What you need to know today on the Comey memo fallout

ABC News' Amna Nawaz breaks down three things you need to know about the report claiming Trump asked Comey to "let it go" when referring to the Flynn investigation.
3:31 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for What you need to know today on the Comey memo fallout
Here's hurt me here a lot obstruction of justice why. Well the New York Times first reported that president trump asked FBI director James coney to shut down the investigation into general Flynt wants trumps former national security advisor. So here are the most important things you need to know about that story today. First what was in that report that really ask only to let ago when referring to the Flint investigation and it Komi documents. Second why is this so important is there evidence president tribe try to influence the FBI's Russian investigation. And finally what now. The focus is clearly on congressional Republicans will they stand behind the president or it's he finally losing their support so first what was in the report. February 27 team in the Oval Office trump Haskell me to quote let this ago. This is the FBI investigation into Trump's former national security advisor Michael Flynn. They were looking into Clinton's financial ties to Turkey and Russia. The president also reportedly told Komi that Flynn had done nothing wrong that he was quote a good guy. It was just trump in coming at you might say many times report that you might ask turned out. Only wrote about and he may have notes. Notes from every caller meeting he had with the president notes from that meeting in which trump asked him to quote let this go. The meeting by the way took place the day after trump fired Flynn for lying about his contact with the Russian ambassador. Anyway what does the White House say about the report on a meat man. That it's not a quote truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the president and mr. Coe. Secondly why is this so important well if it exists only mammal a moment in time in which he documented the president asking him to stop a federal investigation. Could be the clearest evidence that the president is trying to influence probes into possible collision between his campaign and Russian officials. That could and the key word here is cool it. The obstruction of justice. What is obstruction of justice if you ask well. It could be a crime if someone obstructs influence influences or impede any official proceeding and to be clear we don't know if it's is it. And likely won't know until we hear from homey foresee the map out. It is worth noting though that obstruction of justice it exactly that thing that opened the door for impeachment against President Nixon and and the Nixon comparisons don't stop there last night Republican Senator John McCain that mr. trump scandals have reached quote. Watergate size and scale sell what happens next. Well. That's all if congressional Republicans now. And we'll have to see what they make. All these latest news could this should be the time that they actually break we is president trump. We're gonna have to wait and see what happens because this time Republicans are not responding I think they are not backing president trump has wholeheartedly this time around. Senator Lindsey Graham called for coming to testify and today the Senate Intelligence Committee officially invited him to do just that. Congressman Adam can singer supported a special prosecutor. And congressman just in a much said today that it co only mammal was true it could marry impeachment. He's the first Republican to say act. There's another we're getting here turn around a lot impeachment but pump the brakes on that. This is where we are today and the information is coming out fast so stay with us here and it abcnews.com. For the latest.

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{"id":47471480,"title":"What you need to know today on the Comey memo fallout","duration":"3:31","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz breaks down three things you need to know about the report claiming Trump asked Comey to \"let it go\" when referring to the Flynn investigation.","url":"/Politics/video/today-trump-asked-comey-shut-flynn-investigation-comeys-47471480","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}