What you need to know today: Russia probe, reports Mueller investigating Trump and more

ABC News' Amna Nawaz reports latest on Russia probe.
2:57 | 06/15/17

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Transcript for What you need to know today: Russia probe, reports Mueller investigating Trump and more
Hey everyone I'm on an Abbas a few key developments in the Russia investigations so here is what you need to know today. First up special counsel Robert Mueller is now investigating whether or not president trump attempted to obstruct justice Moore on not just a moment. Next stop Mueller has also requested interviews with senior intelligence officials to out what they know about that possible obstruction. And finally the president is back to tweeting about the investigation amid reports he might consider firing of Mueller. First up. A new report from the Washington Post this one drawing the shortest greatest line from the special counsel that's Bob Mueller to the president of the United States Donald Trump. The post reports that Muller who is leading the investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 election. It's also looking into whether trump attempted to obstruct justice. Demolition spokesman isn't commenting and tramps attorney responded by decrying leaks at the FBI. But remember trump pits said that James coney as FBI director had assured him he wasn't under investigation and only confirm that at testimony. But the post reports. That's changed after Komi was fired so if this is now true it would mark a major moment in the pro. The point at which the president moves from the fringes of the investigation. Closer to the center. Next up new information on Muller's investigation from the New York Times Mueller has now requested interviews made these men. That's Dan Coats the Director of National Intelligence. Admiral Mike Rogers the head of the National Security Agency. And Richard magic the former an essay deputy director now last week coats and Rogers testified in no pre hearing. And wouldn't answer a lot of questions they Rask not an open hearing set. But it's been reported that trump had asked coats to get told me to back off investigating Flynn that's Mike Flynn his former national security advisor. And trump also asked both coats and Rogers the publicly denied that there was any collusion between his campaign. And the Russians budget ended up writing an internal memo back so that it's probably what Muller's team want to and pack. Finally it the president actually going to fire Robert Mueller. While a close friend of trump that's Chris righty who's also an ABC news contributor since trump is definitely considering it. And Newt Gingrich the trump ally has been slamming Mueller this week at the same Gingrich called Muller A quote superb choice as special counsel. So what exactly is going on here while. The house says the president trump has no intention of firing Muller which by the way he can legally do he'd have to ask rod Rosen Stein that deputy attorney general to do it. But Rosen sign is also said he wouldn't fire Muller without good cause meaning not just because trump told him to you still. The president is making his thoughts on the investigation very clear that this morning's tweak. Calling it a witch hunt once again. In case you're wondering if he changed his mind he asked. So stay with us here for the latest on it and all of your other news and had ever abcnews.com. Are more at any time.

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{"id":48065790,"title":"What you need to know today: Russia probe, reports Mueller investigating Trump and more","duration":"2:57","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz reports latest on Russia probe. ","url":"/Politics/video/today-russia-probe-reports-mueller-investigating-trump-48065790","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}