about that she would have met with US ambassador as well as lawmakers. Who include both Israeli and Palestinian folks out people one on all sides of the issue. She is being denied of course that opportunity by the Israeli government. We're joined now via Skype Abaya the ala shut Somalis some of the Center for Constitutional Rights. And the ally I want to get your take on this because. The Israeli government obviously they're invoking their own laws that that allows them to or requires them in their views are. Two to bar entry to people that are committed to the so called BS movement from what's your view of what this means it and how. How unprecedented is to have a US lawmaker who isn't allowed into ET AUS ally. You hang on this show. It did not unprecedented but where US lawmakers be denied. Skiing into Israel is the way but it. Absolutely not unprecedented for. Israel tonight and he'd seen a Palestinian. We're says Palestinian Americans Americans held in origin as follows. Muslim Americans and others who we teens are out and coming team with Palestinians or who. I am aging just an act of Palestinian. Lassie not a new phenomenon is now has a very long history ever well documented history. Denying and she. She knew how in the manner in and educators we're trying to don't teach for example in your Z in for you because Palestinian universities. I'm north of Ramallah. I'm going on protecting. I think that different here is that historically. Armed US. Department of eight and certainly. You know the and a branches of the executive. Kept on what the critics McCain on how US citizens who are I'm being discriminated against. Because of their national origin or because of their speech by a foreign government in this case is really don't. I'm happy president of the united eight courage the exclusion of not only a US citizen but a member of congress. A member of the government's. It's you need to be barred from the from Israel is and it is really unprecedented and was deeply troubling. And Israel congresswoman Omar was not going to be allowed to attend any under any circumstance it was a little different for congresswoman to leave. She reached out the State Department and in an ass on humanitarian grounds for the to be able to visit her ninety year old. Grandmother who of course is in in in pore health. What do you make of her decision though tee ballots this to say. Thanks but no thanks that given the conditions that we're gonna be placed on her political speech that that she decided that she would be making the trip. Watching luckily for hours I'm just I had you know. Twitter any news around the isn't just so. Familiar it's so familiar to many Palestinians. And who. On a daily 8 am name and forcing me just isn't like a mourns Aaron congress and in plant has been for me. Choosing between armed yeah she knew important values. Something that into you all the time where there you can marry. And you follow law. It happens old. Inning. Resident seen the and the west bank for example a resonance Jerusalem. I'm having me you're an greenery Ludacris in La. Or rather it is you I'm accepts her. As a construction worker to build settlements. Has actually I'm whereas if Israel has progressed you can senior traditional owners are farm whose. Or whether you have to stay silent witnessing and news at a point in order to be able to pass its checkpoints at crane. I don't Hamas these are kind. I alignment that Palestinians are based in and they went on a Daily Beast. And it only. We understand this and it's something that oftentimes lost on those Americans and prince William and region. News. You have to understand it is exercised complete and total and devastating control over. Every aspect of Palestinians in realize it's not just at the borders. And implementation of a hospital act. And regimes housing eaten from one credit and West Bank. Actually get didn't another part of the West Bank. Or access Jerusalem all territory that are and I and I didn't mention god and. I'm blocking it is the last seniors so. Don't quit congresswoman. And claim. Interestingly a decent deals all else who which is. And I mean it's you and tube to cops on my youth I asked to something it's important you dishonesty became. And it won't stick articulated so called humanitarian rationale. And but that's actually not alarm fires a lot requires a lot more. Now I'm obligated its year. Allow Palestinians shoot crime rate in the Palestinian under occupation. As an occupying power. Is a half you. To allow Palestinians and not violate their civil and political rant and there was include. Elderly family members arm and you include your. I'm happy council an inference. Okay the Alison not Somalis from the Center for Constitutional Rights we appreciate you joining us here via Skype the talk about the story thank you stature in here. Patton.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"Diala Shamas of the Center for Constitutional Rights says Israel's decision to ban Tlaib is \"troubling,\" and that the country is treating congresswomen \"the same way they deal with all Palestinians.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65022370","title":"Tlaib refuses to visit under Israel's set conditions","url":"/Politics/video/tlaib-refuses-visit-israels-set-conditions-65022370"}